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Parallels® Plesk Panel 10 is an easy-to-use server control panel that will help you maximize your profitability. The panel saves time creating websites, managing e-mail addresses, and deploying applications to a server, an its intuitive user interface mean less work for your support staff.

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  • Welcome to today’s webinar – an Introduction to Parallels Plesk Panel 10 brought to you by InfoQuest. My name is Norm Dallago, I’m the President and CEO of InfoQuest and I’ll be facilitating today's presentation. Our presenter will be Brian LaBone. Brian is a Product Manager and Senior Support Specialist at InfoQuest.During today's webinar, well provide you with an overview of Parallels Plesk Panel 10, who uses it, and a short demonstration of the software. After the demonstration, well answer any questions you may have and provide you with additional information on how you can demo Plesk 10 and take advantage of Plesk 10 training available through InfoQuest.If you have questions during today's session, please use the questions tab in your go2webinar control panel. At the conclusion of our demonstration we will attempt to answer as many questions as we can.
  • Before we begin the Introduction to Parallels Plesk Panel 10, I’d like to introduce InfoQuest to those not familiar with what we do. InfoQuest was founded in 1994. We provide hosted internet business solutions that include website and email hosting, virtual private servers, enterprise class backup and recovery, disaster recovery, datacenter collocation and IT support. InfoQuest customers reside in all 50 US states and in 20 countries. InfoQuest is privately owned and runs its own datacenter in Harrisburg Pennsylvania. InfoQuest is a Parallels Service Provider Partner delivering a variety of solutions through Parallels operations automation framework.
  • Plesk Panel 10 is server automation software that simplifies the task of delivering websites, hosting, email, and applications to the Internet. Plesk Panel 10 automates the installation management of the server software required to deliver web services as well as the steps needed to create and manage websites and web hosting accounts. Think of Plesk Panel 10 as your very own web server administrator. Plesk Panel 10 is installed on computers connected to the internet running the Linux or Windows operating system. Users interact with Plesk Panel 10 through a browser based control panel that simplifies managing the server and delivering web services to customers and end users.
  • Plesk Panel 10 is used by shared web hosts, website designers, and IT professionals delivering web and hosting solutions to customers and end users. SHOW 1st POLL QUESTION
  • Shared web hosts use Plesk panel 10 to generate revenue for their business through the sale of web applications and popular add-ons like domains and digital SSL certificates. Plesk 10 is host friendly, meaning its easier to deliver service to multiple customers through a single interface thus reducing the cost of hosting for each customer domain they manage.A simplified user interface makes it easy to deliver service to customers. Tools for building traditional websites and mobile websites provide revenue generating opportunities. Plesk 10 is a complete turnkey solution that includes an integrated billing system, site building tools and ready to install applications.
  • Website designers use Plesk 10 to rapidly deploy the websites they’ve designed for their customers. Offer your customers multiple services within a single subscription plan. Manage websites, email, and hosting for your customer or delegate those capabilities directly to them.Plesk 10 provides designers with access to over 200 web applications that can be installed directly into customer websitesWhether you manage everything for your customer or provide them with their own individual access, Plesk 10 simplifies the delivery of service, saves you time, and increases your revenue generating opportunities.
  • Parallels Plesk Panel 10 is the ideal tool for small business IT professionals. It makes web site creation faster and easier, lets you offload e-mail management to non technical people, and enables end users to safely access server resources without supervision.ASK 2nd POLL QUESTION
  • And now on to the fun stuff…a hands on Introduction of Parallels Plesk Panel 10 by Brian LaBone. Brian is a senior system technician, systems administrator and a member of the virtual server product team at InfoQuest. Brian has 12 years of experience implementing web hosting platforms that run in both dedicated and virtual environments using Parallels Virtuozzo and Plesk. With that, I’ll pass control of my screen to Brian for his portion of the demonstration.
  • Thanks Brian. We’ll open the webinar up to your questions at this time.
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  • Introduction to Parallels® Plesk Panel 10

    1. 1. Introduction to Parallels® Plesk Panel 10<br />InfoQuest Technologies, Inc.<br /><br />
    2. 2. About InfoQuest<br />A provider of hosted Internet business solutions since 1994<br />Provide website & email hosting, server virtualization, backup and recovery solutions, datacenter collocation, disaster recovery, and IT support<br />Customers in 50 US states and 20 countries<br />Privately owned and operated<br />Our datacenter is located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania<br />A Parallels Service Provider Partner<br /><br />
    3. 3. What is Parallels® Plesk Panel 10<br />An easy-to-use server automation and user control <br />panel used to:<br /><ul><li>Create websites
    4. 4. Manage e-mail addresses
    5. 5. Deploy applications to a server</li></ul>Plesk Panel 10 is software that’s installed on a dedicated or virtual privates <br />Server running either a Linux or Microsoft® Windows operating system.<br /><br />
    6. 6. Who uses Parallels® Plesk Panel 10<br />Shared Web Hosts – Plesk provides a turnkey hosting solution with a fully automated billing and provisioning system, integrated SiteBuilder and web applications<br />Website Designers – Rapidly create and update websites, easily add new technology as customers needs change, manage server resources without having to learn new skills<br />IT Professionals – Simplify website creation, offload e-mail management to non technical people, enable access to server resources without supervision<br /><br />
    7. 7. Shared Web Host<br />Providers of web sites, domain names, and other related services<br />More Revenue<br />Sell a wide variety of web apps<br />Resell popular add-ons, like domain names and SSL certificates<br />Hoster-friendly<br />Easier to manage and troubleshoot<br />Simplified end-user interface, with role based controls<br />Mobile websites and site-building tools<br />Turnkey Solution<br />Most complete hosting automation<br />Bundles include free integrated billing and site-building capabilities<br /><br />
    8. 8. Website Designers<br />Designers who make most of their revenue designing websites for small businesses<br />Best fit for web designers<br />Multi-domain websites can be offered in a single service plan<br />Options for a non-hosting interface<br />Easy to Add Apps to Web Sites<br />Access to over 200 apps<br />Google tools for webmasters<br />Time Savings<br />Clients self-manage e-mail, employee access.<br />Assign privileges to clients<br /><br />
    9. 9. IT Professionals<br />Typically a lead technologist at a small business<br />Easy to launch a Web Site<br />Wizards make adding Web site resources easy<br />Sitebuilder makes adding content seamless<br />Options for non-hosting interface<br />Easy to add functionality<br />Single-click access to hundreds of apps<br />Can assign employees to manage applications<br />Easy to share with others<br />Can use role-based privileges to limit access<br />Employees can manage their own e-mail<br />New simplified interface is user friendly<br /><br />
    10. 10. Plesk Panel 10 Demonstration<br />Presented by Brian LaBone<br />Senior Support Technician<br />Systems Administrator<br />Virtual Server Product Team<br />In 12th year @ InfoQuest<br /><br />
    11. 11. Questions and Answers<br />Please use Question tab in the toolbar to submit your questions<br />We’ll attempt to answer as many questions as we can during our allotted time<br />Any questions we don’t get to or can’t immediately answer will be responded to via email after the webinar<br />Email additional questions to<br /><br />
    12. 12. Parallels Plesk Panel 10 Summary<br />Parallels Plesk Panel 10 is a server automation software that simplifies<br />the tasks of delivering websites, hosting, email, and applications<br />to the Internet<br />Plesk 10 is great for:<br />Shared web hosts<br />Website Designers<br />IT Professionals<br />Plesk 10 is feature rich:<br />Built to enable web hosting<br />Has integrated billing system<br />Has integrated Sitebuilder<br />Single-click application installation<br />Non-hosting mode for end users<br />Supports Windows and Linux<br /><br />
    13. 13. Plesk 10 Demos and Training<br />InfoQuest provides Plesk 10 Demos and one-to-one Training sessions<br />30 Day demo accounts – Reference offer code PLESK1030<br />Windows or Linux VPS<br />Email support available during demos<br />Custom training available<br />Hands on, real time computer based<br />Live instructor training<br />Call 800-622-4403<br />Email:<br /><br />