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Semana santawebquest

  1. 1. Semana Santa WebquestAnswer the following 3 questions in English based on your own knowledge.1. What is the origin of the holiday known as Easter? Resurrection of JesusChrist2. How do some people here in the U.S celebrate Easter? (secular andreligious) Many Christians celebrate Easter Sunday in the United States. Thereare many Easter baking traditions. The Us people eat Ham fro example. Wealso buy eggs and bunnies and we can also put up some bright colors, likepink and yellow on the trees. A lot of people also go too church.3. What do you know about how it is celebrated in Spain? They have parades and floatsof Christ or the virgin Mary. During the parade the people are wearing similar hoodedrobes. In Spanish Easter is called Semana Santa.Read more: more: answer these specific questions by reading at: your answers in a different color.4. What does Semana Santa mean? Holy Week in Seville.5. When is it? It is celebrated in the week leading up to Easter.6. Where are the processions going and why? This week features the procession of floats of wooden sculptures of individual scenes of the events of the Passion. Images of the Virgin Mary is also shown with restrained grief for the torture and killing of her Son. They have parades and floats of Christ or the virgin Mary.
  2. 2. Semana Santa Webquest7. What are brotherhoods and what is their purpose? The procession isorganize by ‘Bortherhood.’ They are dressed in penitential robes, and, with fewexceptions, hoods. They are Catholic persons organized that have a purpose ofperforming public acts of religious observance. In this case, the Passion anddeath of Jesus Christ.8. What happens during Semana Santa? People go to a festival and celebrate JesusChrist and Easter.9. Who are Nazarenos and how are they dressed? The Nazarenos are a Brotherhood ofSan Esteban. The are dresses in long blue gowns and white gloves. They can only seethrough two small wholes through there pointy blue hat.10. What is at the beginning of the processions? In the middle? A great cross is carriedat the beginning of each procession it is said to ‘opens the way.’ A number of peopledressed in a habit and with the distinctive pointed hood are holding long wax candlesand marching in silence. After that a group of altar boys dressed in vestments comeafter.11. What is a Paso? They are at the center of each procession. There is an image orset of images set a top of a movable float.12. What are 3 possible pasos? How old are some of them? The first one is thePassion, the second one is the image of Christ and the third one is Virgin Mary. Theoldest surviving’s were carved in the 16th century.13. Who are costaleros and what do they do? A team of men called the ‘costaleros’, supports the beams, on the float, upon their shoulders and necks and they lift, move and lower the ‘paso’. As they are all inside the structure and hidden from the external view by a curtain, the ‘paso’ seems to move by itself.14. What is the traditional dress of women for this? for men? Headdress, looks like a cloth that they put on there heads.15. How do people behave as the processions go past? The processions attract a huge following throughout the city. The whole procession is traditionally watched in silence. The crowd behaves normally while ‘Nazarenos’ are marching and they turn
  3. 3. Semana Santa Webquest to a respectful silence when the images pass.Look at the various photographs/slide shows at these 2 sites to see more: What is your impression and why? (3-4 thoughtful sentences with insight) The Semana Santa seems to attract a lot of people. It seems to be and organized event with many parts to it. They also have beautiful images and sculptures of Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary. Seem to be a beautiful festival.Children and EasterRead at this website, then answer the following questions. What are cascarones? A Mexican dish. They are confetti Filled eggs. It is a tradition to make these ‘cascarones’ during a Carnival which is held every year.18. In which countries are they played with? Mexico as well as other parts of the world like Spain and even in the southwest of the United States.19. How are you to break them? On the top of the head poke a hole with a thumbtack and make a hole about the size of a dime on the bottom of the egg. Tap the end on a table and break the yolk in the egg with a thumbtack. Shake the inside of the egg into a bowl and save them for scrambled eggs. Wash the egg and dry it. Decorate the egg with egg dye or markers, then use a spoon to fill the egg with confetti. Cover up the whole with some tissue paper.20. Why do you break them? It is a tradition. You are going to chase your friend and shower them with confetti by breaking the egg over their heads. It is said that you are “Showered with good fortune” if the egg is broken over your head.
  4. 4. Semana Santa Webquest ¡Felices Pascuas! Happy Easter!