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Day in the life Day in the life Presentation Transcript

  • 2013 Library Snapshot Day:A Day in the Life ofYour LibraryApril 14-20 National Library Week
  • Library Snapshot Day provides a way for librariesof all types across a state, region, system orcommunity to show what happens in a singleday in their libraries. How many books arechecked out? How many people receive helpfinding a job? Doing their homework? Librarypatrons are also asked to comment on whattheir libraries mean to them.
  • 7381 people visited Omaha Publiclibraries.ONE DAY IN OMAHA PUBLIC LIBRARIES
  • 63 students askedhomework help questions inone day at Omaha Publiclibraries.49 people asked databasequestions in one day atOmaha Public libraries.
  • One Day of Library ProgramsIn one day there were 19 programs held by Omaha Publiclibraries.In one day 553 people attended programs in Omaha Publiclibraries.Programs in Nebraska libraries are for children, teens andadults.
  • One day in Omaha Public libraries 11 e-government questions 63 Employment help questions 186 Reference questions 2391 Computer users 5347 Materials circulated
  • COMMENTS FROM OMAHA PUBLIC LIBRARY PATRONS“The library is a sanctuary.It’s a place to relax, focus,finish schoolwork.”“It means a lot.Available resources forthose that are lessfortunate. Also providegrowth and education.”“Information is the greatnessof human living. The freeflow of info andentertainment make lifeworth living.”“The library providesresources for myacademics, as well asfor fun reading!”“The library is my onlymeans of locating booksthat were printed in the1930’s and 1940’s.”“A place to get away and beable to get things done, usethe computers and help mykids grow.”
  • One Day in the Life ofGretna Public Library178 peoplevisited GretnaPublic Library.36 people attended2 library programs.
  • In one day, GretnaPublic Libraryanswered 1 employmentquestion 3 homeworkquestions 27 referencequestionsIn one day, GretnaPublic Library Answered 1database question Had 11 computerusersIn one day, GretnaPublic Librarychecked out 418items.
  • COMMENTS FROM GRETNA PUBLIC LIBRARY PATRONS“Printed off a picture ofmy newborn boy twingrandbabies.”“Resource forchildren’s lit andDVDs.”“Great placeto bring mychildren toenhance theirreading.”“EVERYTHING!”“A lot. I love booksand I try to comevery Wednesday. Ialso feel at homearound the books.”“My childrenlove the storytime. Mrs. Jeanis wonderful.”“It’s a nice andfriendly place tobe.”“We love it! Our kidshave a love of readingin part due to theirexperiences at thelibrary!”
  • In one day, Lied RandolphPublic Library Answered 4 homeworkquestions Answered 6 referencequestions Had 33 computer users
  • In one day, LiedRandolph PublicLibrary held 6programs.In one day, 35 peopleattended programs at LiedRandolph Public Library.
  • “We come once aweek to check outchildren’s books formy 5 and 7 year old.”“A place I canfind helpfulinformation.”“A safe, funlearningenvironment.”“A place that hasmany valuableresourcesavailable to us.”“It was my firsthome a theuniversity. It willalways be home.”“Great source forinformation, helpswith school work,provides me withbooks that I enjoyreading in my freetime.”“A safeplace torelax.”“A source of information,entertainment, and some placethat anyone in the community canbenefit from.”How Lied Randolph Patrons feel about their library
  • One Day in Southern Public SchoolsHigh School LibraryIn one day, 112 students (and one rabbit) visited thelibrary and 155 items were checked out.
  • Answered 5 employmenthelp questions.In One Day, Southern Public Schools High School Library…Answered 49reference questions.Answered 4 e-governmentquestions.Answered 15 homeworkquestions.Answered 3 databasequestions.Had 65 computer users.
  • Southern Public Schools HighSchool Library held 2 programswith 10 attendees.
  • “My Librarian is Awesome, and sheorders books that students want aslong as it’s school appropriate. Andshe lets you be loud!”“The Library has helped metremendously with having todo y research paper and alsofilling out scholarships!”“The Library is a place to getmy homework done quietly. Inever feel awkward orunwelcome.”“We have good booksnow so I always know Iwill find something goodand it helps me withresearch andscholarships.”HOW DO THE SOUTHERN PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOLSTUDENTS FEEL ABOUT THEIR LIBRARY?
  • One Snowy Day at the Agnes RobinsonWaterloo Public Library…
  • In one day, Agnes RobinsonWaterloo Public Libraryanswered…o 3 Homework questionso 4 Employmentquestionso 7 Reference questionsIn one day, Agnes RobinsonWaterloo Public Librarymet the needs ofo 13 Computer users.
  • Despite the bad weather, Agnes RobinsonWaterloo Public Library held a children’sprogram with 12 attending.
  • A Day in the Life of PawneeCity Public Library66 itemswerecheckedout.78peoplevisitedthelibrary.
  • Book Clubs ComputerClassesGroupMeetingsPatronAssistanceWhat Does Pawnee Public Library Offer in One Day?Pawnee PublicLibraryanswered, 3 Job,homeworkand databasequestions 4 e-GovernmentquestionsPawnee PublicLibrary Answered 5referencequestions Had 30computerusers
  • 72 peopleattended 3programs inone day atPawneePublicLibrary
  • “Reading is apassion of mineand I do nothave Wi-Fi athome so it worksout great. The“Librarians” arean asset!!”“Very special for ourtown and a town oursize.”“I have a nice, friendly environment tocome to when I have homework.Also, I like to come and use thecomputers for homework when ourcomputer at home is being SUPERslow!”“Quite a bitbecause I’m Amishand we can’t haveinternet so I washere today to getmy turkey license.THANKS.”WhatdoesPawneePublicLibrarymeantoyou?
  • One Day in the Life ofFreeman/Lozier LibraryIn oneday, Freeman/LozierLibrary circulated 10items and maintains adynamic presence withit’s 24/7 access to alibrarian and databases.In one day, Freeman/LozierLibrary, Answered 3 homework anddatabase questions Answered 14 referencequestions Had 33 computer users350 PeoplevisitedFreeman/LozierLibrary in oneday.Freeman/LozierLibrary held 1library programwith 55 peoplein attendance.
  • “This library means a lot to me.They always help when I need itand are kind wonderful people.Thanks BU.”What Does Bellevue University’s Freeman/Lozier Library Mean to Its Students?“It’s a great place to findinformation and get helpwith research.”“Access toreferencedatabases online.”“Great research for studentsboth in person and online.”“Collection of useful sourcesand provide full facility to astudent.”“Helps me dowork a lot,open at greathours.”
  • Lincoln High School LibraryMedia Center• In one day, 654 students visited the mediacenter, 131 reference questions were answered and87 items were circulated.How do Lincoln High School Students Feel About Their Library Media Center“The library meanseverything…It’s my life. Iwould be dead without it.”“I enjoy my library as thepeople are friendly andalways willing to help in anyway possible.”“I think the library is a veryfun and safe place and I liketo read and I can be myselfhere. It is very quiet in thelibrary.”“The library is a great placeto hangout with my friends.It’s also a good place to dohomework. I can focusbetter on my homework inthe library than at home.”“It means I can come hereand do things that areproductive instead of goinghome and doing things thatare unproductive.Sometimes I do homework.”
  • One day at Plattsmouth Public LibraryThe libraryheld 2programs, attended by 32people.The libraryanswered 22referencequestions.23 Peopleused thecomputers.161 people visitedthe library,checking out 183items.Plattsmouth PublicLibrary answered, 3Employment, homework and databasequestions 22 Referencequestions
  • 2013 Nebraska Snapshot Day