Durham Public Schools and NC Write: A District-Wide Literacy Initiative


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Durham Public Schools and NC Write: A District-Wide Literacy Initiative
Durham Public Schools has partnered with Measurement Incorporated’s NC Write program to launch a district-wide literacy initiative. With an emphasis on Six Traits of Writing and Understanding by Design, district literacy specialists create digital interdisciplinary performance assessments to measure Common Core ELA standards and empower students to be college/career-ready.
Presenters: Trish Martin, Rhonda Kaye & Heidi Elmoustakim-Measurement Inc- Durham, NC

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Durham Public Schools and NC Write: A District-Wide Literacy Initiative

  1. 1. NC Write & Durham Public Schools: A District-Wide Literacy Initiative Trish Martin, Ed.D.
  2. 2. DPS Comprehensive Literacy Framework The goal of all literacy instruction The 5 Pillars of Literacy The 5 Strands of the Common Core Literacy Anchor Standards Curricular Areas that provide literacy development opportunities for college and career readiness.
  3. 3. Learners Communicating Effectively through Writing Incorporating Writing with: • 21st Century Learning • Reading Informational Texts • Speaking and Listening • Language • Reading Literature Within College & Career Ready Curricular Areas including: • Science • Social Studies • Healthful Living • Mathematics • Arts Education • World Languages • Career & Tech Education • Literature
  4. 4. Action Steps Learners Communicating Effectively through Writing Writing in Every Classroom Everyday Support for Content Area Teachers assigning and scoring writing Writing for Learning Training for All Teachers PreK - 12 Six Traits Writing for Grades 3 - 12 Differentiated Support for Student Writing Improvement District-Wide Integrated Performance Tasks
  5. 5. • Online Practice Writing Tool for Students in Grades 2 - 12 • Argumentative, Informative/Explanatory, & Narrative Writing • Instant holistic and trait scores using award-winning automated scoring technologies • Immediate suggestions for grammar, spelling, and writing trait improvement • Teacher/student feedback via electronic “sticky note” suggestions, instant messaging, and digital peer review • Student writing portfolios and reports for progress monitoring • Interactive student writing tutorials
  6. 6. Ready-Made & Custom Writing Prompts Pre-packaged and teacher-created writing prompts with reading passages, images, and research links to support claims and ideas.
  7. 7. Advanced Graphic Organizers Digital graphic organizers to help students plan and develop different types of writing.
  8. 8. Holistic AND Trait Scoring Powered by PEG™, the nation’s leading automated essay-scoring technology First place in the Hewlitt Foundation ASAP X-Prize Competition Creating and Submitting an Essay Enter text directly or copy/paste from Word
  9. 9. Specific suggestions for improvement on each of the six traits of writing Descriptive Feedback & Suggestions Grammar and spelling feedback within the essay
  10. 10. Create and submit multiple drafts of an essay for revision and editing Multiple Drafts for Revision & Editing
  11. 11. Interactive Writing Lessons Students receive links to suggested writing trait lessons and grammar exercises based on their individual writing needs
  12. 12. Peer Review Process
  13. 13. Student Writing Portfolio Easily access all essay drafts and view score averages Access messages sent by the instructor View instructor scores for content accuracy and textual evidence
  14. 14. Teacher Scoring Tool In the student score report, teachers can select the number of stars that correspond with the appropriate score point and add feedback in the comment box. Teachers can score student essays for Textual Evidence (Standard 8 and 9) & Content Accuracy (Standards 1,2,8,& 9) using 0-3 scoring rubrics provided. Students can view the score and feedback through their writing portfolio.
  15. 15. Contact Us Measurement Incorporated Software Products Division 423 Morris Street Durham, NC 27701 919-683-2413 Trish Martin tmartin@measinc.com Ext. 2100 Elizabeth Price eprice@measinc.com Ext.