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  • 1. Tim McKay's top 10 By Tim McKay.
  • 2. My Travels
    • I have seen many, many places on this awesome and beautiful plant earth.
    • I have lived in 4 states, 2 countries and 2 continents.
    • I have traveled to 10 countries.
    • My life goal is to travel to every country and eat ten different food in those countries.
  • 3. My Friends Around the Globe
    • Over my travels I have made many many many many etc. friends in a lot of different countries.
    • These are the countries states and continents they live in ( if they have not moved) Europe, North America, Germany , U.S.A, Hawaii, North Carolina, Georgia, Texas, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and New York.
  • 4. My hopes in the Future
    • I want to a Scientist and an Inventor and mechanical engineer.
    • I want to discover a mineral.
    • I want to start a college popular or not.
    • I want world peace without war one way or an other ( except not a bloody world peace).
  • 5. My favorites foods
    • Over my travels I have tried and tasted a whole lot of delicious foods and exotic foods.
    • The weirdest looking or tasting is oyster just because it looks like a rock and taste like slimy goowy death never ever ever ever every try it I can not assure you will live past the first chew, wait oh you CAN’T CHEW IT!!!!!!!!!!
  • 6. My Favorite Video Games
    • When I’m not doing any thing else
    • My favorites are ( by the way these are across the domains of different technologies) Lego universe, Pokémon, Spore, C.O.D. And the consoles are DS/ Gameboy, Xbox 360 , and the God of them… the COMPUTER.
  • 7. Legos
    • Lego a.k.a the product of infinite imagination. I’ve played with them since I can remember and my collection dates back before then.
    • I don’t really know how I got so into Legos I just love that there is no wrong way to build them.
  • 8. My Pets
    • My pets are Dixie and Simon, a cat and a dog. Your probably thinking that my house looks like a tornado and an explosion had a baby. Surprisingly, it is rather peaceful because Dixie is too lazy and slow in this hot weather to chase Simon and Simon is a real life scaredy cat.
    • Simon is a very light and orange fur ball how could probably be the gofer on ground hog’s day.
    • Dixie is one of the slowest black labs on earth.
  • 9. Camp
    • Every summer I go to a two week summer camp named Camp Belknap.
    • Belknap is located in New Hampshire on Lake Winepausaukee.
    • It is a over night camp.
    • My favorite there include archery and tubing.
    • It is a boys only camp.
  • 10. My Family
    • I live in a family of four with a 13 year old brother and both parents.
    • My dad works as an anesthetist in the army.
    • My mom works at the sister camp of Camp Belknap named Camp Huckins.
    • I have two grandmas and two grandpas.
    • I love my family!