Teaching and learning powerpoint 3.6.12


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teaching and learning 3.6.12

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Teaching and learning powerpoint 3.6.12

  1. 1. 5 Crucial Practicesthat motivate adolescents to read informational texts
  2. 2. Information for our class Dr. Donna Mahar is going to share with us information on how to motivate our students to read texts other than a textbook. This slide shows the 5 ways inwhich we can get our students on track toincorporate extended reading outside of the textbook and classroom.
  3. 3. Waiting for Dr. Mahar Everyone is testing their sound and greeting themembers of our class. This should begetting easier by now right?
  4. 4. Dr. O’Connor arrivesDr. O’Connor gives us an overview of what Dr.Mahar is goingto share with us when she gets here.
  5. 5. Dr. Mahar explains: Literacy Strategies and The Common CoreIn order for students to become college and career readythey must be capableof reading authenticmaterial that may be challenging.“Don’t dummy down the text” said Dr. Donna Mahar
  6. 6. 5 Crucial Practices•Developdedication•Build SelfEfficacy•Show Student’sthe Text’s Value•Use SocialMotivation•Give Student’sChoices
  7. 7. Develop Dedication“Do not teach amile wide and an inch deep”Students must be able to learn in depth about subjectsStudents shouldbe able to use avariety of texts
  8. 8. Build Self Efficacy Students must believe they are capable of reading the text Students need the skills to read atextbook so they can be ready for college level texts Do not depend onthe textbook but use it as one item of research
  9. 9. We had some echoingproblems butwe managed
  10. 10. • What is the quality of internet texts vs. textbooks? • Are the sources always valid?1 • How do we find better and more current journal articles? • Are labs our opportunity to teach inquiry based knowledge? • What if the school that we work in insists that we use a textbook?2 • How do we incorporate it into an inquiry based classroom? • Have the Regents questions caught up with the new way of teaching science? • Are there specific labs that must be taught in all the sciences to succeed on the State Regents Exam?3 • If our success is measured based on our students scores on these exams, how do we cover all the material?
  11. 11. Ed Ralph Nancy Journal Articles- Textbooks- Do they Where do we find have any value? better ones? Administration-Will Jobs-Once we prove they hire someone ourselves, can we who wants to use alter the teaching our own methods? strategy? Labs-Are there required labs with important facts in all the sciences?
  12. 12. Thank you so much to Dr. O’ Connor and Dr. Mahar for giving us more greatinformation that we need to succeed in the new world of Science.