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Evaluation question 7 DK
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Evaluation question 7 DK


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  • 1. I feel that I have progressed a lot since doing my preliminary task. I feel thisbecause when doing my preliminary task I did not feel comfortable constructingmy sixth form magazine. I was unsure of what to do on some of my preliminarytasks which did not help me in some situations.Creating my sixth form magazine in my preliminary task wasn’t the best as Ididn’t grasp the idea of what I had to do. I had little time to plan out my magazinewhich was bad as when it came to constructing the actual sixth form magazine Ididn’t have a base design to work from.However, in my main task I felt much more comfortable with creating my musicmagazine as I had planned this all out and stayed to my time management.
  • 2. On my front cover, I felt that I achieved more through doingmy main task than my preliminary task. The photo’s I took formy preliminary task front cover were really disappointing. Ifelt that I needed to take more but I did not have anymoretime left to do so. With my main task front cover, I took moretime to plan my front cover, making sure I knew what coloursand fonts I needed to use. I also planned out what images Iplanned to take, for example, where I wanted to take myphotos and what I wanted to take photos of.Planning it out really helped me during my main task andhelped me keep to my deadlines.
  • 3. On my contents page for my preliminary task, I wasdisappointed with the overall design of it. The photos I tookwere really the only good thing about my contents page forthis task.However, in my main task I had more time to take photos anddesign the overall layout of where everything would beplaced on my contents page. The contents page for mypreliminary task seemed bland and boring where as thecontents page for my music magazine in my main task iscolourful and would attract a customer to read suchmagazine.