Homework Sept 7-10

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  • 1. Name:______________ Week of September 7 - 10, 2010 Mrs. Neal http://berkeleybuccaneers.berkeleyprep.net/ TOTAL MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY Read 20 minutes or more! Read 20 minutes or more! Read 20 minutes or more! Total up weekend and --------------------------- --------------------------- --------------------------- weekday reading: TOTAL MINUTES Reading LOGS DUE TOMORROW! ______ _______ Minutes Read:________ Minutes Read:________ Minutes Read:________ INITIALS Home Links: Home Links: Home Links: Math 1-5 1-6 1-7 Wordly Wise Wordly Wise Wordly Wise Lesson #1 Lesson #1 Lesson #1 Part E English Parts A & B Parts C & D Answer questions in Please circle answers only. Please circle answers only. complete sentences. Spanish OPTIONAL Try some of the spelling OTHER practice fun listed on the back of this sheet. Extra LAST WEEKEND’S Upcoming Events: READING: (Fri-Mon) Sept. 7th- Third Grade Coffee (after convo) Sept. 10th- Fall Tailgate _______ minutes Sept. 17th- Class pictures
  • 2. Word Study (Spelling) options Words of all also does every into the Week Dot Out the Word: Spell with an Object: Type your words on the computer. First, dot out a letter of the word. Next, You may use different fonts, font Write your words in the form of an object. trace the letter. Keep doing it until you are size, colors, etc.. (For example, write your words in the form of finished with the whole word. Repeat with all a TV set). spelling words on your list. Write your words in rice, shaving Word Jumble: cream, bathtub foam, or any other Write your words using one color for vowels item approved by a family member. and another color for consonants. Scramble your words and write the correct spelling next to each scrambled word. If applicable, write word families for your Write each word in special letters (bubbly, Write your words in ABC order. words. squiggly, block, etc) (For example, could-would-should)