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Mining for Mysteries
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Mining for Mysteries


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  • 1. Mining for MysteriesAs you watch the presentation, use the following clues to help you identify themystery element or mineral. 1. I am used in construction projects around the world. I am molded into wire and pipes that are used for electricity and plumbing. I am even used to make coins. What am I? ____________________ 2. I am one of the hardest natural substances in the world. I am often used to make tools such as saws and drill bits because I am so tough. But don’t let my looks deceive you; under my tough exterior is a beautiful gem that is made into jewelry. What am I? ____________________ 3. I am a gooey, black liquid that comes from the ground. I am used every day by billions of people around the world in cars, buses, and other forms of transportation. What am I? ____________________ 4. Don’t let my name fool you, I am not a shade of green! I am a versatile mineral that has many purposes. I am most often crushed up and used to make concrete. What am I? ____________________ 5. I am a fossil fuel that is used to create heat and energy for millions of people around the world. Unfortunately, I create a lot of dust when I am mined, and many miners contract a fatal illness called “black lung.” What am I? ____________________ 6. I am often combined with other metals to form framework that is used around sea water. I am lightweight, and can withstand extreme temperatures. What am I? ____________________ 7. I am a very dangerous element that is used in nuclear weapons. I am also used to fuel nuclear power plants. Don’t get too close! Anyone who is overexposed to me may develop serious health problems! What am I? ____________________ 8. I am used in a variety of products including ceramics, magnets, and metal objects. My name is also a shade of the color blue. What am I? ____________________ 9. I help prevent metal objects from corrosion. I am also essential to the human diet. What am I? ____________________ 10. I am used to harden steel. I am frequently used on cars to help them shine. What am I? ____________________ Word Bank Copper Diamonds Petroleum Limestone Coal Titanium Uranium Cobalt Zinc Chromium