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  • Cricket in times square powerpoint

    1. 1. Marios family made a living by_______________ . selling newspapers anda) selling Chinese food magazinesb) running a soda shopc) selling newspapers andmagazinesd) running a taxi business
    2. 2. Mario lived in New York City ________________ .a) Denverb) New York Cityc) Miamid) Los Angeles
    3. 3. Marios family made a living by_______________ . selling newspapers anda) selling Chinese food magazinesb) running a soda shopc) selling newspapers andmagazinesd) running a taxi business
    4. 4. Tucker was a mouseTucker was a ___________ .a) mouse ]b) catc) cricketd) boy
    5. 5. 4. How was business with the newsstand? very slow - Mario had only sold 15 newspapers• fair - Mario sold and 4 magazines. at papers to the people that got off of each train.• very good - Mario was selling a lot of Sunday papers.• ok - Mario had sold 75 papers that night.• very slow - Mario had only sold 15 newspapers and 4 magazines.
    6. 6. What nice thing did the conductor Pauldo for Mario?Paul gavehim a$.50 for a paper thata) bought him sodab) told passengers to buy a only cost $.25newspaper as they left the trainc) gave him $.50 for a paper that onlycost $.25d) gave him a train ticket
    7. 7. How did Mario know that thecricket was in the subway station?a) PaulHe heard it chirp. brought it to Mario.b) He saw it in the corner.c) It jumped out from under thenewspapers.d) He heard it chirp.
    8. 8. Mario made a bed for the cricket out ofa ___________ .A matchboxa) Kleenex boxb) matchboxc) money drawerd) paper cup
    9. 9. How did Mama feel about the cricket?She She said a cricketer was a a) thought it was just a bug andshould bekind of bug. special thrown away. b) She said that cricketers were good luck. c) She thought it was just a bug and should be thrown away.
    10. 10. Mario said crickets were good fortelling the temperature.a) killing antsb) telling the temperaturec) singing you to sleep
    11. 11. Mama said the cricketer would have togo if __________ . they came down with peculiara) they came down with peculiar diseasesdiseasesb) it made too much noisec) it became a nuisance
    12. 12. The Cricket in Times Square Chapters 3 - 4
    13. 13. Chester was from Connecticut . Where was Chester from?a) New York Cityb) Connecticutc) Delawared) Philadelphia
    14. 14. What food did Chester like?a) liverwurst liverwurst.Chester likesb) orangesc) chocolated) lettuce
    15. 15. How long had it been since Chesterhad eaten?a) 1 day 3 daysb) a weekc) 3 daysd) 3 hours
    16. 16. Why could Chester NOT get out of theHe was trapped under roast beef sandwiches.picnic basket?a) The lid was latchedb) He was trapped under roast beefsandwiches.c) The basket was inside a bag.
    17. 17. How did Chester get to NewYork?By car and subway train.a) by car and subway trainb) by busc) on a bicycle
    18. 18. When do crickets usually chirp? a) spring b) early winter c) late fall d) late summer
    19. 19. late summer.
    20. 20. What did Chester see thatmade him feel better?a) another cricketb) a starc) a swallow
    21. 21. a star
    22. 22. OOOooopsies. Click the green arrow to continue
    23. 23. Why was Mario in a hurry to get to the newsstand?a) Mario had a present waiting for him at the newsstand. b) Mario wanted to get a sandwich. c) Mario wanted to see the cricket.
    24. 24. Mario wanted to see the cricket.
    25. 25. What do crickets usuallyeat?a) mossb) insectsc) leaves and grass
    26. 26. Leaves and grass
    27. 27. Where did Mario takeChester?a) soda shopb) supermarketc) department stored) toy store
    28. 28. Soda Shop
    29. 29. What did Chester drink?a) strawberry sodab) milkc) colad) lemon-lime soda
    30. 30. strawberry soda
    31. 31. What did the Bellini familylike to listen to?a) country musicb) rock-n-rollc) gospeld) opera
    32. 32. opera
    33. 33. Why did Mario want to go toChina Town?a) to get dinnerb) to buy a cricket cagec) to buy a lanternd) to watch the parade
    34. 34. to buy a cricket cage
    35. 35. Chapter 6Sai Fong
    36. 36. What form of transportationdid Chester and Mario use toget to China Town?a) bicycleb) busc) subwayd) car
    37. 37. Subway
    38. 38. What did Sai Fong look like?a) very tall Chinese lady wearing a silkkimonob) old Chinese man wearing a silk vestover his shirt with dragonsc) young Chinese boy wearing a largehat and sandalsd) young Chinese man wearing abusiness suit
    39. 39. Sai Fong was an old Chineseman wearing a silk vest overhis shirt with dragons
    40. 40. What did the cricket cagelook like?a) a bird houseb) a pagodac) a cube with barsd) a round cylinder
    41. 41. a pagoda
    42. 42. Sai Fong told the story of____________ .a) the first cricketb) a Chinese boyc) a cat and a dogd) his parents building the shop
    43. 43. the first cricket
    44. 44. How much did the cage cost? a) $15 b) $5 c) $1.50 d) 15¢
    45. 45. 15¢
    46. 46. What gift did Sai Fong giveMario for the cage?a) water cupb) bellc) shiny stoned) leaves
    47. 47. A bell
    48. 48. What second gift did Sai Fonggive Mario?a) Chinese Fortune cookieb) fanc) lantern
    49. 49. Chinese Fortune cookie
    50. 50. What did the store looklike?a) almost emptyb) neat and tidyc) cluttered
    51. 51. cluttered
    52. 52. Chapter 7The Cricket Cage
    53. 53. What kind of food do the Chinesemake?a) spaghetti and pizzab) many bean dishes with pintos,navy, and butter beansc) unusual foods made frombirds nests, sharks fins, andmoused) tacos and burritos
    54. 54. unusual foods made frombirds nests, sharks fins, and mouse.
    55. 55. How did Chester feel about thecricket cage?a) He felt like a prince in a castle.b) He felt nervous to be locked ina cage.c) He thought the cage was thebest house in the whole world.d) He felt like he was theemperor of China.
    56. 56. He felt nervous to be locked in a cage.
    57. 57. What did Tucker want to dowith the cage?a) throw it in the garbageb) sleep in it
    58. 58. sleep in it
    59. 59. What did Tucker want to sleepon?a) marshmallowsb) dollar billsc) Kleenexd) silk
    60. 60. Dollar Bills
    61. 61. What did Tucker use for apillow?a) a fifty cent pieceb) a buttonc) a spool of threadd) Mama Bellinis earrings
    62. 62. Mama Bellinis earrings
    63. 63. Where did Chester sleep?a) in the drainpipeb) in the matchboxc) in the cash drawer
    64. 64. in the matchbox
    65. 65. What did Chester eat?a) a candy barb) half of the two dollar billc) the liverwurstd) a leaf
    66. 66. half of the two dollar bill
    67. 67. Why did Chester eat the twodollar bill?a) He wanted to see what theothers would do if he ate it.b) He liked the way it tasted.c) He was hungry.d) He was dreaming.
    68. 68. He was dreaming.
    69. 69. What did Mama hit Tuckerwith?a) a half dollarb) a Fortune magazinec) the pagoda caged) her earrings
    70. 70. a Fortune magazine
    71. 71. What punishment did Chester andMario get?a) Mario had to set Chester free.b) Chester had to stay in the cageuntil Mario could repay the money.c) Mario had to keep Chester in thematchbox at his house.
    72. 72. Chester had to stay in thecage until Mario could repay the money.
    73. 73. How did Tucker get money?a) He worked for Harry Cat.b) His mother gave him moneyeach birthday.c) He found it in the subwaystation.
    74. 74. His mother gave him money each birthday.
    75. 75. How much money does Tuckerhave?a) $2.93b) $5.62c) $.52
    76. 76. $2.93
    77. 77. Why did Mario go backto see Sai Fong?a) to buy a larger cageb) to ask what he should feedChesterc) to get a kimonod) to replace the lost bell
    78. 78. to ask what he should feed Chester
    79. 79. Who was with Sai Fong?a) a little girlb) his sonc) his daughterd) an old Chinese gentleman
    80. 80. an old Chinese gentleman
    81. 81. What did Mario put on beforethe dinner?a) robeb) bibc) necklaced) silk shirt
    82. 82. Mario put on a robe.
    83. 83. How did Chester show he likedthe Chinese food?a) He ate a lot.b) He chirped.c) He jumped in the chop suey.
    84. 84. He chirped.
    85. 85. What did the book say to feedChester?a) antsb) ivyc) mossd) mulberry leaves
    86. 86. mulberry leaves
    87. 87. What did the Chinese men dofor a greeting?a) waveb) said helloc) bowed
    88. 88. They bowed
    89. 89. Chapter 10The Dinner Party
    90. 90. Why were the animals celebrating?a) Tucker finding a fifty cent pieceb) Chesters two month anniversaryc) Harry Cat finding a girl friend
    91. 91. Chesters two month anniversary
    92. 92. Name one food they had at thedinner party.a) birthday cakeb) Hershey chocolate barc) potato chipsd) corn on the cob
    93. 93. Hershey chocolate bar
    94. 94. Who was at the party?a) Mario, Chester, and Tuckerb) Harry and Tuckerc) Mario and Chesterd) Harry, Chester, and Tucker
    95. 95. Harry, Chester, and Tucker
    96. 96. What was really special aboutthe coke?a) It still had carbonation.b) It was served with ice.
    97. 97. It was served with ice.
    98. 98. What bad thing happenedat the party?a) Tucker fell and broke his legb) a fire startedc) Chester bumped his headd) Harry Cats tail was caught inthe door
    99. 99. a fire started
    100. 100. How did Chester get help?a) chirpedb) set off the alarm clockc) turned up the radio
    101. 101. set off the alarm clock
    102. 102. Chapter 11The Jinx
    103. 103. How much stuff did theBellinis lose in the fire?a) everythingb) only a few stacks of LadiesHome Journalc) half of the magazines andnewspapers in the stand
    104. 104. only a few stacks of Ladies Home Journal
    105. 105. Who did Mama blame for thefire?a) the night watchmanb) Paulc) the cricket
    106. 106. the cricket
    107. 107. What name did Mama callChester?a) jinxb) bad luck charmc) nasty bug
    108. 108. jinx
    109. 109. How did the fire start?a) cigaretteb) candlec) matches
    110. 110. matches
    111. 111. What did Chester do when hewas sad?a) sangb) criedc) hide
    112. 112. Chester sangwhen he was sad
    113. 113. How did Papa feel when heheard Chester?a) madb) excitedc) surprisedd) happy
    114. 114. surprised
    115. 115. What kind of music did Chesterplay?a) Italian operab) popc) rock-n-rolld) country
    116. 116. Italian opera
    117. 117. Chapter 12M r . S m e d le y
    118. 118. How was Chester goingto learn new songs?a) by listening to the radiob) by listening to recordsc) by visiting the theaters inTimes Square
    119. 119. by listening to the radio
    120. 120. Because it was Sunday, Chesterdecided to sing ___________ .a) Italian songsb) patriotic songsc) hymnsd) violin pieces
    121. 121. Because it was Sunday,Chester decided to singhymns
    122. 122. Did Mr. Smedley believeChester could sing whenMama, Papa, and Mario toldhim that he could?a) yesb) no
    123. 123. noMr. Smedley did not believe Chester could sing whenMama, Papa, and Mario told him that he could?
    124. 124. What "test" did Mr. Smedleygive Chester?a) Mr. Smedley recorded Chesteron a tape player.b) Mr. Smedley whistled the scale -do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, te, do.c) Mr. Smedley played a new anddifficult song.
    125. 125. Mr. Smedley whistled thescale - do, re, mi, fa, sol, la,te, do.
    126. 126. How did Mr. Smedleyfeel about Chesters songs?a) badb) just okc) wonderful
    127. 127. wonderful Mr. Smedleyfelt wonderful about Chesters songs
    128. 128. What did Mr. Smedley do to leteveryone know about Chester?a) wrote a letter to the NewYork Timesb) put up postersc) announced it over the loudspeakers
    129. 129. Mr. Smedley wrote a letter to the New York Times Chester sings wonderfully
    130. 130. Chapter 13Fame
    131. 131. Why did Chester stay upmost of the night?a) playing for the animalsb) learning new musical piecesc) talking to Tucker and Harry
    132. 132. learning new musical pieces
    133. 133. How did people in New York learn aboutChester?a) Mr. Smedley had flyers printed up andpassed out.b) Mr. Smedleys letter was published in theNew York Times.c) Mr. Smedley had the radio stations allover New York play the recording he madeof Chesters playing.
    134. 134. Mr. Smedleys letter was published in the New York Times.
    135. 135. How many people came to listento Chester the first day?a) 783b) 73c) 38
    136. 136. 783
    137. 137. How was the Bellinis businessdoing?a) fantasticb) fairc) poorly
    138. 138. Fantastic
    139. 139. How many times a day didChester give a concert?a) 1b) 2c) 3d) 4
    140. 140. Chester gave two concerts a day.
    141. 141. What did Chester like to eat?a) mulberry leavesb) chocolatec) fruitd) vegetables
    142. 142. Chester like to eat mulberryleaves.
    143. 143. How did Chester feel aboutbeing famous?a) happyb) sad
    144. 144. Chester felt sad about being famous?
    145. 145. Why was Chester upset?a) He wanted to go swimming.b) Fall was coming.c) He wanted mulberry leaves.
    146. 146. Fall was coming.
    147. 147. When Chester was sad, wheredid Mama want Mario to takehim?a) countryb) to Sai Fongc) bug doctor
    148. 148. bug doctor
    149. 149. Chapter 14Orpheus
    150. 150. How was Chester feeling?a) wonderfulb) finec) sad
    151. 151. sad
    152. 152. What time of year was it?a) Summerb) Winterc) Springd) Fall
    153. 153. It was the fall.
    154. 154. Where did Chester want to go?a) to the theaterb) homec) to China Townd) to Marios house
    155. 155. Chester wanted to go home.
    156. 156. How did Tucker and Harryfeel about Chester going?a) that Chester should be happyb) that they would do anythingto make him stayc) they wanted him to go
    157. 157. that Chester should be happy
    158. 158. What was the one worryChester had about leaving?a) He would miss everyone.b) He might get lost.c) He would not make the long journey.d) The Bellinis needed the money hewas making them.
    159. 159. The Bellinis needed the money he was making them.
    160. 160. What day was the farewellperformance?a) Tuesdayb) Wednesdayc) Fridayd) Saturday
    161. 161. Friday
    162. 162. What was the last concert like?a) exceptionalb) just so soc) terrible
    163. 163. exceptional
    164. 164. How many people came to theconcert?a) manyb) a few
    165. 165. Many people came to the concert?
    166. 166. What did Mario andChester do after supper?a) went for a walkb) practicedc) sleepd) played games
    167. 167. Mario and Chester played games after supper.
    168. 168. What did Chester take withhim?a) Mamas earringb) Kleenexc) the silver belld) a candy bar
    169. 169. the silver bell
    170. 170. How would Chester know whenhe reached home?a) The conductor would tell him.b) He would recognize the smell.c) He would see the fields.
    171. 171. He would recognize the smell.
    172. 172. How did Mario know thatChester wouldnt come back?a) He took the bell.b) He just had a feeling.c) He saw him leave.
    173. 173. He took the bell.