Familiar Faces Chapter Three Uni Advent


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Familiar Faces Chapter Three Uni Advent

  1. 1. Welcome back to Familiar Faces Chapter Three: Abe and Al's Excellent Education Adventure
  2. 2. When last we left them Abe and Al Familiar, the first children born in the legacy, had been dumped at University. Welcome to Familiar University dudes, it's time to party!
  3. 3. As a reminder Abe is the eldest and the heir to the legacy. He's a fortune sim with a stacked personality. He's Neat, and Nice, Playful and Active. He's also shy, very shy. His primary wants upon moving to UNI are to write a bestseller, to paint a masterpiece, to do his homework and to buy a tree.
  4. 4. Al on the other hand is the extremely outgoing family sim spare. In addition to being outgoing he's also messy and lazy, playful and nice. The dorms don't work well for Al since there aren't any tubs here. Al's primary wants are to play with his dogs back home, call his high school sweetheart to chat, and to make friends with all the dormies.
  5. 5. When they arrive on Campus it's the last day of Autumn which means they won't get much advantage from the skill boosting effects this go round. But after writing their term papers they are set for the semester and can go about meeting all their dorm mates. Their goal is to move out of the dorms at the end of Freshman year, so they can't spend any money until that time. Sorry Abe no trees.
  6. 6. I had hoped that since I had made all the Maxis Uni playables into townies that some of them would show up in the dorm but we ended up with the standard group of dormies. We've got Mr. Secret Society with the big butt that likes to block the TV.
  7. 7. Stinky female dormie #2 that insists on constantly wearing her coat inside which only increases the green fumes that surround her.
  8. 8. Then there's long lost cousin Mohawk Goopy.
  9. 9. And lets never forget the constant presence of the Drama Professor and Cheerleader Team. "Give me a F!" F "Give me an U!" U "What it spell?" FU! Woot! Goooo Llamas! Kill those Cows! We want some Steak!
  10. 10. While the majority of Abe's freshman year is spent painting scary clowns
  11. 11. He does take a few moments to get to know the only person on campus even more shy than he is. Marla's the first playable cloned townie that shows up as a walk by and I'm relieved to see her. I wasn't positive that the townie making would work properly.
  12. 12. Winter sets in and Al gets all the dormies involved in a snow ball battle. The dormies continue to assault each other long after Al goes in to warm up. I've yet to see a dormie effected by body temp so I'm wondering if that's included in the whole invulnerable dormie package.
  13. 13. As winter draws to a close so does freshman year. The boys return from finals with A+'s, Deans listings and enough scholarship funds to make their big move.
  14. 14. The placeholder is moved in and the boys pack up and take a trip cross campus.
  15. 15. Welcome to Familiar Greek. Otherwise known as 80 Via Verona or something like that. I don't much like this house when it's in Veronaville, it's too weird and needs to much rebuilding to work well for a family. It does okay for a duplex, but it's like most Veronaville houses too expensive to really be a starter. I figured it would work for a Greek house, they can live in the house on the left for now and over the generations expand and connect the two. Worse case scenario we could always strip the siding and sell the windows.
  16. 16. "Alright! the move took us back to Autumn Easy Mode Semester!" Says lazy Al "But I like doing homework!" says Fortune Sim Abe
  17. 17. I'd never actually seen Autumn full fleshed before. The Familiar's don't have any real trees on their home lot yet, Abe will change that I'm sure. The first day they moved in the leaves were just beginning to fall, they'd drop one at a time and kinda melt into the ground.
  18. 18. But within a few days we had pile and piles of leaves from the two trees in the back. The smaller ornamental trees out front don't drop leaves, we'll sell those and replace them with fruit trees eventually.
  19. 19. Raking leaves into piles builds cleaning skills something that Al absolutely hates, but after he rakes he can mess them all back up again, which he enjoys doing.
  20. 20. Being out of the dorms we seem to get more walk by traffic. Blossom Moonbeam apparently terrifies Abe.
  21. 21. While Al greets Guy Wrightley with a dunking.
  22. 22. Even though Al constantly rolls up wants to gain a skill, he never rolls up wants to do term papers or study like Abe does.
  23. 23. Instead he'll attack unsuspecting dormies and convince them to do his work for him.
  24. 24. Meet the newest member of the Frat, Jack the um falcon. Both Abe and Al wanted a bird, and I approve of birds as long as the come equipped with the caged pet fixes by Twofers over at MATY.
  25. 25. I just wish that the friends Jack makes would count towards the family friends count. This bird is quickly named Big Bird on Campus as every visitor to the lot stops to chat with him.
  26. 26. I actually kinda feel sorry for the cow at the moment. He can make Abe blush but Al won't accept the flirts nor does he get grossed out easily.
  27. 27. All in all I only have one real problem with these two. They have too many skills. They are working at being super boring adults. I really didn't push them to skill as kids or teens, they spent some time skilling but it wasn't as if their entire childhoods were spent with their noses in books. And yet each of them have several maxed skills and no skill is below six.
  28. 28. Because of their skill levels all they have to do at UNI is a term paper and go to class. After that they're set. So they spend their days greeting walkbys and making friends.
  29. 29. The house rarely has less than four non residents wandering around.
  30. 30. Even in the dead of Winter Familiar Greek is the happening spot.
  31. 31. Snow ball fights in the yard and
  32. 32. Mascot fights in the living room. What more can you ask for?
  33. 33. Sorry no chili served here they've got leftovers of chef salad, pancakes and lobster though.
  34. 34. No they aren't moving again. The boys have had a certain consistent want all winter and so as their reward for once again making deans list they get to head back to the main hood for the afternoon.
  35. 35. In the main hood it's summer but that doesn't seem to bother Abe and Al, they'll get their ice skating want fulfilled anyway.
  36. 36. I couldn't get them to do any jumps or spins but they do fall very well :)
  37. 37. Once back home, Spring is trying to make an appearance. I don't know why you're shaking your head at me Abe you're the one that rolled up the wants to buy the garden plots and fruit trees.
  38. 38. In spring a young man's thoughts turn to love, as the Familiars head towards the end of their UNI experience it's time for them to find mates. Al's the lucky one, as a spare he can follow through on his high attraction to Cheerleader Robin Lawson. Abe on the other hand hasn't met a clone on campus he likes well enough. It's time to hit the bars downtown.
  39. 39. Abe was going to have dinner at the One-Twenty-Five Cafe but after checking out the sanitary conditions in the kitchen we nixed that idea. So he played some darts, drank some espresso and scoped the room.
  40. 40. So Abe see anything you like? "Oh Baby!" Sigh we tried to find someone with a different aspiration but Dina kept popping up at the top of Abe's attraction list. Guess the Familiar's house will be covered in artwork, plants and trees after this generation.
  41. 41. A few steamy dates later
  42. 42. And Dina Caliente accepts Abe's ring and agrees to mother the next generation of Familiars. I'm sure she'll bring excellent genes in addition to a multitude of buy me stuff wants.
  43. 43. Meanwhile under the watchful eyes of Jack Falcon, Robin accepts Al's proposal and we'll soon see a Llama running around on the community lots of Familiarity.
  44. 44. Mainly because I was interested to see if it would even be possible on a UNI lot Abe calls the garden club and asks for an inspection of the lot.
  45. 45. While they were generally impressed by the quality of the plants they felt the overall landscaping needed some work and pinky would just have to go (flamingo's are rated as garbage lol). Familiar Greek got into the Garden Club and received a small cash bonus but no wishing well this time. We'll try again after the next round of scholarship funds come thru.
  46. 46. "So when the crazy lady showed up with the handcuffs I just thought she was being kinky"
  47. 47. "But then she kicked me to the curb where there were all these other crazy people standing around cheering. I guess Abe finally decided to have me put away for my own safety." And Al's in the secret society.
  48. 48. It's the first day of summer and both Abe and Al wake up with wants to go fishing, so we put in a small pond in the back corner of the lot.
  49. 49. After the fishing want is fulfilled, Al rolls the want to throw a party. Things go awry when one of his secret society friends wants to be more than friends. Al will spend the rest of the party with apologize to Robin qued up. The party was a raving success otherwise.
  50. 50. Within hours of each other the brother's get their Gold Gardening Badges.
  51. 51. Between the two of them talking to all the plants, everything on the lot is soon at the Dark Green Smiley Thriving level, and they are ready for another garden club inspection in the morning.
  52. 52. But first it's Abe's turn "They're coming to take me away! HaHa! They're coming to take me away! HoHo HeHe HaHa!!"
  53. 53. "You got me out of bed for what?"
  54. 54. His brother's membership pushed him to three friends in the SS so super shy Abe makes the cut.
  55. 55. This time around we hide pinky and everything is rated excellent.
  56. 56. The garden club leaves a wishing well for Greek use.
  57. 57. Which Abe immediately puts to work. Meh they don't need friends (both are in the SS and big men on campus). They don't need love (they're both engaged even though Al is still fixing his relationship). Money's always handy and it makes Abe happy.
  58. 58. There's time for one last hot date before they graduate. Dina hopped out of the hot tub to make out with Abe and then combusted. Not sure if it was a delayed reaction to the hot tub or if the making out pushed her over the edge. She ended up leaving soon afterward cause Abe didn't care about her needs. Pfft He saved your life didn't he?
  59. 59. Abe does a little dance, twirls into new bowling shirt and heads back to the main hood.
  60. 60. Soon afterward Al spins into a conservative sweater and slacks set heads out himself.
  61. 61. They leave long lost cousin Mohawk Goopy at the Greek house to look after Jack for them.
  62. 62. Al moves into this smart little seasons starter by RealPollyMogs
  63. 63. Robin who did eventually forgive him the party incident joins him at their new home.
  64. 64. Al and Robin were married in a small lakeside ceremony and if we can ever pull them away from fishing, they'll probably have a couple of kids.
  65. 65. But for now they have two cats. This is Apple (female)
  66. 66. And Orange (male) Robin's lifetime want is to raise 20 puppies or kittens *grrr* Since I have the TSR Challenge families in this hood, there are already several dog breeders. I decided that Al and Robin would run a cat house.
  67. 67. Meanwhile over at the main legacy home. Fred and Chloe barely glance up when Abe returns.
  68. 68. Abe gets a grown up make over. I really think the "Goopy" face looks better with a little bit of facial hair.
  69. 69. Abe came home around 9pm so he decided to put the wedding off until the next day. That way there can be a party with no cops showing up. There's no Medical jobs available at the moment so there will be no conflicts to interfere with the wedding plans.
  70. 70. The next afternoon a wedding arch is set up and the party gets underway.
  71. 71. Soon after the party starts it begins to rain so we put off the actual ceremony until near the end hoping that the sky's will clear. Abe and Dina spend the wait making out and getting the party rating to roof raiser.
  72. 72. I wanted Dina to get her married a rich sim memory so she didn't move in before the ceremony. "Married in black always look back"
  73. 73. Everyone's here for the ceremony, even Tucker's little doggy ghost. *this was the first time I'd ever seen a pet ghost I alternated between being weepy and thinking it was just too cute.
  74. 74. As soon as their vows are said Abe pelts his new wife with a water balloon, cause hey formal wear is stuffy!
  75. 75. The party ends in a water battle of epic proportions as everyone on the lot runs to join in.
  76. 76. Abe and Dina head out for their motive maxing honeymoon while Fred and Chloe clean up the party mess and then head to bed.
  77. 77. Quick stats on Dina Caliente Familiar In Pleasantview Dina Caliente is a young widow living with her sister Nina. She has eyes on Mortimer Goth's money and Don Lothario's body. In Familiarity Dina's still a Fortune sim. She has a lifetime want to reach the top of the Adventure Career. Dina's a Libra 2/8/1/8/6 which means she's messy, outgoing, lazy, playful and nice. After changing turn ons and offs Dina and Abe are stalkerish in their three bolt attraction.
  78. 78. We'll leave Abe and Dina alone to have their celebratory try for a baby or five. We'll check back with the Familiars soon to see how the next generation turns out. Until then, Thanks for Reading and Happy Simming!