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Read Like a Detective
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Read Like a Detective


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. Read Like a Detective,Write Like a ReporterIntegrating Literacy Across the Curriculum Steve Puls Senior Instructional Specialist The Centers for Quality Teaching and Learning 4009 Barrett Dr., Suite 102 Raleigh, NC 27609 919-878-0540
  • 2. ©QTL 2012 The Centers for Quality Teaching and Learning 2
  • 3. Reciprocal Teaching #1 Your task is to: 1. Predict what you think the text will be about before the group starts reading and share this with the group. Use headings, sub headings and visuals. 2. As you read confirm (or disprove) your prediction and explain your thinking to the group during the discussion time. #2 Your task is to: 1. Ask a question about the text for the rest of the group to answer. Try to ask a question about the meaning of the text rather than a question about the meaning of a particular word, although you can do this as well. The group will take turns to help you answer the question. 2. Lead the rest of the group to ask questions in turn, and help them to answer them. #3 Your task is to: 1. Identify a key word in the text and explain it. 2. Lead the others to also identify and explain key words, until the group has a list of about 10 - 12 words. 3. As a group, decide on no more than 8 key words. #4 Your task is to: 1. Retell or summarize the information in your own words. 2. After everyone has had a turn, lead the group discussion so that the group agrees on a summary statement using the list of key words. From:©QTL 2012 The Centers for Quality Teaching and Learning 3
  • 4. Writing from 5Ws and an H Information Given (Details) Additional Information Needed/Questions to AnswerWho?What?When?Where?Why?How?Based on your 5Ws and H, who isthe audience for your writing –i.e. who will read this and why?What topics will you need toresearch before writing? ©QTL 2012 The Centers for Quality Teaching and Learning 4
  • 5. Listening – Synthesizing Information Topic: ______________________________________ What is being said: What I am thinking: My opinions based on what is being said: Based on NCDPI Synthesizing Organizer Sample Tool at: tools/organizers/ela/synthesizing.pdf©QTL 2012 The Centers for Quality Teaching and Learning 5
  • 6. Integrating Literacy Application: Essential Elements Requirements____________________________ Be sure that your design includes the following:  Connections to standards in both your content and CCSS Literacy  Clearly articulated expectations, goals and outcomes  Essential Questions to guide student investigation  Access to, and use of, varied resources (web, media, GoogleDocs, etc.)  Primary source documents related to your content area  Writing tasks that require evidence from text  Presentation of student products to an authentic audience  Active audience participation and feedback  Assessment tools (i.e. checklist AND rubric)  Independent and group reflection Additional Considerations______________________ As you put the pieces together, you will also want to address the following: How much time will be required? Where does this fit in terms of pacing guides or long-range plans? What materials are needed? How will you assess students’ readiness level? How will you meet diverse student learning needs? What information resources are available? What additional resources may be required? Notes:©QTL 2012 The Centers for Quality Teaching and Learning 6
  • 7. THIEVES - Close Reading Strategy Title  What is the title?  What do I already know about this topic?  What does this topic have to do with the preceding chapter?  Does the title express a point of view?  What do I think I will be reading about? Headings  What does this heading tell me I will be reading about?  What is the topic of the paragraph beneath it?  How can I turn this heading into a question that is likely to be answered in the text? Introduction  Is there an opening paragraph, perhaps italicized?  Does the first paragraph introduce the chapter?  What does the introduction tell me I will be reading about?  Do I know anything about this topic already? Every first sentence in a paragraph  What might this chapter be about based on the first sentence in each paragraph? Visuals and vocabulary  Does the chapter include photographs, drawings, maps, charts, or graphs?  What can I learn from the visuals in a chapter?  How do captions help me better understand the meaning?  Is there a list of key vocabulary terms and definitions?  Are there important words in boldface type throughout the chapter?  Do I know what the boldfaced words mean?  Can I tell the meaning of the boldfaced words from the sentences in which they are embedded? End-of-chapter questions  What do the questions ask?  What information do they earmark as important?  What information do I learn from the questions?  Let me keep in mind the end-of-chapter questions so that I may annotate my text where pertinent information is located. Summary  What do I understand and recall about the topics covered in the summary? Adapted from - Text Box: Copyright 2003 IRA/NCTE. All rights reserved. ReadWriteThink materials may be reproduced for educational purposes.©QTL 2012 The Centers for Quality Teaching and Learning 7
  • 8. Resources for Integrating the Common Core ELA Standards Common Core Reading solution-common-text-types-in-the-times/ Writing skills-with-the-new-york-times/ Listening Speaking©QTL 2012 The Centers for Quality Teaching and Learning 8