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Google Glass and Museums - Museums and the Web Florence 2014
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Google Glass and Museums - Museums and the Web Florence 2014


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"Google Glass and Museums" presentation for Museums and the Web Florence, Italy. Talk given on Thursday, February 20, 2014 at 3:00pm - 4:30pm in Salone dei Cinquecento in the Palazzo Vecchio.

"Google Glass and Museums" presentation for Museums and the Web Florence, Italy. Talk given on Thursday, February 20, 2014 at 3:00pm - 4:30pm in Salone dei Cinquecento in the Palazzo Vecchio.

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  • 1. Google Glass and Museums Museums and the Web Florence 2014 Neal Stimler Digital Media | The Metropolitan Museum of Art @nealstimler | +Neal Stimler #mwf2014 | @museweb these slides
  • 2. The remarks herein are the personal views of Neal Stimler and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Disclaimer
  • 3. Martin Missfeldt “Google Glass Infographic” February 2013 CC-BY Introduction to Google Glass
  • 4. Google Glass is a wearable mobile device that brings the experience of one’s smartphone or tablet to into dialogue with the human body’s personal audiovisual environment. Google Glass is “a heads-up display for real life” as stated by Marques Brownlee in his video, Top 5 Wearable Tech! (Early 2014). What is Google Glass?
  • 5. How does Google Glass work? Google Glass is tethered to one’s smartphone or tablet through the MyGlass application for Android or iOS. Google Glass receives and sends notifications back to one’s smartphone or tablet in combination with data via Bluetooth and WiFi. Google Glass is operated with a combination of voice commands and touch controls.
  • 6. #ifihadglass The initial release of Google Glass was offered to those who submitted entries for the #ifihadglass competition via Twitter and Google Plus. Those accepted by Google had the opportunity to be among the first to purchase and test Google Glass out in the world. I applied to the #ifihadglass contest via Twitter in February 2013. I received Google Glass with support of The Metropolitan Museum of Art in July 2013.
  • 7. Who are Google Glass Explorers? Google Glass Explorers are the beta testers for Google Glass. Google Glass Explorers develop new applications and experiment with use cases for the device in community with others. Google Glass Explorers have diverse interests, professions and skills.
  • 8. Google Glass at The Metropolitan Museum of Art *Internal Incubation: personal trials and group demos for staff to incubate ideas for Google Glass' future application throughout the Museum *Artists and Developers: encourage study of collections; connect audiences to programs; foster new creativity in the arts *Done in collaboration with Met Media Lab, lead by Don Undeen, who is also a Google Glass Explorer. Collegial Outreach: personal trials and demos of Google Glass facilitated by Neal Stimler for the museum community
  • 9. What can one do with Google Glass? Discover: learn new information faster than ever before, thereby building personal knowledge and enhancing professional skills Dialogue: more fluidly interact with applications and people in our daily lives Document: close the gap from cognition to capturing the world, whether for further reflection or immediate cultural contribution
  • 10. Discover - Google Glass Applications ColorSnap Compass Field Trip - important for cultural heritage* Google Search Word Lens
  • 11. Dialogue - Google Glass Applications Facebook Google Hangout Google Now Google Plus Gmail IFTTT Twitter Tumblr
  • 12. Document - Google Glass Applications Evernote Camera - Pictures - Video Posterboy Video Voyager YouTube
  • 13. Museums and Google Glass
  • 14. Google Glass could have a transformative impact on museums as smartphones and tablets did previously. As a wearable technology, Google Glass makes possible immersive interactions with museums onsite and online. People may come to better understand the present and imagine our future when Google Glass is engaged with museum collections and programs. Should Museums Engage Google Glass?
  • 15. Google Glass as a Mobile Device in Museums Google Glass should primarily be treated in the BYOD or Bring Your Own Device category of wearable devices in museums. Museums ought make their content openly available for use by popular third party mobile applications paired with Google Glass. It may be appropriate for museums to lend Google Glass or develop custom applications to meet needs of specific audiences and program objectives.
  • 16. Museum Use Cases for Google Glass Conservation Digital Media Education Scholarship
  • 17. Conservation - Use Cases for Google Glass Color Analysis Documentation - Notes - Pictures - Video
  • 18. Digital Media - Use Cases for Google Glass Collection Digitization Digital Strategy Media Production Multimedia Tours Online Publication Social Media
  • 19. Education - Use Cases for Google Glass Art-Making Accessibility - Deaf and Hard of Hearing - Mobility Distance Learning Free Choice Learning Lectures Performances Teacher Training Workshops
  • 20. Scholarship - Use Cases for Google Glass Digital Publication Image Recognition Research Pictures Scholarly Discourse Video
  • 21. Google Glass and Museums Conclusions Neal Stimler “My #museumselfie @metmuseum American Wing Charles Engelhard Court Gallery 700 . #googleglass pic.” CC-BY com/photos/52357995@N07/12526208095/
  • 22. Why can Google Glass inspire us? Curiosity: desire to investigate new humanistic understandings of art and life Connection: enhanced recognition of links between applications, culture, information and social relationships Creation: ability to make and contribute to the flourishing of the arts and industry
  • 23. WHAT, Museum USE CASES and WHY of Google Glass Discover, Dialogue and Document are what we can do with Google Glass. Museum use cases for Google Glass impact Conservation, Education, Digital Media and Scholarship. Curiosity, Connection and Creation are why we can be inspired by Google Glass.
  • 24. Google Glass… ...can more intimately connect us to the revelatory experiences and people that define meaning in our lives, like art and museums.
  • 25. Thank You Museums and the Web Florence 2014 Neal Stimler Digital Media | The Metropolitan Museum of Art @nealstimler | +Neal Stimler
  • 26. Resources
  • 27. Google Glass Resources from Google Google Glass Home Google Glass on Facebook Google Glass on Twitter Google Glass on Google Plus Google Glass Explorer Community on Google Plus
  • 28. Other Google Glass Resources Andrej Karpathy Google Glass #ifihadglass Winners Google Glass Almanac Google Glass Apps Google Glass App Source
  • 29. Museums and Google Glass Publications Featuring Neal Stimler Steinhauer, Jillian. “Smithsonian Brings Google Glass to the Museum.” Hyperallergic. February 11, 2014. Stimler, Neal. Interview. Museums and the Web Florence. “Who is going to be at #MWF2014: three questions to Neal Stimler.” By Valeria Gasparotti. February 12, 2014. Stimler, Neal and Gretchen Andrus Andrew. “Making New Art Inspired by the Met's Collections with Google Glass.” Digital Underground, February 6, 2014. Stimler, Neal. "Seeing the Met through Glass." Digital Underground, October 28, 2013.