Customer Experience(CX) in Automotive Industry.
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Customer Experience(CX) in Automotive Industry.



Customer Experience (CX) is very important and crucial for an organization.

Customer Experience (CX) is very important and crucial for an organization.



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Customer Experience(CX) in Automotive Industry. Presentation Transcript

  • 1. CX IN AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY By N Dinesh Varma, Id-14060009. 06-06-201414060009 1
  • 2. AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY  It is the most important, largest and competitive industry in manufacturing sector in the Global arena.  It is the key driving sector of the economy.  It plays a significant part in the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).  It is closely tied to other sectors of the economy.  It requires complex and multidisciplinary technology. 06-06-201414060009 2
  • 3. GLOBAL AUTOMOBILE PRODUCTION 06-06-2014 3 14060009 0 10,000,000 20,000,000 30,000,000 40,000,000 50,000,000 60,000,000 70,000,000 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 Global Automobile Production cars commercial
  • 4. CURRENT MARKET SITUATION  The Indian automotive market is one of the most competitive markets due to low cost. (Assembly hub for many foreign manufactures).  India is the second fastest growing automobile market in the world after China.  Cars is the major segment in the Indian automotive industry with a growth rate of more than 11% annually.  The Indian car industry is witnessing a shift in demand going from two wheelers to cars due to rising availability of low cost cars. 06-06-201414060009 4
  • 5. INDIAN AUTOMOBILE PRODUCTION 0 500000 1000000 1500000 2000000 2500000 3000000 3500000 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 Numberofunits Year Automobiles Production in India cars commercial vechicles 06-06-201414060009 5
  • 6. MAJOR SEGMENTS  Passenger vehicles:  Cars and buses  Commercial vehicles:  Light commercial vehicles – Goods carrier, mini vans.  Heavy commercial vehicles – Trucks, Tempo, Tractor and Tipper/Dumper  Three wheelers:  Rickshaws, Trolleys, Delivery Vans.  Two wheelers:  Scooters, Motorcycles. Aside from these four segments there is also a growing segment within the electrical car area in India. Electrical cars are both economical, efficient and environment friendly. 06-06-201414060009 6
  • 7. MAIN PLAYERS IN INDIAN MARKET S.No Company Name Segment 1 Maruti Suzuki India Passenger Vehicles 2 TATA Motors Commercial and Passenger 3 Hyundai Motors Passenger Vehicles 4 Ford Motors India Passenger Vehicles 5 Ashok Leyland Commercial Vehicles 6 Hero Motors Limited Two Wheelers 7 Mahindra & Mahindra All 06-06-201414060009 7
  • 8. SURVEY BY CISCO ON CX IN AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY  Important Facts from the survey conducted by Cisco Systems in 2013.  It is based on 1514 End-user respondents belonging to 10 different countries including India. 06-06-201414060009 8
  • 9. 1: BUYING EXPERIENCE GOES DIGITAL  Consumers desire a better virtual buying experience. 83% 17% Customer Preference in Research Online In person 83% prefer to research cars online. 17% Prefer to call or go to dealership in person. 47 37 0 10 20 30 40 50 THIRD PARTY WEBSITE MANUFACTURES WEBSITE Trust of Customers Researching Online 47% trust third-party websites. 37% trust car manufactures websites. 06-06-201414060009 9
  • 10. BUYING EXPERIENCE GOES DIGITAL Prefer interactive kiosks for information when they have an option to reach a live person Would be confortable using virtual technology like video to interact with the car dealership. Would be willing to use an automated dealership to service their cars. 06-06-201414060009 10
  • 11. AUTOMOBILE COST TRACKING  Consumers seek smarter insights into Auto operating costs. Want a device on their car that tracks their budget for gas mileage and auto maintenance. Want their car to be able to monitor gas prices. 06-06-201414060009 11
  • 12. COST OF A BETTER DRIVING EXPERIENCE  Consumers trade personal data for savings, safety, and a personalized experience. Would allow driving habits to be monitored to save on insurance/service maintenance. Would share height/weight, driving habits and entertainment preference for more custom driving experience. 06-06-201414060009 12
  • 13. COST OF A BETTER DRIVING EXPERIENCE  Consumers trade Biometrics data for more personal vehicle security. Would provide biometrics(e.g.’ fingerprints, DNA samples etc.) for personal vehicle security. 06-06-201414060009 13
  • 14. CONSUMERS DESIRE MORE AUTOMATED AUTOMOBILES  Consumers Trust Driverless Cars Of consumers, globally, trust driverless cars – even more in emerging markets. 06-06-201414060009 14
  • 15. SUMMARY Research 83% online Shop 37% trust automaker websites Buy 55% virtual interaction with dealer to close deal Own/service 64%automated sealer for service 62% device on car to track cost. Drive 57% trust driverless cars Repurchase 74% share driving habits 60% share biometrics 06-06-201414060009 15
  • 16. MARUTI SUZUKI - CX  Maruti created a land-mark in CX by launching a website for the customers in the year 1998.  Maruti is investing a lot of money and effort in building customer loyalty programs. 06-06-201414060009 16
  • 17. MARUTI SUZUKI CX PRODUCTS  Maruti Auto Card:  Auto Card gives all advantages of an international credit card in addition an opportunity of earning valuable Auto points for their next Maruti car.  This is a product by Maruti Suzuki in collaboration with Citibank and Indian Oil Corporation, launched on Apr 19, 2006.  Maruti True Value Outlet:  Customer can exchange his old car for a new car, by paying the difference. They are offered loyalty discounts in return. This helps them retain the customer. 06-06-201414060009 17
  • 18. MARUTI SUZUKI CX PRODUCTS  Maruti Call Center:  The company was the first car company in India to launch a call center in year 2000.  It helped MUL to build an information pool of over 5 million Maruti owners.  Express Service Bays:  To offer its customers a faster car service.  Mega Camps:  These are organized throughout the year.  Activities undertaken during a mega camp include complimentary car wash, AC and Pollution check etc. 06-06-201414060009 18
  • 19. MARUTI SUZUKI CX PRODUCTS  Maruti On-Road Services: • Round-the-clock services in most of the cities. • A computerized call-monitoring system dispatches a mobile MOS van to the customer at the earliest.  Market Research Department:  They study the changing consumer behaviour and market needs.  They enjoys 70%repeat buyers. 06-06-201414060009 19
  • 20. OTHER OFFERS  Complete Car Needs.  Availability of easy finance.  Car Pick up and Delivery facility for Women Owners.  Quality Service Across 1036 Cities  In the J.D. Power CSI Study Maruti Suzuki scored the highest across all 7 parameters: 1) least problems experienced with vehicle serviced, 2) highest service quality, 3) best in-service experience, 4) best service delivery, 5) best service advisor experience, 6) most user-friendly service and 7) best service initiation experience. 06-06-201414060009 20
  • 21. FORD CX PRODUCTS  24x7 ‘roadside assistance’  Web-based customer relationship initiative in 2002.  SAS integration:  SAS platform that supports customer relationship management (CRM) applications helps ensure high customer satisfaction levels.  Newsletters as CRM tool:  This helps in building a long-term relationship with customers. 06-06-201414060009 21
  • 22. FORD SERVICE ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE FORD'S RAPID RESPONSE TEAM.  Roadside Assistance at home or on the road.  Vehicle Recovery  Taxi  The passengers will be provided with one free taxi ride, up to 50km from the breakdown location, in order to continue your journey.  Vehicle Recovery following an Accident 06-06-201414060009 22
  • 23. FORD  Total Maintenance Plan  Through Total Maintenance Plan the customer gets total peace of mind and fixed price for the next 3 years.  What is covered  Periodic Maintenance Services as per owner’s manual  Repairs arising out of electrical or mechanical failures  Wear and Tear Parts  Labour for all of the above jobs  What is not covered  Accident Repairs  Tyres and Tyre tubes 06-06-201414060009 23
  • 24. TATA MOTORS CRM capturing customer data leveraging data to increase customer interaction streamlining product development Value adding services 06-06-201414060009 24
  • 25. TATA CX PRODUCTS  Empower Program is India’s first Multi-Brand Loyalty Program. The Empower Program is a unique growing alliance of leading brands you use regularly.  Advantages:  Earn Higher Empower Points  Accumulate Empower Points Faster  Redeem Empower Points instantly 06-06-201414060009 25
  • 26. OTHER PRODUCTS  Gold club membership:  You shall be entitled for priority service at the Dealer workshop, where you have registered for the membership. No prior appointment shall be required.  Costumer education meets 06-06-201414060009 26
  • 27. “IT”—INVOLVEMENT...INTEGRATION Oracle Products & Services  Siebel CRM  Siebel Automotive  Oracle Database 06-06-201414060009 27
  • 28. KEY BENEFITS  Improves demand forecasting, planning, and logistics and inventory management.  Offers 360-degree view of customer and vehicle information.  Enhances product quality and increases revenues from both vehicle sales and after-sales parts business 06-06-201414060009 28
  • 29. 06-06-2014 29 14060009