Familiar Faces Chapter Two Freds Famil


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Familiar Faces Chapter Two Freds Famil

  1. 1. Welcome Back to Familiar Faces! Chapter Two: Fred's Family
  2. 2. When last we left the Familiars, Fred and new wife Chloe were snuggling in for a celebratory try for a baby or five.
  3. 3. Eventually they were successful, and Chloe spent the next day alternatively tossing her cookies and complaining about the splinters she'd gotten from the bathroom door.
  4. 4. The family is growing, in addition to the soon to be born offspring Fred's doggy friend Tucker finally showed up on the lot and was adopted by the family. Tucker Familiar is a Leo. He's halfway to Doofus, Lazy, Friendly, Aggressive and a Pigpen.
  5. 5. While Chloe spends her pregnancy walking back and forth between the refrigerator and the bed.
  6. 6. Fred harvests the first crop of bland tomatoes from the family garden. 42 bland tomatoes were harvested from the five hardy plants that survived Fred's first farming attempt.
  7. 7. And Tucker spends his time marking out his territory. Always waiting until his people are asleep and therefore unable to catch him in the act to be trained properly.
  8. 8. "Excuse me I'm about to go into aspiration failure here." No you aren't your just gonna spin out a baby. "You do remember I'm a romance sim, right?"
  9. 9. And so Chloe's biggest fear is realized, while Fred is thrilled at the chance to meet someone new.
  10. 10. Welcome to the World Abe Familiar! Abe is named for the craggy familiar face of Abraham Lincoln. He's got his mother's alien skin tone and eyes and his father's black hair.
  11. 11. And you are? "You called for a Nanny?" L'Oreal? "Revlon"
  12. 12. And in the tradition of all great nannies past and present Nanny Kay almost totally ignores the infant. After feeding Abe and setting him on the floor in the kitchen, she puts a TV dinner in the oven and then goes outside to play with the dog.
  13. 13. Impervious to the fire that is now raging less than two feet from the infant Kay takes time to question the Familiar's taste in lawn decorations.
  14. 14. And when Fred arrives home from work he has quite a mess to clean up, there's a burnt TV dinner in the oven, a stinky baby on the floor and Nanny in the bathtub.
  15. 15. Tucker tries to help out by cleaning up his own mess.
  16. 16. As practice for the upcoming toddler training, Fred starts the monumental process of teaching Tuck the skills needed for him to be successful at a career in service. Toddler training will seem quick after this.
  17. 17. Speaking of toddlers, it's time for Abe's toddler toss. Chloe takes the honors.
  18. 18. Abe Familiar's a happy kid. He's a Cancer with a stacked personality. 8/2/9/8/8 Which means he's neat, shy, active, playful and nice. I'm pleased with the way our heir turned out. I've decided that the eldest will always be the heir. I can only be assured one child per generation (after that it's left up to the parents) and so this makes it easiest.
  19. 19. Fred bottles up some smart milk to stash in Abe's inventory, unfortunately half way thru the process he dips down to green and we have to toss a few out.
  20. 20. Fred wants to do talking training so we let Chloe handle walking and then potty training is done as a group effort.
  21. 21. When Abe can escape from the riggers of toddler training and skill toys he slips out on the porch to play.
  22. 22. After a somewhat hesitant start
  23. 23. Abe and Tucker become fast friends. Or at least Abe thinks they are, Tuck doesn't know quite what to think about the situation.
  24. 24. Especially when he has to share his dinner.
  25. 25. It's spring again which brings about Fred's favorite past time.
  26. 26. "I don't think wearing a light bulb in the rain is a smart idea." Eh, you should be moving fast enough to avoid any lightening that strikes.
  27. 27. Abe proves he's going to be much like his father and delights in puddle playing. I'm really hoping that's water.
  28. 28. It's also time to get a start on this year's garden. Since Fred has a silver he does the planting while Chloe takes over tending and watering.
  29. 29. They've also decided to have another baby. "I didn't decide anything of the sort" Actions have consequences, if you continue to roll up romance sim wants then you take your chances.
  30. 30. One bright spring day Abe arrives home from work with a green cloud
  31. 31. And a Journalism Career reward. We place it near the toddler toys.
  32. 32. But Abe doesn't get much use from the reward as a toddler, it's time for him to do the spin.
  33. 33. Woot! child labor for garden! *crack whip* Get to work kid
  34. 34. Hey it's fun for him and the weeds don't lower his environment score like they apparently do his parents. I'm not sure what's going on with this garden but every time Fred or Chloe go near it their environment score plummets, even when there are no weeds or bugs.
  35. 35. "Oh nooo not pinky!!!" The best lighting rod in the game I swear folks this birds been hit by lightening more times.
  36. 36. "Eh, who cares about school? It's summer I shouldn't have to go to school" Life's unfair ain't it kid.
  37. 37. "Excuse me aspiration failure incoming." You don't have that fear this time so quit your whining and do the little spin.
  38. 38. Welcome to the world Al Familiar Al's named for the familiar and somewhat scary face of Albert Einstein. Or maybe Al Pacino, I can't decide. Like his brother Al has his mother's alien skin tone and eyes and his father's black hair.
  39. 39. Nanny Kay hasn't gotten any more caring. At least she had the foresight to block the oven with the baby this time so that she couldn't start a fire.
  40. 40. And before we know it, it's time to toss a toddler. Spin that baby Chloe!
  41. 41. Another happy go lucky kid, Al's personality is not nearly as alien stacked as his brother's. Al's a Libra 1/7/3/8/8 he's sloppy, outgoing, lazy, playful and nice
  42. 42. He's also a toddler during the awesome skill building season of Fall, and even without a smart milk boost takes to the potty in one shot.
  43. 43. Badges also gain quickly in fall and Fred pulls in a coveted Gold Gardening badge.
  44. 44. "And so you see eggplant we are all a part of the great circle of life."
  45. 45. Tucker needs a mate and Abe wants a puppy so welcome to the family little Susi.
  46. 46. Susi will be a small dog like Tuck. She's a hyperactive, independently aggressive, pigpen of a doofus. What a wonderful dog this will be *rolls eyes* She quickly becomes Al's dog, they are best friends with Al listed as her master while he's still a toddler.
  47. 47. Not to worry though Al spreads the love equally, much to Tucker's disdain.
  48. 48. In late fall while Abe is doing his daily after school fun building he gains his silver gardening badge.
  49. 49. Just in time to grow into a teenager. Abe rolls fortune with a lifetime want to be Chief of Staff.
  50. 50. On the same day Al does the toddler boogie
  51. 51. This kid was a skill machine as a toddler, between it being fall and the journalism reward keeping his motives up at the toddler toys, Al managed to enter childhood with 7+ of all three toddler skills. He'll continue to be skilling marvel his entire life.
  52. 52. The only problem with Al is his sloppiness. After his first try he's banished from shower taking. But he gains a cleaning point mopping up his mess.
  53. 53. And what where their parents doing while the kids were having such life altering experiences? They were doing what all three bolt attraction pairs do after work.
  54. 54. Being fortune Abe naturally wants to get into private school. Apparently like many other headmasters Grayson has absolutely no interest in anything. He refused to talk politics or travel and even stuck his fingers in his ears when Abe brought up the topic of School.
  55. 55. Aha! I should have known, weather is almost always a good topic these days.
  56. 56. The bust of Tylopoda was a huge success the filling plate of pork chops tasty and the dinner conversation captivating. "I really enjoyed looking down your blouse at dinner tonight Mrs. Familiar, on that basis alone I'll allow your boys into my school and then I'll phone you everyday in hopes of a repeat performance"
  57. 57. Al takes care of the final harvesting for the season earning his bronze badge in the process.
  58. 58. And then Fred serves up some vegetable cocktail in the hopes that the family can take advantage of it's skill boosting properties on this last day of fall.
  59. 59. But before he can maximize Creativity, Fred has to fill his cap with confetti
  60. 60. Chloe then has to assure Fred that his grey hair has made him not one bit less desirable to her. Fred spent the next week in bed with back spasms but at least he knew he still had it.
  61. 61. Taking a cue from his parents groping ways Abe starts looking for a first kiss target. Angela Pleasant seems to hit the mark.
  62. 62. His other option was Jules O'Mackey but she didn't hit it off to well with Fred. All the strife made Al dream of leaving home and living with Aunt Lola instead.
  63. 63. And *poof* Susi grows up into light brown dog rather than white as her puppy fur indicated.
  64. 64. She then runs off to challenge her mate.
  65. 65. Fred celebrates the first snowfall by turning perma plat. He's a media mogul and has reached the top of the journalism career.
  66. 66. Abe and Al bundle up and build their first snowman. Have to be careful with kids cause they can't build a snowman alone without the social worker message popping up about them being too cold.
  67. 67. Tucker and Susi take advantage of the winter season's family relationships boost to become good enough friends to try for a puppy.
  68. 68. And the newest Captain Hero starts an epic snowball fight in the front yard.
  69. 69. Al seems to be her prime target but
  70. 70. Abe and Fred do a good job of taunting her as well.
  71. 71. After the battle is done the family hits the hot cocoa and then all do the I gotta pee dance in unison. All in all it was a great day for the Familiar's.
  72. 72. Until Kvornan Tricou reminded them that he had been greeted by Abe after school and then spent several hours in the hot tub.
  73. 73. While I honestly believe that any sim stupid enough to catch fire in the hot tub deserves to die, I didn't want them to have to get a new love tub so they called the fire lady and she put out his burning butt.
  74. 74. It's time for Susi to have her puppies! Or in this case puppy, singular.
  75. 75. Welcome to the World Lexi Familiar! Lexi's a Leo. She's a lazy doofus, who's aggressively friendly and a pigpen. I'm really tired of giving these dogs daily baths, I hope someone spins up a want to buy a toy bench soon.
  76. 76. It's spring and a young mans fancy finally spins up a want for a first kiss.
  77. 77. So Abe takes Angela bowling and nabs his want. First love strikes like lightning between the two.
  78. 78. With his head in the clouds Abe walks out to the car only to be struck by lightening for a second time that day. Thankfully the dream date had sent him to Plat so having his fear of being struck didn't send him into failure. He stumbled to the car and made it home to the energizer before he peed himself, passed out or starved to death.
  79. 79. While Abe was being attacked by lightening the firefly's were attacking Al.
  80. 80. Al rolled Family with a lifetime want to top the Education Career. I almost changed my mind and made him the heir then and there since the bookshelf from Education is so awesome.
  81. 81. At the same time Chloe was going Grey in the bathroom. She had to actually stop playing in the tub for a few minutes in order to age to elder.
  82. 82. Fred spent the first day of spring getting the garden ready. Talking the trees out of dormancy.
  83. 83. And composting the vegetable plots.
  84. 84. He spends the night letting Chloe know that she's still hot stuff in his mind.
  85. 85. Since Abe has filled his major teen wants of getting a first kiss, topping a teen career, painting his first masterpiece and getting a solid private school education he's ready to head to UNI
  86. 86. He'll hang around the dorms talking about peace and free-love until Al's ready to join him in the fall.
  87. 87. "That's right Lola can you believe it my baby's off to college it seems like only yesterday that I lost those 5000 aspiration points."
  88. 88. Lexi grows into a big dawg! She's given a career in show business and the family starts the insanely long process of teaching a doofus new tricks.
  89. 89. Poor Tucker is constantly challenged by the ladies in his life.
  90. 90. He takes to sleeping on the sofa in the hopes of avoiding fights over the pet beds.
  91. 91. Al's family and really really wants to get his first kiss, to fall in love and to go steady. Spring bah.
  92. 92. She may be his good friend but Melody don't walk that way Al. "If I wasn't gay before Al, I am now, sorry."
  93. 93. So Al calls in the reserves.
  94. 94. Big mouthed popularity teen who's name I can't be bothered to remember lets Al fulfill all his teen love wants. Thank you big mouthed townie chick, now go max a few more skills Al.
  95. 95. Tucker came home from work and met his reward. And the house was filled with the howls of dogs and sims alike. *sniff* First death of the legacy and it's a doggy death. You'll be missed Tucks, you really will.
  96. 96. Wake up Al! "Why, it's Saturday?" It's also the first day of Fall so you need to hurry to UNI.
  97. 97. Al joins Abe in the dorms. We'll catch up with them soon to see what adventures they get into at UNI. Until then, Thanks for Reading, and Happy Simming!