Nicolediloreto theory
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Nicolediloreto theory Nicolediloreto theory Presentation Transcript

  • BehaviorismBy: Nicole D.
  • Title Page• What is Behaviorism?• Ivan Pavlov• In The Classroom• In My Classroom
  • What is Behaviorism?• Behaviorism is an approach to psychology• It focuses only on the objectively observable aspects of learning• Another word for behaviorism is learning perspective View slide
  • Behaviorism• Some Behaviorist believe this learning theory is the most convenient way of investigating psychological and mental process• Some believe that all behavior is determined by the environment either through association or reinforcement Back to Title Page View slide
  • Ivan Pavlov• Famous Russian psychologist• Won the Nobel Prize in 1904• Developed the theory of Classic Conditioning through a behavior experiment with dogs• Classic Conditioning is a learning process that occurs through associations between an environmental stimulus and a naturally occurring stimuli
  • Pavlov’s Experiments• In Pavlov’s experiments he had dogs that were conditioned to know they were being fed after the sound of a bell• Towards the end of the experiment, with just the sound of a bell the dogs would begin to salivate Back to Title Page
  • Behaviorism in a classroom• Teachers can apply the theory of classic conditioning in a classroom by creating a classroom with a positive feel to it so students can overcome anxiety and fear
  • Behaviorism in my classroom• As a teacher, I would apply the learning theory of behaviorism by having an award and punishment system. If a student did well on an assignment or in class he/she would be rewarded. If a student had a poor attitude in class, I would have a system for this particular punishment.
  • Behaviorism in my classroom• This would condition students to try there best with their attitude in the classroom and assignments because they would know they would receive an award. Back to Title Page