“You make me sick” Game Review
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“You make me sick” Game Review “You make me sick” Game Review Document Transcript

  • “You Make Me Sick” game review | Gator Gamers http://gatorgamers.wordpress.com/2011/07/18/you-make-me-sick/ Gator Gamers “You Make Me Sick” game review Posted on July 18, 2011 | 1 Comment “You Make Me Sick” is the kind of game I wish I had known about when I was taking biology my sophomore year of high school. It’s fun, exciting and educational — a triple threat! “You Make Me Sick,” from Filament Games, teaches you about bacteria and viruses and how they are spread. Unlike most games that use this concept (and you strive to not get your host infected), the goal of this game is to get your host severely sick! The sicker your host is, the better your score. If it isn’t already obvious, this is the most exhilarating aspect of the game! When you begin the game, you are given a host and a small bio with blurbs about their health, eating and normal everyday habits. You may get a male who is a slob, eats everything and wears a hygienic mask or a female who is healthy, unorganized and has not had any vaccinations. From these types of hosts, your challenge is to customize a virus or bacteria that will infect your host despite their strengths and in spite of their weaknesses. Choosing either virus or bacteria stems many other Photo courtesy of Filament Games. options that will help you spread your disease. On top of creating your own unique virus or bacteria, you get the ability to personalize your experience by naming your virus! From this point, you are taken to the host’s house, where you are to find the most ideal spot to infect them. If you have thought it through well enough, without much effort or time, your host will become infected. Depending on what kind of virus or bacteria you created, you will face a Photo courtesy of Filament series of obstacles that determine your final score. Games. When you complete the game you will receive your very own certificate of host infection. If you are like me and proud of successfully infecting someone, you can print it out and post it on your wall to show all your friends. Hopefully, they will not with respond with “You make me sick!” — Heidi Abdul1 of 3 3/23/2013 4:27 PM