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Alexa Neal Senior Project Research Paper

  1. 1. Alexa Neal 11th AP Lit. Mrs. Corbett 7th period Fashion Design Project Runway is a television show based on fashion design. Fashion design is anexpansive and unpredictable career. As Heidi Klum says, “In fashion, one day you’re in, the nextday, you’re out”. Fashion design is an interesting career choice. Fashion design “is the art of theapplication of design and aesthetics or natural beauty to clothing and accessories”. Fashiondesign is influenced by culture and social life. Fashion design is a brutal work force that takesskill, endurance, patience, and creativity. In this career choice, there are always time constraints,little to no sleep, and a little blood, sweat, and tears. The designs that fashion designers andProject Runway contestant alike are "accessible sartorial trends proved popular and made theleap from designer runways to the street”. All designs are created to be liked and wanted.Clothing is supposed to be appealing. All in all, fashion design is a career that shows creativityand strength in many ways. Project Runway is a television show, based on fashion design, which gives a selectnumber of people an opportunity to become a well-known fashion designer with less trouble thanit would take in the real industry. The show is a reality fashion-designer competition series thatwas a hit in its first season. The audience numbers noticeably increased from the series premiere
  2. 2. to the season finale. Not only does the show provide an opportunity for one lucky contestant, butProject Runway is also a hit among many people. The competition is set to give three remainingcontestants a chance to have a fashion line walk down the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Afterthe contestants go through Fashion Week, they are judged. There can only be one winner. Thewinning designer “will receive $100,000 from L’Oréal Paris to start his/her own line, a fashionspread in Marie Claire magazine, a $50,000 technology suite by HP and Intel to create his/herown vision and run his/her business and the opportunity to design and sell an exclusivecollection on”. In the fashion industry, this is a big deal. Most designers have a lotharder time to get into such an industry as fashion. Luckily, it is quite the challenge to win.Finally, Project Runway is a successful television show that gives a fashion designer his/her bigbreak. Project Runway is a competition. In Project Runway, designers compete in weeklychallenges and are given all the resources to prepare a competitive runway show for the NewYork Fall Fashion Week.Project Runway tries its best to show aspiring fashion designers whatthe world of fashion brings.Project Runway gives the contestants difficulty in some challenges,but ease in others. It all depends on what the fashion designers are better at. They specialize incertain areas. Project Runway became an instant success in its first season. With the mix ofreality and competition, Project Runway became liked by everyone. The drama that thecompetitors go through adds to the reality of the show. In fashion design, not a lot of designers specialize in all types of clothing. Instead, mostfashion designers only specialize in certain types of design. Whether it is as broad as men orwoman clothing or as specific as the type of clothing, fashion design is about what the designeris good at. With fashion designers come clients. Without clients, fashion designers would be
  3. 3. making clothes for themselves with no profit. A big part of fashion design is the clients in whichthe designer is making the clothing for. The highest numbers of fashion designers wereemployed in New York and California. Both states are home to the two cities that are claimed tobe the fashion capitals of the United States. Fashion designers create the billions of dresses, suits,shoes, and other clothing and accessories purchased every year by clients. Clothing is a necessitymost humans take for granted. It is also a necessity that is made by another person’s hand. Designers study fashion trends, sketch designs of clothing and accessories, select colorsand fabrics, and manage the final production of their designs. The specific designers includeclothing designers, footwear designers, and accessory designers. Some designers create designsin all three. The design process takes months to create the final product. Project Runway has thecontestants create a final product in only hours. The first step in creating a design is theresearching process. The designer has to research current trends and make predictions for futuretrends. Keeping designs modern is an important part of being a fashion designer. Designers thenvisit manufactures to have their fabric made for the design. Once the designs and fabrics arechosen, a sample of the clothing using cheaper supplies is created and then tried on a model tosee what adjustments to the design need to be made. This helps the designer narrow their choicesof designs to present for sale. After the final adjustments and collections are made, samples are sewn then marketed toclothing retailers. Many designs are shown at fashion shows and trades. In the fashion industry,the design firm the designer works with is just as important as the designs made. Depending onthe size of their design firm and the experience of the designer, they may have different levels ofinvolvement in varying aspects of design and production. In large design firms, fashion designersoften are the head designers. They are responsible for creating the designs, choosing the colors
  4. 4. and fabrics, and supervising technical designers. They are also responsible for creating theprototypes and patterns and work with the manufacturers and suppliers. Large designers employtheir own patternmakers, tailors, and sewers who create the patterns for the design and sew theproducts. Designers working in small firms, or those new to design, usually perform most of thework themselves instead of hiring others to do the job with or for them. Fashion designers create designers for the mass market. This means that the design madeis sent to be manufactured in many numbers to shops and/or factories. Project Runway does agood job of creating designs that are for a client. The judges choose the clients, whether they beregular people, a design firm, or for the judge themselves. Each contestant in Project Runwayalso has their own model for their challenges. The work environment created by Project Runwayis very similar to that of the real fashion world. Project Runway gives the contestants budgets,time deadlines, a work station, and a project. The contestants are then judged based on how thefinal product looks. The judges are not new to the fashion industry; making the critics similar tothe critics the real fashion world would give. Working as a team is also incorporated in many ofthe challenges because in the fashion industry, one has to be able to work with a group or a largeteam of fashion designers. Project Runway is an opportunity of a lifetime for fashion design contestants. With thefashion industry being a difficult career to enter into, Project Runway gives a contestant a way toget into the fashion industry faster than how a fashion designer would normally get into thefashion industry after college. But, to be in Project Runway, there are certain requirements.Project Runway progressively eliminates contestants each week until there are three contestantsleft. The remaining contestants create a fashion line to be presented at a very prestigious and
  5. 5. important fashion show for any designer in the fashion industry. The fashion show is called theMercedes-Benz New York Fashion Show. This fashion show is known around the world. The fashion line that the remaining contestants have to make surround a theme of theirown. The designers, as well as many fashions designers in the industry, surround their designs onan inspiration. The line has to be twelve designs. Besides the number of designs, the line is notrestricted in any way. This is much like the designs in the real fashion world.Project Runway isthe closest television competition that represents the fashion industry. Finally, fashion design is the art of creating designs for clients in many different ways.Project Runway is a competitive television show that gives a fashion designer a special prize.Project Runway is similar to the fashion industry is many ways. Even though fashion design is adifficult industry to get into, Project Runway gives a contestant a faster way to get into theindustry.
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