The Comeback of the Watch


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Will the (wrist) watch make its comeback in 2014? It seems, the time is now. Pebble, Samsung, LG, Apple, ... and many others will soon disrupt the world of time. Are you ready? *UPDATED SEPTEBER 2014*

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The Comeback of the Watch

  1. Hooray! watch NICK DECROCK @ndecrock The comeback of the
  2. What time is it? Oh. It’s 5 past six. Nowadays people use their smartphone to know what time it is. Sales of wristwatches have declined since 2005. Being able to tell time is secondary to being fashionably.
  3. 1,200,000,000 watches. Every year. But in constant decline since 2005.
  4. Global leaders in watchmaking 2012 Others 30,1% Richemont 15,7% Swatch Group 18,3% Rolex LVMH/Bulgari 11,8% 4,7% Citizin 3,9% Fossil 5,2% Seiko 3,4% Patek Philippe 3,0% Casio 2,1% Audemars Piget 1,7% Source: VLGS
  5. Q Will people start wearing watches to tell time ... again? Comeback time?
  6. Pebble showed the way … along with 68,928 early believers.
  7. hNoowtic teh e ncuomulbdenr’ t tehveen ffriatm ine Within two hours of going live, the Kickstarter project had met the $100,000 goal. Within six days, the project had become the most funded project in the history of Kickstarter, raising over $4.7 million with 30 days left of the campaign. On May 18, 2012, funding closed with $10,266,844 pledged by 68,928 people.
  8. Slide to unlock the market NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK > PEBBLE > SAMSUNG > MOTOROLA > SONY > LG ...
  9. Time has come to disrupt the market (again).
  10. Early ‘disruptors’ Seiko unveiled electronic quartz wristwatch in 1969 Casio took electronic watches to the next level (1985)
  11. Nokia envisioned the future (2008) Nokia envisioned the ultimate functionality that nanotechnology might be capable of delivering: flexible materials, transparent electronics and self-cleaning surfaces. But ... too much, too soon.
  12. Samsung Pace of Sony SW2 Motorola 360 introductions is speeding up. GEAR 2 Pebble steel
  13. Even Microsoft might come up with something ... [just kidding)
  14. The $100.000.000 question now is: Can/will Apple surprise us?
  15. Will Apple set the standard for the SmartWatch? Yes. And because of the following 6 reasons.
  16. Reason 1: The Ecosystem Apple already has 800,000,000 iOS devices in play.
  17. Reason 2: Money on the Wrist NFC + Fingerprint + PassBook + 800 mio iTunes accounts
  18. Reason 3: Digital Health Pending FDA approval will turn iWatch into Medical Device
  19. Reason 4: Talk to the Hand Your Siri assistant will always be on your side.
  20. Reason 5: Life Controle Remote The internet of things is slapped around your wrist.
  21. Reason 6: Fashion Fashion Fashion Fashion Fashion Design & Fashion talent are all aboard
  22. watch NICK DECROCK @ndecrock So yes ... 2014 will be the year of the Finally!