ISEP Exchange and Direct Programs


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Learn more about the ISEP Exchange and Direct program options for study abroad

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ISEP Exchange and Direct Programs

  1. 1. Study Abroad with ISEP the experience of a lifetime
  2. 2. “I parted Lyon with a movie ending. Now I am back in the U.S. When I remember Lyon, I remember the city as my personal fairy tale.”Margarita, INSA Lyon, France
  3. 3. Why ISEP? Immersion experience Affordable Courses in English and/or foreign language Year-long, semester, and summer programs available
  4. 4. Budapest University of Technology and Economics,Hungary
  5. 5. ISEP Programs ISEP-Exchange – NDSU tuition, fees, room and board ISEP-Direct – Host university tuition, fees, room and board
  6. 6. “I can honestly sayISEP probably offersthe easiest and most costeffective way to studyabroad.”Emily, Yonsei University
  7. 7. Exchange vsDirect? Exchanges are some of the most affordable programs available Exchanges have “chance of placement” for each program 85% of exchange students are placed in their top choice
  8. 8. Exchange vsDirect? Exchange students are placed according to: – Academic suitability of site chosen – Quality of the application (essays, letters of recommendation, GPA) – Spots available vs amount of applicants applying to that site
  9. 9. Exchange vsDirect? Direct sites are typically more expensive since you pay host tuition Direct spots are guaranteed for the site you choose
  10. 10. Where can I go? Choose from over 150 sites in 50 countries Courses available in host language Large selection of sites with courses in English
  11. 11. University ofStellenbosch,South Africa
  12. 12. Determining TheRight Fit Classes fulfill your major/minor needs Language Location Chance of placement Can list alternate sites (up to 10)
  13. 13. MasseyUniversity,Wellington,NewZealand
  14. 14. Applying  Make an appointment to go over application requirements  Can list 1 “very limited” or “limited” chance of placement site  Can list up to 9 other “fair,” “good,” or “excellent” sites all on one application
  15. 15. Application DeadlinesPriority deadlines: August 20th for spring January 20th for fall or full year Applications considered after deadline if space is available
  16. 16. University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom
  17. 17. Live Q&A for this program for this program to Study Abroad Fair