Daughters of eve


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Poem about men and women

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Daughters of eve

  1. 1. Daughters of Eve1 by Alexander Nderitu (Gleaned from www.alexandernderitu.com with permission) Woman: Even a good woman has a thousand wiles So be careful how you choose your wife Eve, what happened on that fateful day? Why did you eat from the Tree of Life And seduce poor Adam to join in the crime? Eve, what happened at the beginning of time? Did you really eat a fruit or was that a metaphor for intimacy? In the middle of Eden, was there a forbidden tree Or is that just another earthy metaphor? And did a snake really talk or was that just Satan? Whatever the case, that day saw the Fall of Man Why do women find it so easy to deceive? I guess it’s because we are all daughters of Eve. Man: Hmmm…if you’re the daughter of Eve Then I guess that makes me the Son of Adam Which leads me to ask: ʹWas Adam a Black or White man?ʹ My money is on Black because Africa is the cradle of man And Eve must have been a beautiful Black woman Because so many of her descendants have those features So come to me, Daughter of Africa, Whoever said that the beautiful ones are not yet born Has obviously never laid eyes on your face He is ignorant of your features, your texture, your grace 1 This poem contains references to African literature which might be obscure to the general reader. 1
  2. 2. 2 God works in mysterious ways And I can tell that He made you on the Eighth Day After a nice long rest on Saturday There are lessons to be learnt from the Fall of Man Men and women should get close but not think they’re one They may eat the same bread but not from the same loaf As observed in ‘The Prophet’ by Khalil Gibran I wonder what Eve said the first time she saw Adam Perhaps: ʹO Brave New World that has such creatures in it!ʹ Meanwhile, Adam was crying: ʹMy rib! – Have you seen it?’ Those who preach that no difference exists between the genders Are the same ones who mess up their relationships and then try to fix them With God’s bits of wood and useless tips from soap operas Say you’ll marry me, daughter of Eve, Let’s go forth and populate the Earth It’s morning yet on Creation Day The universe is still young, still fresh from the Big Bang I am Adam and I have been looking for my Eve I’m yet to find my long-lost rib But of late I’ve been detecting a sweet presence And I strongly suspect that it’s the stalking of Eve THE END © 2009 Alex Nderitu