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Finally lose weight quickly and easily and keep it off for good.

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celebrity weight loss

  1. 1. ==== ====Proven Method To Shed Weight Quickly & Easily...Just Click My Link Belowhttp://tiny.cc/8n1a6==== ====Did this ever happen to you before? You trained really hard, workout 6-7 times a week, 1 to 2hours each session, you did your cardio workout religiously and pump the weights until you wanttoo puke out, but still you are not losing weight. You get really frustrated and want to give upbecause you cant seem to lose that fat to get your six-pack.Well, you most probably have hit your exercise plateau.Well hitting the weight loss exercise plateau is a very common thing because most of us do notknow that it existed! Weight loss dont occur in a linear form, meaning that if you initially get on toan weight loss exercise program and see good results, losing 1 pound of body fat a week, and ifyou continue doing the same thing month over month, your weight loss progress will slow down,even though you do the exact thing. Well, this because you body have adapted to the exerciseroutine and its intensity.I have this client that came to me asked " How to get abs? I have done literally everything by thebook for months and I can still see my abs! For six months I have been doing 5 times a weekrunning for 4 km and weight training 3 times a week doing a 3-day per week body split, doing 3sets per exercise, crunches every day!"Simple, change your exercise routine! You get results from exercising in the first place becauseyour body is adapting to the intensity and stress that you have given to it, it will respond the sameway if you dont change the routine, by not changing at all! Get what I mean? If you keep doing thesame thing everyday, your body is adapted to the routine and finds no reason what so ever tochange. It likes to stay comfortable. In order to over come the weight loss exercise plateau, youhave to keep to body guessing by changing the exercise mode, changing the exercise intensity,changing the exercise its self and also changing the body part combination. It is advised that youchange your routine at least every 4 weeks if your beginner, for advanced exercisers, to overcomeexercise plateau, changing it more often is better. It takes time for a beginner exerciser to masterthe particular exercise and exercise plateau is unlikely to happen to beginners because the body isnot used to exercising.Here are some fantastic tips to help you get out of your exercise plateau.Overcome exercise plateau with different exercise. There is no just one best exercise for amuscle. There are a variety of exercises for any single muscle. Take the chest muscle forexample, just to work the upper chest muscle, you can do incline dumbbell chest press, inclinebench press, incline machine cheat press, incline dumbbell flye, incline cable chest flye and pushup with feet on a bench. You can also use a fit ball and place your upper back on the top of the fitball and perform your incline presses and flyes. Use a combination of cable, machine and freeweights to compliment the benefit of each other.
  2. 2. Beat exercise plateau with different reps and intensities. Dont get to hang up on the 3 set, 8 - 12reps stuff. No doubt, according to your own fitness goals, the rep range have to be set but trydifferent rep range occasionally to shock the muscle and drive them crazy! Try high reps like 18-20reps, super low reps with heavy weights 3-6 reps or use this all time favorite of mine, rep it outuntil failure and use a spotter to help you complete 5 more reps. By hitting the muscle differently,you can over come exercise plateau because the body will feel some new stress and then respondto it. So, if you have been doing 10- 15 reps for months, try doing 8-12 rep with heavy weights for2 weeks, using 70% of your one rep max. Then get back on to the 10-15-rep range again for 3weeks.Changing the intensity of your workout routine can also help you defeat exercise plateau.Decrease your rest time between sets from 1 min to 30 seconds. My all time favorite method ofchanging my workout intensity is by using high intensity weight training methods like superset,Triset, giant set and circuit training. Superset is doing 2 exercises back to back with no rest. Theexercise can be for opposing muscle or within the same muscle group, for example, biceps andtriceps, upper chest and middle chest or hamstrings and quads.An example of a bicep and triceps superset exercise:Standing bicep barbell curls.Standing cable triceps press down.Triset is a combination of 3 exercises for a particular muscle group with no rest in between. Agood muscle group that you can use Triset for is triceps, legs and shoulders. The musclesinvolved in this set should be different. An example of a shoulder Triset is:Bent over dumbbell rear delt flyesStanding dumbbell lateral raisesStanding dumbbell front delt raises.A giant set would be a combo of 4 exercises with no rest in between. Use this for large musclegroups only like legs, chest and back. An example of a leg giant set would be:Barbell squatsLeg pressLeg curlsStraight leg dead liftThe rep range for these combinations would be 8, 10 and 12. Do 3 of each.Circuit training is a routine where cardio and weight training is combined to increase intensity. Its
  3. 3. a very good routine for defeating exercise plateau. In a program that consists of 10 intervals, oneinterval will consist of 2-weight training exercises and one high intensity cardio for 2-3 mins as amark. The circuit is fast moving keeping the heart rate elevated at 80% of the targeted heart rate.The targeted heart rate can be calculated by taking 220 minus your age and then minus yourresting heart rate. With the final figure, you add back on your resting heart rate. That is yourtargeted heart rate. Another excellent way to overcome weight loss exercise plateau is by doingdifferent form of cardio machine, with different terrains and of course with different intensity. If youfind just jogging constantly for 1 hour is boring, then include some higher intensity training like HIITcardio training, Fartlek training, or pyramid style running. This will give some twist to your cardioworkout and you will be looking forward to the next session. Using different cardio machinesoccasionally can help your overcome exercise plateau as well. Different cardio equipment usesdifferent muscle group like for example the treadmill use a lot of quad, hamstring and calf musclesbut using the stepper or the stair climber, you can incorporate the butt muscles more, where elsewith the rower, you include the upper body as well. By using different muscle groups for yourcardio, the body is kept guessing and this will help you break down that exercise plateau.Changing the combination of muscle groups to workout can also help you get past that weight lossplateau. Its not necessary that chest have to be trained with biceps or back muscles with triceps.For one month you can do a push and pull combination, for example training chest (push) andback (pull) or shoulder (pull) and legs (push) or training one muscle group a day. Take an activerest for increased effectiveness in overcoming exercise plateau. Too much of a good thing is notgood. For one week, stay active to keep the calories down but stay away from the gym! Go forsports and outdoor activities. This will give your muscles and joints a good full rest, and your mindtoo. Then when you make a comeback, it will be explosive.The key for a successful weight loss program is to keep trying new workouts and ideas. Keep thebody guessing!Losing weight and getting that dream body is not easy but it is definitely not impossible if you knowthe right workout and dieting tips and guide. Visit http://www.weightloss-ways.com for free weightloss guide and tips!Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Yu_Leong==== ====
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