Familiar Faces Chapter Fourteen


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Familiar Faces Chapter Fourteen

  1. 1. Welcome Back to Familiar Faces! Chapter Fourteen: Six Circles of Familiarity, Five Houses at University
  2. 2. As everyone knows the four years that a sim spends in university is a serious time. University is where sims settle into adult hood. Between homework, term papers and final exams there's not much time for anything else. University is for putting the nose to the grindstone, maxing out the skills and badges that will be needed once the sim is back in the main hood. If a sim has a few free moments they may get to spend it with the significant other that their player has previously carefully selected for them.
  3. 3. *Screech* Come on does anyone really believe that? University is for fun, it's for parties and dates. It's for testing the waters and sowing wild oats. Sure grades are important but at Familiarity University they take a back seat to frolics and fights. Generation five of the Familiar family have all descended onto the campus at the same time, twenty six descendents of Fred Familiar living side by side in harmony among five houses. Lets call the roll and see who showed up. ndainye.tribalpages.com - Family Tree
  4. 4. First Circle - Greeks N Geeks Descendents of Betty Familiar Juliette Capp(F) David Familiar(K) Dwight Familiar(R) Celeste Smith(PS) Demi Familiar(W) Christopher Familiar(R) and DJ Verse(P) Known to the entire campus as party central, Familiar Greek continues to live up to it's reputation. But will the Greek house gang be able to see through their bubble and juice induced haze and find the futures' they want after the party is over?
  5. 5. Circle Two - House of Strife. Descendants of Barbie Dreamer Candice Indie (W) Caleb Indie (F) Banard Dreamer (F) Calvin Indie(K) Caitlyn Indie(R) Carlisle (K) and Colette Dreamer(P) House of strife earns it's reputation from the divergent personalities that abide within. Indies being lazy, sloppy and endearingly nice, while their cousins the Dreamers are active, neat and mean. Add in Uncle Banard who sides with the two Dreamers and fights over who's turn it is to take out the trash or who left a puddle in the shower room break out on a regular basis.
  6. 6. Circles Three and Six - House of Studs Descendents of Bob Familiar and Amy Roque Cooper Familiar (P), Caden Familiar(F), Cale Familiar(W), Chay Nova(P) Cameron Familiar(R) and Cody Nova(R) A fully masculine household the Familiar's and the Nova's may be third cousins but they all get along swimmingly. The two Pops keep the party going 24/7 while the two romancers try to seduce everything in skirts. Somewhat odd men out brothers Caden and Cale hold their own making friends and breaking hearts with the best of them.
  7. 7. Circle Four - Serious Sam's abode Descendents of Amelia Bross Cort London(PS) Collin London(W), Caine London(F) and Cassia London(W) The smallest of the houses the Londons are by and large serious neat freaks which only causes problems when the youngest London, Cort feels the urge to kick his siblings off the couch and away from their books so that he can jump on it.
  8. 8. Circle Six - House of Confusion Descendents of Aaron Familiar Cael Familiar(K), Cory Familiar(W) Clay Familiar(PS) Chip Familiar(W), Charlotte Familiar(F) Descendents of Aaron Familiar, this house does well in living up to his party king reputation. And like their grand pop they are largely hesitant in declaring what they want to do with their futures. New love interests pop up daily, will any of them be willing to make a commitment?
  9. 9. While each and every one of the circles of familiarity on campus will eventually play a part in this story we're going to first spend some time with the first circle. Our legacy heir David and his siblings are the true heirs of the legacy and this is their time to shine. Upon reaching university the first course of action for all members of the first circle was to get out of their temporary dorm and into the family Greek house. Only first circle members are allowed to live at the Greek house, but anyone can join as long as they roll up the want. First circle members don't have to roll up the want they are compelled to join whether they want to or not. The family dynasty at university includes not only the Greek house itself but also the care and feeding of Greek house placeholder and head of the Unnatural Army (Alliance of University Zombies branch) DJ Verse. DJ's gonna live out the uni experience with the family this go around cause she's awesome and I love her.
  10. 10. When there's only one person living in the Greek house it's not much of a problem to get the kids in. Though when you're dealing with a zombie trying to get even the 30 daily relationship points needed to be accepted can be a challenge. Dwight had the most trouble shy as he is he doesn't much like talking to anyone he doesn't know let alone to someone as grouchy as DJ.
  11. 11. David Familiar Hot or Not? David's teen sweetheart legacy legal townie Juliet Capp votes hot and wins herself a college education and membership in Familiar Greek. Dorm cook Rose votes not and gets to stay at the dorms serving burnt mac n cheese for eternity.
  12. 12. Hot or Not? Interesting question. David's a king geek, obsessed with skill points, studying, doing term papers and making zombies. Not classically good looking in any sense, his chin's too broad, his mouth too small and his nose too long, but he's got a sparkle. Unlike his father he defiantly has a personality and it's one of extremes, there's no middle of the road for Davey boy.
  13. 13. With no tweaking the post makeover young adult David and Juliet have three natural bolts. Constantly stalking and cuddling each other life seems perfect for the two of them. There's just one small problem, Juliet doesn't want to commit to an exclusive relationship. David locked his want to get engaged on the first day of their first semester at University, whereas Juliet; the family sim, can't seem to make up her mind.
  14. 14. Following his grandmother's sage advice, Dwight begins his quest to complete his 20 woohoo want immediately upon reaching the Greek house. He offers a brief prayer to Wright that this well won't backfire on him like the home well did, and then he tosses in his coin. Running shoes on he's ready to visit campus if the well sprouts Mrs. Crumplebottom.
  15. 15. While not Mrs. C, Dwight's answer to his prayer is almost as odd. Nina Caliente truly would be Dwight's soul mate, a shy and neat sim in the body of a Maxis romancer she's as unlike the 'normal' romancers as Dwight himself. She also presents a bit of a conundrum for Dwight. Is it a right and proper thing to be romantically involved with your Great-Great Aunt?
  16. 16. "She doesn't look old enough to be my great-great aunt and I don't recognize her as a relative, so it must be fate." "Mmm he reminds me of his great great great grandfather, he's just as smexy as old Fred was." ____ Familiar founder Fred was quite tempted by Nina, and she was our second choice as co- founder. The legacy would have evolved quite a bit differently if Fred had married Nina rather than Chloe
  17. 17. Dwight's twin Demi is still dumpster diving. She enjoys looking for treasures and the occasional snack in the trash. In addition to being Chief of Staff of Familiarity General her goals include opening a second hand store and taking over the town dump. As long as she washes her hands before surgery I guess it'll all be good.
  18. 18. "By the way Jenn I'm no longer bi, I've found the man I want to marry, I'm in LOVE!" I'm happy for you Demi, but maybe you should hold off making any plans until you know if he feels the same way.
  19. 19. Besides, Chay is a replica of his grandfather Gunnar. He's got no chin! Perhaps it's fate. Demi and third cousin Chay Nova hadn't seen each other since her brother's teening party. Not of the same age group, she was friend's with his younger brother Cody when they were teens, while Chay was closer to David. Upon being reintroduced as young adults Demi and Chay instantly felt they'd each found their soul mate. They would spend the first several years of university convincing me that they were right for each other despite their single bolt of chemistry.
  20. 20. The only child of Clint and Lucy Familiar, Christopher was spoiled rotten as a child and he got just about anything he asked for. He's finding out that now that he's at UNI not everything comes as easy. With a better personality for romancing than cousin Dwight he should have girls falling all over him and he knows it. For some reason though the girls haven't gotten the message and he gets shot down more often than geese in season.
  21. 21. Of course it could have to do with his sense of timing, making a play for your great great aunt while she's on a date with your cousin might seem slick to Chris but Nina thinks it's a bit sick. Bird in the hand philosophy, she's got guaranteed woohoo waiting in the car why mess that up?
  22. 22. Celeste Smith is finding life at Familiar Greek to be a bit difficult, the only true neat freak of the bunch the table manners of her cousins shock and disgust her. On the flip side she's much to shy to voice her opinion and much to nice to cause trouble. And besides life is just too short to worry about table manners when there are couches to jump on.
  23. 23. Super shy and super nice Celeste has a lifetime want of fifty dream dates, and who better to have those dates with than third cousin Cort London who's as unlikely a pleasure seeker as she is? Love is confusing no matter who's involved, but between two shy sims that can barely work up the nerve to say hello it's painful.
  24. 24. "Almost every want I have I have a corresponding fear for the same thing. I want to get my picture taken but I fear getting my picture taken, I want with all my soul to sing karaoke but imagine the horror of actually singing in front of other people, I'd be way too embarrassed I want to re-roll my aspiration at junior year, but if I do so then I might not be attractive to Cort any longer and what if he re-rolls and we become completely mismatched. Do you know how long it took me to get up the nerve to kiss him? I don't think I could put myself through that for another man, but I can't live this way. There must be someway that we can give up being pleasure seekers while still ensuring that we remain compatible."
  25. 25. "Do I love David? Yes I love David. But then there's Chip and Calvin and Carlisle and Cory and Cale and wow even Christopher and Clay are worth taking second glaces at. It's like I have a smorgasbord of hunks right here at my fingertips and why should I limit myself to a diet of filet when sometimes I'd really like to have a salad instead?" Slut
  26. 26. "Remember Juliette you only get Grandma's pearls if you marry David, she won't give them to you just for marrying any Familiar only if you marry David. They're the pearls great great grandpa Fred gave his wife Chloe for their golden anniversary and they only get passed down the direct line. The pearls are awesome, heck I'd marry David to get them if I could."
  27. 27. "Why does everyone think that just because I'm a Capp I can be bought? If I'm not sure about David, I shouldn't make a commitment just for a stupid necklace. Sides what happens at UNI stays at UNI, this is my time to test the waters and taste the excitement. And oh boy these guys sure are tasty!!"
  28. 28. Being a part of Kiernan Tricou's zombification (see chapter 12) was a pivotal point in DJ's life. Probably the most pivotal point other than her own death and rebirth as a zombie. Prior to becoming a zombie DJ had been a focused and serious student. Then for the first part of her life as a zombie she'd been embittered by her fate. Being introduced as an equal to the higher echelon of Familiarity's Unnatural community made her examine her perspective and decide to make the most of her current lifestyle. She's a bit angered by her host family's seeming nonchalance in the making of the zombie army. The army begun out of boredom by a group of college students has it's place in the community but the individual members don't have much choice about their membership. On the fringe of society; the unnaturals have few rights of their own, something she hopes to change. Equal rights for zombies is her motto and laws to ensure those rights her primary goal.
  29. 29. Her secondary goal is to help Kiernan find his way back to his family. She thinks he's been punished enough and she wants the wounds to be healed. There's no sexier zombie than Kiernan in DJ's mind and it's a shame his family never took the time to get to know his nicer side. "Wait what do you mean you're my Grandfather? I didn't even know I had a grandfather, let alone that he was a zombie! No one ever mentioned you to me." "Don't go blaming your folks for that Christopher, it's as much my fault that I don't have contact with your father as it is his, more so mine maybe. I just couldn't cope with the thought of having kids, let alone having a huge family that I was supposed to be a part of and yet not be a part of. You have to understand your Grandma didn't want to get married any more than I did but when I wanted to just fade into the background and let her raise the twins she had other ideas. I was supposed to be a part of their lives while not ever allowed to really get close to them.'
  30. 30. 'Your Aunt Cher and I were able to work out a relationship that worked for both of us. At least I always thought we had. Apparently she wanted more from me than I could give but she was willing to accept that I just couldn't give her what she wanted. Your father though, I don't know, we were never able to find a common ground. He wanted me around all the time doing father son stuff, fishing and crap like that. That's just not me, and I admit I wasn't always very nice about it. Then Cary had to stick his nose into it and stuffy old Bob felt that I'd irreparably damaged Clint in some way. I thought he grew up just fine without me, but they got Jenn on their side and I got made into a symbol of bad parenting and shown as an example of what could happen to others that didn't pander to their kids tender 'feelings' bah whatever.'
  31. 31. 'So I'm a zombie and your father still hates me, we don't talk all that often. *Shrugs* Sometimes life works out that way.' 'I guess you could say Jenn did me a favor bunking me in with the UA folks. They're nice people and even though they mostly asked to be in the situation they are in while I didn't, they're facing many of the same adjustment problems that I am. I've also been getting to know DJ and some of the other campus zombies, we're figuring this out as we go along, it could be worse I guess."
  32. 32. "So Celeste, apparently we have a grandfather who's a zombie, did you know that?" "Sure I did, wait you didn't know that grandpa had been turned into a zombie? That happened back when we were kids." "I didn't know I had a grandfather, let alone that he was a zombie freak." "Don't be calling gramps a freak! He's a nice guy and Mom says he got raw deal from your Dad and the Uncles." "Well why didn't you ever say anything to me about him before now? How come I had to find out about him when he plopped himself down on the sofa next to me and introduced himself? Kinda shocking to find out something that important in that way."
  33. 33. "I dunno, Gram-pa just isn't something I ever talked to anyone about. Anytime I ever asked Mom about him it always made her seem bummed. And after he got turned into a zombie it made her mad. She had a huge fight with Uncle Cary and Uncle Bob about it, blamed them for it I guess. Took Dad forever to calm her down that night' 'She wouldn't invite either of them to my teening and gramps refused to show up, it was a mess. She and Grandma got into it a bit afterward, Grandma told her to give it some time and let it work itself out some. Then Uncle Cary showed up the next night and they had a talk in the den.' 'By the time he left she was crying again and she ran over to your house and stayed there for a long time. Dunno what happened between her and your Dad but after that she seemed okay again. I never asked, I didn't want her upset anymore. By the time graduation rolled around everyone seemed cool with each other again and I didn't want to stir up trouble.' 'Crap I'm late for class again!"
  34. 34. "Yeah I was there when Kiernan was zombiefied, he probably got a raw deal. But well he's coping with it and it's not like anything could be done at this point, no magic potions for zombies. Best we can hope for is a personality reversal and who wants that? If you wanna know more about why, I suggest you talk to him and to your folks. Not my place to interfere. You gotta remember I'm friends with your Dad and his whole generation as well as being friends with Kiernan. Your Dad was almost emo in college, if it hadn't been for your Mom he probably woulda worn black and written bad poetry all the time, but your Mom's just got that perky personality and when he got into a funk she'd just drag him off to the hot tub and well umm" "Ha, don't worry DJ I'm a romance sim I know what they did in the hot tub Still do for that matter, I wouldn't be surprised to find out that I was conceived in the hot tub Maybe I'll ask them sometime just to see them blush. Anyway thanks I'll talk to Dad next time I can."
  35. 35. "You're all worthless and weak! Now drop and give me twenty!" "Sure thing Coach Tellermen!" "And don't be clicking the action off as soon as I turn my back!" "Aww you're no fun!"
  36. 36. "Coach I've got all the body points I need why do you insist on me being fit as well? I'm a geek, not a jock and my brain gets all the exercise it needs. Dwight's the muscle man of my organization, if I need someone smacked down he'll do it." "Right, now Mr. Familiar please tell me how your brother can be your muscle man when he received a beat down from old Mrs. Crumplebottom not three years ago? Some muscle he is he can't win a fight against a ninety year old that should be in a walker." "No no no, that doesn't prove a thing. I've torn apart the code, it's hard wired for her to always win that fight. There's nothing he coulda done, sides how would it look to have a tough young guy give a beat down to an old lady? We've got more respect for our elders than that." "Then you can show me some of that respect and listen to me for a moment, I'm trying to help you out here."
  37. 37. "Look the Dean's got a bug up his butt that those students living in private housing aren't participating enough in full campus life. You all throw your own parties and take care of your own activities rather than attending things on campus. And not only do YOU not participate, you pull other students from the dorms out here as well.' 'You'll find out soon enough but there's gonna be a ruling made soon that states every off campus house must participate in intramural activities if they want to keep their charters. If you won't siphon money into the campus funds by way of the cafeteria, the bookstore or the cafes, you'll do it via registration fees."
  38. 38. "Crap you mean we're gonna have to go head to head with the mascots and the sports teams in soccer and flag football? Coach Tellerman we'll be the laughing stock of the campus if we have to do that, the Familiar's aren't known for our grace ya know. We just aren't all that coordinated. And on top of that we aren't good looser, we'll just end up having to pay fines and hospital bills." "Forget the flag football and the soccer, you can do those if you want to but there's going to be less strenuous activities as well. Just find one of the activities on the list and make it YOUR sport. But if you want to avoid paying fines and hospital bills, please don't choose basket weaving okay, the social bunny team has that one wrapped up."
  39. 39. "Don't worry Davey we can do this, I've seen the inter-mural list and as long as we're able to pick and choose our sports we'll be fine. Besides that it's not like there's only seven of us to choose from, we can use any one that's a member of the Greek house, not just the ones that live here. Any of the guys in the dorms that are member's can count for us as well. You'll just have to persuade them to be on the Greek team rather than form their own. Believe me, some of your cousins like to work out they're natural jocks." "Awesome to know hon, and you're right some of those knuckle heads really do work out. I've seen them voluntarily using the weight machines at the dorms *shudder*. Glad to know you're on top of things. Hey you visit the girls at the dorm a lot right? Maybe next time your over there you can talk to some of the family and see if you can recruit them to our side." "Sure thing, I can do that. I was planning to stop by and see Charlotte after class anyway."
  40. 40. *I wonder if he knows that the reason I know that his cousins are well built is cause I've seen most of them naked?*
  41. 41. "So what's your excuse for dropping by here today luv? Study session with Charlotte?" "Nah I'm recruiting you for the Greek house's inter-mural sports team." "What's the sport? mattress bouncing? if so sign me up!"
  42. 42. "So Cory, did you guys make any decision about what Jules proposed to you last week when she was at your dorm? She said she talked to Clay and he was gonna talk to the rest of you. How bout it?" "Yeah huh last week, Jules, Clay at the dorm.... talking. Yeah okay I remember that they were ... umm talking. Clay's pretty lazy you know hehe he probably forgot what he was supposed to pass along to us, you know Pleasure Seeker ADD and such. Why don't you refresh my memory."
  43. 43. "Jeez if he's so ADD why did Jules talk to him instead of to you or Char or one of the others? Women! hard to figure why they do the things they do at times." "I heard that David!" "Hehe sorry Charlotte you know I didn't mean you darling. Okay now Cor here's the deal, Coach told me that we're gonna have to start participating in inter-murals as a Greek house. Now I haven't seen the list of sports we have to choose from but I'm kinda worried cause well if they are things like soccer or baseball we're screwed. There's only seven of us in the house. Not enough to really put together a full team or anything.'
  44. 44. 'But we can pull from our dorm membership in addition to our housed membership in order to form up teams. Only thing is that no one can be on more than one team, so we just want to make sure than none of the dorms are forming their own inter-mural teams." "Pfft you don't have to worry about us, yeah we're all pretty active except Clay of course, but nah I don't see any of us forming our own teams. The dorms aren't really big enough to support a full team, guess it would depend on the sport of course. Twelve in our dorm total and if you saw our dormie selection you'd know they aren't really the sporty types."
  45. 45. "Listen Colette, you gotta loose the hat. I didn't authorize you to wear a hat and this generations not big enough for two hats. I'm the hat guy, it's my shtick. You need to find something else." "Davey" "Just a second ma" "David come hug your mother."
  46. 46. "Ma you're ruining my image here." "What you don't want your friends to see that you love your mother? You do love your mother right?" "Yeah ma of course I love you." "No you gotta say it the way you used to say it when you were my little boy." "Mom!" "David" "Okay 'Davey Wuvs Mama!' there are you happy now?"
  47. 47. "Forgetting the hat for a moment how much are you going to pay me to forget all about Davey Wavey?" "Okay fine wear the hat. Just if anyone asks you wear it outa respect for me." "Yeah right o'course the hat's props to Davey Wavey."
  48. 48. "That wasn't very nice of you Cass. Dave's a man now we have to respect that he's not our baby anymore." "It got him to lay off Colette though didn't it? She looks awesome in the hat it suits her, it's criminal of him to try and strong arm her that way." "Well that's what he wants to be isn't it? A criminal?" "How did you know that? You weren't supposed to know that until I broke it to you gently." "For some reason Cass you all seem to think I'm blind. I know my kids, Dave's been running his own little mafia since he was grade school, he'll be a natural at it. And when the time comes, I'll slowly slip out of the main stream crime fighting. On the whole David's harmless, sides he'll have fun." "Speaking of fun what are we doing talking when we actually made it to the hot tub before Clint and Lucy camped it for once? Not that talking to you isn't interesting but I'm sure we can do something more interesting in here than just talk.'
  49. 49. Dream date 15ish with Cort and Celeste brings about the competitive sport of sequenced swooning. If only it was placed on the intramural roster they'd be a shoe in to win. I have to state right now that I really really hate the fifty dream date lifetime want. Not that it's difficult at all, I've got dream dating down to a science. Gossip, tickle, joke, slow dance, flirt, back rub, hug, make out, car woohoo. *ding dream date* rinse repeat ad nauseous. Not hard, just boring extremely boring.
  50. 50. Future events may lead some to believe that I don't like pleasure seekers, (I don't) or that I find them difficult somehow (they aren't). Pleasure seekers are fine with the right personalities, neither Cort nor Celeste have the right personalities. Cort's a Scorpio 10/3/9/3/1 shy and serious does not a pleasure seeker make to top it off he's mean and hates to be told to do half of the romantic interactions required for a dream date. Celeste on the other hand is a Pisces 9/1/9/5/10 a bit better for a pleasure seeker, but still too serious and way too shy.
  51. 51. "Look if you two don't want to be pleasure seekers, don't. Just change your aspirations it's easy and you aren't heirs so who cares?" "Can't do it Buzz, Jenn's rule we all roll. We want to stay together but we're scared that if we re- roll junior year we'll suddenly find each other repulsive, so we'll stick with it. How hard can it be all we need are fifty dream dates and we'll be perma plat and it won't matter. Sure for the rest of our lives we'll roll wants for things we hate to do, we'll be miserable of course but we can ignore it cause we'll be perma plat."
  52. 52. "What's that Bristol? Really? That's very interesting. Is it legal?" "It is! Amazing! Thank you thank you thank you Bristol. Extra Kibble for the wurm rat fellas! Bristol solved my lifetime dilemma! Three cheers for Bristol! King of the Wurm Rats!"
  53. 53. "I can't believe you're going to take advice from Bristol, Cort! A wurm rat Cort, come on get serious." "I'm always serious Cassia, that's the problem. Do you have a better idea, if you do tell me I'm all ears." "You could take the free re-roll and see what happens it's not like they always backfire. Remember Bob? He rolled knowledge as a junior you could too." "One miracle per legacy is the rule sis. I don't want to take the chance, I love Celeste I don't want to loose her, if we do this thing we're guaranteed to stay together."
  54. 54. "You want me to what?" "Are you serious? Okay yeah that was a dumb question I know you are. I don't know Cor isn't this kinda drastic?" "Well of course you're right. It'll work and we'll be able to be together for eternity. No no I can get the stuff that's no problem, we'll do it at the same time right, together. At noon, that sounds good. I'll need to get dressed, if something goes wrong I don't want to be found in my jammies." "I love you too."
  55. 55. "Okay he said this wouldn't hurt, just stick your head in and get it over with quickly."
  56. 56. "Oh my Wright what am I doing?!?! I must be crazy or something why would anyone willing make a machine backfire on them. This can't be sane."
  57. 57. "Should we be worried that Celeste is sticking her head into an aspiration reward and it's billowing red smoke?" "Nah keep playing Dwight, nothing unusual going on there. Haha I win again!"
  58. 58. "What do you mean we have to eat grilled cheese for every meal for the next two and a half years?" "You want her to be happy don't you Dwight? You're the nice one right Dwight? Then eat your cheese and like it!" "Thanks Demi, I knew I could count on your support."
  59. 59. "Welcome to my Cheesing out party Grandma! I'm soo happy you came! I'm soo happy to be grilled cheese, I'm soo happy that Cort's grilled cheese with me. I love Cort! I love you! I love cheese! I love my life!"
  60. 60. "Well if cheese makes you happy dear, then I'm happy for you. Just what ever you do don't turn this decision into something more than it was. You didn't have a religious experience, you weren't visited by a cheesy spirit. You don't need to preach the word of cheese, to convert the non believers or to kill the sinners. It's all been done and it's old news okay. You did this for you not for anyone else."
  61. 61. "Of course not grandma why would you think I'd do something like that? Cheese as a religion come on get serious! That's crazy talk." "Of course dear, you're right nobody would worship a grilled cheese deity now would they?"
  62. 62. Group Smutsle Alert!
  63. 63. Come on! You there Professor Serdar get in line everyone else stay in synch don't let the slackers distract you!
  64. 64. How many you at Dwight? "Eight loves, ten woohoos couple of those were the sneaky twofers you get from public woohoo." Are you having fun yet? "No, not really. I don't much like meeting all these new people constantly."
  65. 65. Your re-roll is coming up here soon, do you want to take it? "Nah, life could be worse, I could be pleasure. Sides once I get past the clumsy first meeting I kinds like the side benefits." "Don't let him fool you, he's a tiger aren't you love? Rawr. What? women talk just as much as men do, maybe more. I've been waiting to meet this guy."
  66. 66. "Okay bro the first intramural sporting event that Familiarity Greek is signed up for is up coming soon and David's tapped me to be the team lead for it. You're my back up should anything happen that might toss me out of competition, you know if I sprain my fingers or something but I don't foresee any problems." "So what's the event? Maybe I should practice some." "Chess cheating!" "Sweet!"
  67. 67. "Look Cody, Juliette is streaking across our common room!" "And that's unusual how?" "Jeez Cod work with me here I need the practice." "Okay okay try again."
  68. 68. "Look at that Cody, Cam is actually making progress with the hot SS girl you've been trying to get in bed all semester. Looks like your reign as romance king is over now." "What the? Cam scoring with a chick I can't get to first base with? How could that happen?"
  69. 69. "You know Caden this is a pretty stupid sport. I mean if it's called chess cheating doesn't that mean that everyone knows everyone else is cheating? Sides there's no way Cam could score with the hot SS girl before me, he's a wash as a romancer, everyone knows that." "Yeah you're right I need better material. Guess I could always use the alien gag, it always seems to work." "Tried and true is best bud."
  70. 70. *Grumble mumble moan* "Why Jenn? Why would David pick Caden for the chess cheating tournament over me? Zombies are the natural chess cheaters. Heck I even cheat when I play against myself." DJ I'm sure it's nothing personal, you just have to look at Caden's genealogy in order to know why he was chosen He's a third generation deadly serious, cuttingly mean Familiar. He was trained by both his father Boris and his grandfather Bob, he's a natural at it.
  71. 71. "Look Chay, Demi's doing a cannon ball into the pool naked. Wow bro grats on grabbing her day one and not letting her go, I never thought she'd look like that under her sweater."
  72. 72. "What where? I didn't think Dems would be quite that outgoing!" "Keep looking she must be under the water now."
  73. 73. "Hey wait a second you're her second cousin you shouldn't even be thinking about what my girl looks like under her sweater!" "The only reason why you have her and I don't is cause Jenn get's weirded out by second cousins being together but no so much by third cousins. Get real cuz she's not really related to either of us."
  74. 74. "What's this? I come down town in order to enjoy a nice meal and I find my son having public woohoo with some cheap floozy?" "She's not some cheap floozy Dad, she's the women I intend to marry."
  75. 75. "Well in that case, way to go son! That's my boy!" "Just don't tell Mom okay?" "Do you think I'm nuts?"
  76. 76. "Let's make a toast to our perseverance. We've spent the past two years convincing Jenn that we're made for each other, and I think she's finally seen the light. I know it's been hard actually making booty calls to each other and not just grabbing the first available piece that walks by when our timers go off, but we did it. Unlike 90% of our generation neither of us has so much as kissed a different cousin." "Umm Chay love, I have a confession to make." "Don't"
  77. 77. "Umm Dad? I was just about to pull the velvet box outa my pocket. You're kinda ruining the moment here." "Don't mind me kids, I just thought that Chay's cake looked yummy and I should deprive my eldest son from the meal he desperately needs to eat in order to stay out of motive distress. Just ignore me and continue on with what you were doing."
  78. 78. "So like I was going to say before my Dad walked over and stole my cake and made me go into distress so that we had to order a second meal and reset the scene all over again." "Move it along Chay I'm about to go into bladder failure, if we want a dream date we need to hurry it along so I can go potty in the bathroom and not on the floor."
  79. 79. "Demi Familiar I've loved you since I saw you on the first day of our freshman year. We've overcome Jenn's reluctance to allow you to marry someone from the extended family. She wanted the cow for you but you told her no. We've done the swirly slow dance even if she never caught it on film. I've been faithful to you and I know that in your heart you've been faithful to me. Please say you'll marry me as soon as we graduate."
  80. 80. "Of course I will, you're the only one I love. Even if Jenn was right and you have no chin." Congratulations to the future Mr. and Mrs. Chay Nova! They are the first couple of generation five to make it official! Join us next time for more engagements and more fun. Until then, Thanks for reading! And Happy Simming!