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Travel ppt nitesh chandel f1 shimla

  1. 1. IntroductionMy Pleasure to introduce this work which has been done according to the guidelines and instructions of our wise faculty Mr. Ashutosh sharma. Submitted by - NITESH CHANDEL Submitted to - Mr. Ashutosh Sharma Batch - F1 Session - May 2013 – April 2014 Assingnment - Travel
  2. 2. Index Introduction • Acknowledgement • Task number-1 • Task number-2 • Biblography • Task number-3 NOTE : These tasks contain different learning outcomes from 1 to 4 and Merit and Distinction task.
  3. 3. I want to show my gratitude towards our faculty Mr. Ashutosh Sharma who encourage us to do such a creative and interesting work with enthusiasm and exclusive support of him. I also want to thank my classmate for creating such a working enviornment.
  4. 4. Task number : 1 Two Countries tour Criteria covered : Pass-LO2,Pass-LO3, Pass-LO4
  5. 5. TAIWAN CITIES OF TAIWAN- # TAIPEI Taiwan’s largest city is Taipei # Hualien Famous for adventure # KAOHSIUNG Located in the South # Taichung Famous for fine arts
  6. 6. Qingshui Cliff is a 21 kilometer length of coastal cliffs averaging 800 meters above sea level in Hualien County, Taiwan.[1] The tallest peak, Qingshui Mountain, rises 2408 meters directly from the Pacific Ocean
  7. 7. Spectacular view only minutes away from downtown Hualien city
  8. 8. Hualien road side , cemetery
  9. 9. Taroko national park,Hualien
  10. 10. TAROKO NATIONAL PARK Located along the eastern coast of Taiwan, Taroko National Park covers parts of Taichung City, Nantou County and Hualien County. Named after Taroko Gorge, the park features soaring peaks, steep cliffs, amazing valleys, babbling streams and wonderful waterfalls. The most famous bit of the Taroko Gorge is called the Tunnel of Nine Turns. It is a walking-only path that runs parallel to the main road, and features some of the most dramatic scenery in the entire valley. When the whole island is sweltering in the summer heat, Taroko Park is an ideal place to take a deep, cool breath and enjoy the season at its best. • Admission: free • Best time to visit: July and August
  11. 11. Taipei 101 Taipei World Financial Center, is a landmark skyscraper located in Xinyi District, Taipei, Taiwan. The building ranked officially as the world's tallest from 2004 until the opening of the Burj Khalifa inDubai in 2010.
  12. 12. Yehliu geopark Yeliu a cape in the town of Wanli, New Taipei, Taiwan. The cape, known by geologists as the Yeliu Promontory, forms part of the Daliao MioceneFormation. It stretches approximately 1,700 metres into the ocean and was formed as geological forcespushed Datun Mountain out of the sea.[1] A distinctive feature of the cape is the hoodoo stones that dot its surface.
  13. 13. SHILIN NIGHT MARKET, TAIPEI, encompasses two distinct sections sharing a symbiotic relationship: a section formerly housed in the old Shilin Market building, containing mostly food vendors and small restaurants; and the surrounding businesses and shops selling other nonfood items. The food court holds 539 stalls, and the second floor serves as a parking lot for 400 cars
  14. 14. Fulong beach, taipei The sands there are golden, which is rare in Taiwan. Nearby is a camping site named Longmen. This beach is a favorite in the summer for people living in northern Taiwan.
  15. 15. Love River is the spine of Kaohsiung, playing a similar role to the River Thames of London. It is of great cultural significance to the people of Kaohsiung and plays an important role in its economy and tourism. A riverside park, the Love River Park, runs along the riverbank in downtown Kaohsiung City. A night market operates in the park, and there are three outdoor cafés, often with live bands. Boats which hold about fifteen people take tourists up and down the river
  16. 16. The National Stadium formerly known as the World Games Stadium, is a multi-purpose stadium in Zuoying District, Kaohsiung, Taiwan. It is currently the largest stadium in Taiwan in terms of capacity.
  17. 17. The Dragon and Tiger Pagodas is a temple located at Lotus Lake in Zuoying District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. The temple was built in 1976. One of the towers is the Tiger Tower, the other one being the Dragon tower. The seven storey tower has yellow walls, red pillars and orange tiles. The front connects to the shore with a bridge.
  18. 18. Kaohsiung Museum of History The building of the museum was originally the Kaohsiung City Hall built in 1939 by the Japanese government. After 1945, the city hall was renamed to Kaohsiung Municipal Government.
  19. 19. National taiwan museum of fine arts , Taichung Works by Taiwanese artists, covering modern and contemporary Taiwanese arts. The museum was temporarily closed for rebuilding in 1999 because of damage caused by the 21 September 1999 earthquake. It reopened in July 2004.
  21. 21. Taichung, port It is the second-largest port in Taiwan after Kaohsiung Port and operated by Taiwan International Ports Corporation, the Taiwan's only state-owned harbor management company.
  23. 23. 1-Bohol province • Chocolate hills • Carmen • Laboc Eco tourism Adventure park • Baclayon church Bohol is a first income class island province of the Philippines located in the Central Visayas region, consisting of the island itself and 75 minor surrounding islands. Its capital is Tagbilaran City
  24. 24. Chocolate hills The Chocolate Hills is a geological formation in Bohol Province, Philippines . There are at least 1,260 hills but there may be as many as 1,776 hills spread over an area of more than 50 square kilometres.
  25. 25. Carmen city Carmen is a second class municipality located in the heart of the province of Bohol, Philip pines. It is composed of 29 barangays with an area of 248.04 square kilometres (95.77 sq mi). It was founded in 1869. According to the 2010 census, it has a population of 43,579 people.
  26. 26. Laboc Eco tourism Adventure park The Loboc Ecotourism Adventure Park offers a zipline and an open-air cable car ride, both providing impressive aerial views of the river
  27. 27. Baclayon church • Baclayon is known for its historic Catholic Church, declared as a National Historic Treasure in 1995 because it is considered the best preserved of its kind in the region. Its first structure was built in 1595, but the current building is from 1724 and has a Spanish Colonial architecture
  28. 28. 2-BORACAY ISLAND • White beach • Rock formation • Willy’s rock • Phuka beach
  29. 29. White beach • Picturisque and best destination for relaxation, white sand beaches are the majar attaraction of boracay island and which made its best island in the world in 2012
  30. 30. Rock formation The most photographed landmark in Boracay, this volcanic formation is the only rock formation along White beach and is like a black dot
  31. 31. Willy’s rock Willy's Rock is the most photographed landmark on Boracay and offers a commanding view of the island
  32. 32. Phuka beach • Phuka Beach on the northern shore of Boracay
  33. 33. 3-SORSOGON PROVINCE • Bulusan • Malawmawan Island • Gubat • Juban
  34. 34. • Bulusan is blessed with natural attractions like springs and falls. The charming Bayugin Falls is an impeccable place for swimming and picnic. Get wet at other famed falls in the municipality like Nasipit Falls and Palogtoc Falls which are both clad by verdant bush land.
  35. 35. Malawmawan Island • Malawmawan Island is a long stretch of uninhabited powdery white coast dotted by coconut trees. Lounge in its balmy shoreline or frolic in the cerulean waters. There are also reported whale shark sightings in Castilla.
  36. 36. Gubat • Gubat is introducing itself as a surfing haven in Sorsogon. The birth of surfing here originated at Breeding coast in Buenavista community. Over the years, locals have been mum about this reef break. It was not until a few years ago, when Gubat’s surfing spot was finally exposed to tourists. For a minimal fee of Php 200 you’ll get to enjoy surfing in Rizal Beach for an hour inclusive of surf board and your own instructor. Look for the Gubat Bay Surfers at in the premise of Lacsa-Hilton Resort.
  37. 37. Juban Juban is also endowed with several springs such as White Spring in Brgy. Putingsapa, Luzada Spring in Brgy. Buraburan, and the refreshing springs of Bacolod – the Sina-rara and Muladbucad Spring.
  38. 38. 4-BAGUIO • Banaue Rice Terraces • Mines view park • Burnham park • Mount santo tomas
  39. 39. Banaue Rice Terraces Stunning rice terraces, which are a UNESCO World Heritage site and are 2000 year old and described as eighth wonder of world.
  40. 40. Mines view park • Located at the extreme northeast side of the city, past The Mansion and Wright Park, Mines View Park boasts of a spectacular view of Benguet's gold and copper mines and the Cordillera mountains. Many houses have been constructed below the ridge, closer to Baguio City
  41. 41. Burnham park • Burnham Park is the very heart of Baguio City in the Philippines. It is located at the most valuable piece of Baguio real estate and is free for the enjoyment of visitors and residents alike
  42. 42. Mount santo tomas This is Baguio's highest peak, the one that offers a 360˚ degree view of Baguio City, La Union Province below and the South China Sea on the horizon. Apart from that, there's not much development on top but it is a nice place to go to.
  43. 43. How to reach Taiwan???• Documents required are – • Passport • Birth certificate • Visa ( US citizen can stay up to 90 days without this) • Health certificate • ID proof • NOC • Last six months bank statement • Accomodation booking
  44. 44. Customs rules- • Each person, 20 or over in age, may bring in alcoholic beverages (1,000 cc or less without limitation on how many bottles), or 1,000 cc of sample alcoholic beverages (100 cc or less per bottle without limitation on how many bottles), plus 25 cigars, or 200 cigarettes or 1 pound of tobacco. • Canned goods and other foodstuffs, if their quantity is limited. • Articles already owned and used by the passenger abroad, whose customs value does not exceed NT$10,000 for each piece(set). • Other articles for personal use (not including the articles mentioned above ) if their total customs value does not exceed NT$20,000 for each adult passenger, or NT$10,000 for each passenger under the age of 20.(But agricultural products must be under 6 kgs: rice, peanut, garlic, dried lily flower, or dried mushroom 1 kg or less each ). • Samples or products for advertisement, the value of which does not exceed NT$ 12,000 for each passenger.
  45. 45. Currency rules of Taiwan- • Gold Passengers may bring in any amount of gold, but must declare it to Customs. If the total value of gold exceeds US$10,000, an import permit issued by the Board of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs, is needed at the port of entry. • Foreign Currencies Passengers must declare the amount of foreign currencies they carry upon arrival. If not declared, the portion of foreign currencies in excess of US$ 5,000 (or its equivalent in other foreign currency) shall, upon arrival, be subject to confiscation. • New Taiwan Dollar Notes Not more than NT$40,000 in notes can be brought in by each passenger unless a permit from the Central Bank of China is obtained in advance.
  46. 46. How to reach Philippines??? Documents required are – • Passport • Birth certificate • Visa • Health certificate • ID proof • NOC • Last six months bank statement • Accomodation booking
  47. 47. Custom rules- • Import regulations:: • Free import: 1. all passengers (18 years of age and over) (duty free allowance only once per year per passenger): a. 400 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250 grammes pipe tobacco; b. 2 bottles alcoholic beverages of not more than 1 litre each; 2. once a year the following categories of passengers may bring in goods as specified below duty free: a. returning residents who have stayed abroad more than 6 months: used electronic or electrical appliances and personal effects up to the value of PHP 10,000.-; b. contract workers: used personal effects up to value of PHP 10,000.- and used home appliances, limited to 1 of each kind, up to the value of PHP 10,000.-. Prohibited: 1. printed subversive, obscene and pornographic materials; 2. drugs or substances for abortion; 3. gambling machines and articles, jackpot or pinball machines, lottery sweepstakes tickets, coin operated video machines; 4. articles of gold, silver and precious metals without indications of actual fineness of quality; 5. misbranded and/or adulterated drugs or foodstuffs. • Export regulations:: • Free export by passengers (18 years and over): - 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 500 grammes of tobacco; - 1 quart of alcoholic beverages.
  48. 48. Currency rules- • Currency Import regulations: • Residents and Non-residents: local currency (Philippine Peso-PHP): up to PHP 10,000.-. Exceeding amounts require an authorisation from the Central Bank of the Philippines. foreign currencies : up to USD 10,000.-, or its equivalent. Amounts exceeding USD 10,000.-, or its equivalent must be declared. • Information must be furnished on the source and purpose of the transport of such amount. Violation will be subject to sanctions under Philippine customs law and regulations. Note: Only banknotes and coins, which are legal tender must be declared (travellers checks, credit cards etc. are exempt from declaration requirement). • Currency Export regulations: • Residents and Non-residents: local currency (Philippine Peso-PHP): up to PHP 10,000.-. Exceeding amounts require authorisation from the Central Bank of the Philippines. foreign currencies : up to USD 10,000.-, or its equivalent. Amounts exceeding USD 10,000.-, or its equivalent must be declared. • Information must be furnished on the source and purpose of the transport of such amount. Violation will be subject to sanctions under Philippine customs law and regulations. Note: Only banknotes and coins, which are legal tender must be declared (travellers checks, credit cards etc. are exempt from declaration requirement).
  49. 49. ITENERARY( Day Wise) • April 1 Departure from IGI Delhi 5:00 pm • April 2 Arrival at Taipei airport at 2:00 am • April 3 At 10:00 am Sight seeing at hualien • April 4 Departure to kaoh and Sight seeing at kaoh • April 5 Sight seeing at taichung • Aptil 6 Departure to Baguio in phillipines • April 7 Sight seeing at Baguio • Aprill 8 Visit to places of Bohol Province • April 9 Visit to places of Sorsogan • April 10 Visit to places of Boracay island • April 11 Stay at Boracay • April 12 Departure to Delhi at 1:30 pm • April 13 Arrival at delhi airport on 12:30 am Note : Itenerary according to indian time . Time variations will be there due to time zone gap.
  50. 50. Air ticket • It is not submitted virtually but manually.
  51. 51. {Route map} IGI Delhi Taiwan
  52. 52. Task Number-2 International travel Organisations & Freedoms of Air used
  53. 53. IATA (International Air transport Association) • The International Air Transport Association is the trade association for the world’s airlines. It represents some 240 airlines or more than 84% of total air traffic. • The main aim of IATA is to provide safe and secure transportation to its passengers. to direct and control all the airlines across the globe. • Decide fare of an airlines is the first function of IATA. • Allotment of permit of aircrafts. • Deciding routing to the aircraft.
  54. 54. ICAO(International Civil Association Organization) • The International Civil Aviation Organization was formed in 1947 under the auspices of the United Nations, and it established Flight Information Regions (FIRs) for controlling air traffic and making airport identification simple and clear. • Flight inspection, prevention of unlawful interference, and FACILITATION OF BORDER-CROSSING PROCEDURES FOR INTERNATIONAL CIVIL AVIATION. • Additionally it also defines the protocols for air accident investigation followed by signatory agencies of the Convention on International Civil Aviation in respective countries
  55. 55. UFTAA (United Federation of Travel Agent A ssociation) • The United Federation of Travel Agents’ Associations (UFTAA) emanates from the Universal Federation of Travel Agents’ Associations created in Rome, Italy, on November 22nd, 1966. UFTAA was originally founded as a result of a merger of two large world organizations. • The UFTAA represent Travel Agents and Tour Operators views on both Inbound and Outbound travel, through conferences, joint communications, and learning modules. They have a close connectivity with other international organizations such as the IATA, International Air Transport Association, the International • Hotel and Restaurant Association, the International Union of Railways and other organizations. The UFTAA is an affiliate member of the WTO - World Tourism Organization. • It is an association of travel agents.
  56. 56. TAAI (Travel Agent Association of India) • The set of primary objectives for TAAI has been clearly mentioned as: Apply superior technical skills to the job on hand. • Deliver the highest quality of service. • Act with responsibility within sound financial parameters. • Build trust and credibility in the marketplace. • TAAI is very much aware of the unprecedented pace in which the travel industry is growing. Therefore, to keep a check on any unethical practices by the member agencies
  57. 57. Chicago convention • The Convention on International Civil Aviation, also known as the Chicago Convention, established the International Civil Aviation Organization(ICAO), a specialized agency of the United Nations charged with coordinating and regulating international air travel. • Every state has complete and exclusive sovereignty over airspace above its territory. • The aircraft of states, other than scheduled international air services, have the right to make flights across state's territories and to make stops without obtaining prior permission. However, the state may require the aircraft to make a landing. • No scheduled international air service may be operated over or into the territory of a contracting State, except with the special permission or other authorization of that State. • The state can require that landing to be at a designated customs airport and similarly departure from the territory can be required to be from a designated customs airport.
  58. 58. Warshaw convention • The Warsaw Convention is an international convention which regulates liability for international carriage of persons, luggage, or goods performed by aircraft for reward. • andantes carriers to issue passenger tickets; • requires carriers to issue baggage checks for checked luggage; • creates a limitation period of 2 years within which a claim must be brought (Article 29); and • Limits a carrier's liability to at most: – 250,000 Francs or 16,600 special drawing rights (SDR) for personal injury; – 17 SDR per kilogram (pound) for checked luggage and cargo, or US$20 per kilogram (pound) for non-signatories of the amended Montreal Convention; – 5,000 Francs or 332 SDR for the hand luggage of a traveller.
  59. 59. FOAs The freedoms of the air are a set of commercial aviation rights granting a country's airlines the privilege to enter and land in another country's airspace, formulated as a result of disagreements over the extent of
  60. 60. 1st Freedom of Air The right of an airline to fly over the another country is come under first freedom of air. Home Country Intermediate country Destination Country
  61. 61. 2nd Freedom of Air When an airline fly from their own country and gave emergency landing in another country due to fuel rifling , crew change , technical problems is come under second freedom of air. Home Country Intermediate country Destination Country Emergency Landing
  62. 62. 3rd Freedom of Air Right of an airline to carry passenger or cargo from their own country and drop passenger and cargo to another country. Home Country Destination Country Passenger & Cargo
  63. 63. 4th freedom of air Reverse to 3rd freedom of air where right of an airlines to carry passengers or cargo from another country to their own country. Home CountryDestination Country Passenger & Cargo
  64. 64. 5th Freedom of Air The right of an airlines to carry passenger or cargo from another country and the same will drop to another country. Home Country Foreign country Destination Country
  65. 65. 6th freedom of air 6th freedom of air states that right of an airlines to carry passenger and cargo from another country to an other country by passing home country…. Home CountryForeign country Destination Country Passenger and Cargo Stopage required
  66. 66. Freedoms of Air used in this tour package In this tour 1st , 3rd, 4th & 5th freedom of air are used. Because airline is flying above china and droping passenges and cargo at taiwan and then from taiwan to phillipines which both are foreign countries and droping back passenger and cargo to home land. There is no emergency landing and intermediate point of home country , so 2nd and 6th freedom of air is not applicable here.
  67. 67. Biblography • • • • Industry expert- Mr. Ashutosh sharma • • • •
  68. 68. Task number-3 Quality elaboration, Comparing and Advantages
  69. 69. Why NITESH TRAVELS Pvt. Ltd. Only??? • High Quality Standards • Cost effectiveness • Nutritious food at every location • Mercedes Cabs for visiting places • Special fun at beaches • Business class travel at price of economy • Top ranked locations • Every day free spa at every location
  70. 70. Comparision of package with other competitors packages--- • Only package consist of free spa access • Highest rewardz points • Luxury Cabs at every step • High brand value • Leader in industry • Business class travel • Tailor made
  71. 71. Special Advantages of this respective package!!! • Rewardz points • Special loyality discount • Scientific itenerary formation • World wide network • Travel manager assistance • Home pick up and drop facility • Arrival welcome
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