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Wordpress instruction for 675

  1. 1. THE GENIUS OFWORDPRESS by Jen Riehle
  2. 2. What isWordPress?
  3. 3. WordPress is...an open source contentmanagement system,often used as a blogpublishing application,that uses PHP and MySQL.
  4. 4. What makes WordPressSO AWESOME, Jen?
  5. 5. WordPress AwesomenessOpen source = YAY!Large user communityUsed by > 12% of the largest 1,000,000websites on the webFlexible deployment options
  6. 6. More WordPress Awesomeness Availability of cool widgets Extendable and flexible with plugins and APIs Easy to get in; Easy to get outwidgets: twitter, meebo, flickr, etc.plugins: google analytics, google maps plugins; video player plugins, WPTouch
  7. 7. That sounds AWESOME!How do I get me some of that?
  8. 8. Getting you WordPress2 options: 1. Sign up for a blog at wordpress.com 2. Download WordPress from wordpress.org and install in a hosted environment
  9. 9. wordpress.comversuswordpress.org
  10. 10. .com Basics Requires an account for blog owners; no account for browsing (can limit access) URL is http://yourblogname.wordpress.com Takes care of everything: setup, upgrades, spam, backups, security, etc. Free account comes with 3GB storage but may have text-only ads Premium option available for a fee (css editor; domain mapping)“From time to time, we display text ads on your blog to logged-out users who aren’t regular visitors.”Premium: custom css editior; domain mapping; VideoPress; no adswordpress.com community: your blog cane be highlighted on home page; ratings for yourposts/blog available
  11. 11. The Dashboardtrackback: notification when someone links to your siteManage commentsView usage statisticsQuickpostPollsALL INCULDED AUTOMATICALLY. Some auto available on wordpress.com but others onlyavailable as a plug-in YOU have to install
  12. 12. The PostsStats - comments - likesNote the “likes” (aggregated throughout Wordpress.com)
  13. 13. Adding ContentTrackbacks and pingbacks both refer to when other people link back to content on your site;pingback is essentially the same but with an extra step to verify that the host is there and real- helps limit spam.Trackback block helps confirm to other sites that you’ve linked to them
  14. 14. category - cat e go ry - noun - definition: a class or group of things possessing some quality or qualities in common All posts must be in at least one category; can have more than one Categories may be hierarchicalCategories must be uniqueAre generally displayed with each post (depending on your theme)Clicking on a category gives a list of posts that use that category
  15. 15. tag - tag - noun - definition: a children’s game in which one player pursues the other until he or she is able to touch them Not hierarchical On wordpress.com, clicking on a tag will show you all instances of that tag in all wordpress blogsCan create tags for wordpress.com account but they are community tags
  16. 16. PrettinessSearch for themes by:colors, #-column layout, left/right sidebar, language translation availability, widgetavailabilityBUT THERE ARE NOY MANY OPTIONS ~100
  17. 17. widget - widg et - noun - definition: a GUI element that displays information in an arrangement that is changeable by the userVery useful, drag-and-drop functionality
  18. 18. plugin - plug-in - noun - definition: an accessory software package that is used to extend the capabilities of the existing application a widget is a type of pluginNot available for wordpress.com account
  19. 19. .com Limitations Can’t install a custom theme Can’t hack the PHP or CSS* Can’t use plugins Your blog is tied into wordpress.com community of blogs* Can hack CSS with limited options with a for-pay accountPay account also allows domain mapping
  20. 20. What does itmean?No plugins in wordpress.comLimited themesTags, ratings, etc. tie-in to wordpress.com community
  21. 21. wordpress.org:Time to Level Up
  22. 22. With great power comes great responsibility Have a good web host; need a database and PHP You’re responsible for backups, upgrades, managing spam, etc. Mismanage the site and you can lose it all
  23. 23. WordPress 3.0(the next generation)
  24. 24. What’s New New default theme and theme APIs Multi-site functionality (formerly WordPress MU) Updated menu management Custom post types Custom taxonomies (with hierarchical structure)WordPress MU was a separate installation of WordPress, now functionality built into 3.0Allows one installation of WordPress to manage multiple blogs - one administrator candeploy a community of blogsTaxonomy: a way of classifying dataBy default, Wordpress has 3: categories, tags and link categoriesWordPress 3.0 lets you create who new taxonomies, for example if you host a movie reviewblog you might have a new taxonomy for genres and then create new terms within thattaxonomy
  25. 25. “ Matt Mulleweg (WordPress creator) Normally this is where I’d say we’re about to start work on 3.1, but we’re actually not. We’re going to take a release cycle off to focus on all of the things around WordPress. The growth of the community has been breathtaking, including over 10.3 million downloads of version 2.9, but so much of our effort has been focused on the core software it hasn’t left much time for anything else. Over the next three “ months we’re going to split into ninja/pirate teams focused on different areas of the around-WordPress experience, including the showcase, Codex, forums, profiles, update and compatibility APIs, theme directory, plugin directory, mailing lists, core plugins, wordcamp.org… the possibilities are endless. - June 18th, 20103.1 is now available
  26. 26. More Fun Books. So many, many books WordCamp! WordCamp Raleigh is May 21-22 Web lists of WordPress plugins, themes, etc. Download WordPress app for iPhone, iPad, Android or BlackberryWordPress for Dummies, 3rd edition (2010); WordPress 24 hour trainer (2009)WordCampMashable has lists of Top Plugins for RSS feeds, for managing multiple blogs, etc.Don’t get to become one of the biggest website deployment tools out there without a soliduser base - google your question and you’ll find help.
  27. 27. The Codex The WordPress Encyclopedia GREAT resources with tons of information (primarily for installed instances of WordPress) wordpress.org also includes a blog, forum and hosting infoDocumentation source
  28. 28. Photo HelpSlide 1: flickr/crystal/bb_mattSlide 4: flickr/a street called awesome/ moonlightbulbSlide 7: flickr/bitter beer face/a4gpaSlide 9: flickr/proof testing imperial equipment/stefanSlide 14: flickr/double happy carebear rainbow/pink sherbert photographySlide 16: flickr/mario kart wii promo event/goodrob13Slide 19: flickr/chief engineer/striatic
  29. 29. Questions?Jen Riehlejen_riehle@ncsu.eduTwitter: @ncsumarithttp://www.slideshare.net/ncsumarit