Sacramento/Central Valley Network Inaugural Regional Meeting
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Successes And Challenges


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Successes And Challenges

  1. 1. Sacramento/Central Valley Network Inaugural Regional Meeting May 18, 2009 Activity: Find a pal from another college and discuss successes and challenges each of you has had on your respective campuses. Then record your “pal’s” successes and/or challenges and include the name of your pal. (Even though this information is in a table, the Successes and Challenges are separate and do not align with one another.) Successes Challenges Through Title V grant, reached number of students served in Course alignment is true on paper, not in practice. Jim Barr and Kay Writing Center in one semester, though projected to take five Lee years. Melanie Sanwo Use of focus groups as an evaluation methodology. Sacramento Buy-in from faculty and administration. Jim Barr, Kay Lee, and City College Mario Cordova Tutor for keyboarding class. American River College Buy-in! Brandon Muranaka and Shannon Pries Student intervention assistance—Student intervenes prior to Seeing basic skills education as everyone’s (faculty in all disciplines) student in class dropping out (emails, phone calls) Cosumnes River issue to address. Dennell Smith College Held workshop where faculty learned about programs. Workshop How do we assess programs? Eric Holland was done as round robin. Full and part-time faculty attended. Adjunct paid stipend. Marian Fritzemeier Applied learning course—six units: one unit writing, one unit With a large campus offering many support services, it is difficult to reading, two units math, two units lab to apply learning to coordinate them. Kirsten Corbin welding, auto, and building inspection fields. Suzanne Gripenstraw Student assistance program through which students act as an Lack of funding! MelanieSanwo instructional assistant to developmental writing instructor. David Weinshilboum Create “early alert” full-time coordinator. Encourage faculty to Recruiting faculty and students for Supplemental Instruction. refer students to early alert. Fresno City College Monica Brown Writing and reading center under tutorial center. Fresno City Size of the campus and entrenched systems. Linda Christopher- College Miles and Donna Cooper Offer study skills and research skills workshops. Fresno City Impact of increased math/English requirements on vocational College degree programs. Lesley Gale Creation of faculty workshops focusing on developmental student Educating the campus about how to use data to improve student needs. Brandon Muranaka and Shannon Pries outcomes. Help them see what they need, data-wise, to actually measure what they’re doing, and what needs to change. Yeng Her 84% of student success rate in all courses for students enrolled in We are our challenge/enemy! Jim Barr and Kay Lee RAD. Kirsten Corbin SASP for student athletes. Monica Brown Providing basic skills students with workplace skills. Roietta Fulgham and Billie Miller Getting the braintrust together. Linda Christopher-Miles Teach basic keyboarding as a basic skill. Roietta Fulgham and Billie Miller Using student assistants in basic math, English, and ESL classes. Enough monies to purchase adequate technologies (PC tablet— Camille Moreno teach math online) Sacramento City College Linking developmental writing and reading courses (six units) State-wide computer competencies and information literacy through team teaching. Paul Macias competencies for basic skills students linked in with READ. Sacramento City College and Fresno City College Study Skills workshops. Ginnie Gessford Numbering standards for curriculum—consistency across state. Morgan Brynnan Supplemental Instruction. Donna Cooper Articulating basic skills courses. Fresno City College and Los Rios District Making road to credit less daunting. Redefining success. Morgan Brynnan