Differentiation Across the Curriculum With an Emphasis on Reading Strategies

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Tips and Strategies for Teaching Interdisciplinary Units That Will Actively Engage Middle School Students …

Tips and Strategies for Teaching Interdisciplinary Units That Will Actively Engage Middle School Students

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  • 1. Tips and Strategies for TeachingInterdisciplinary Units That Will ActivelyEngage Middle School Students
  • 2. Along with the adoption of the new CommonCore Standards, comes the need for more cross-curricular literacy activities. Students need tofeel a connection and a purpose for all of thedifferent disciplines. However, any given class,on any given day, will have a wide range of abilitylevels and each one of those students deserve arigorous curriculum that is meaningful andtailored to fit their needs.
  • 3.  Does:  Does Not: Consider each student’s  Expect every student to strengths and weaknesses. perform at the same level. Use formative and  Give every student the summative assessments in same assignment with designing lessons every lesson. Connect the different  Segregate the different subjects together as much subject areas. as possible  Always do heterogeneous Provide a rigorous grouping where the higher curriculum with each unit students serve as a tutor. of study.
  • 4.  Using EBSCO articles that are already lexiled that pertain to your different topics of study. Utilizing researched-based programs like Teen Biz to incorporate non-fiction, informational text into your topics of study. Select historical fiction topics that have novels at a wide range of lexile levels.
  • 5.  Vocabulary Stations Primary Document Interpretation Stations Math Stations Assessment stations (TeenBiz 3000, USA test prep, etc) Technology Stations (iPads, web quests, movie making, etc.) Experimental Stations
  • 6.  Visual Thesaurus or Graph Words.com (free) Wordle Create Crossword puzzle using vocabulary terms and definitions. Flow chart with pictures Bubble map Representations Interactive Word Wall Vocabulary Work Mats with pictures, synonyms, antonyms, etc.
  • 7.  TeenBiz 3000 lexiled based articles and activities EBSCO (lexiled based articles that may be selected according to interest or theme) Graphic Organizers Thought Questions Illustrations with brief explanations Multiple Choice Comprehension Questions that can be either computer-based and or teacher generated. Student created mini-lessons based on readings
  • 8.  Battle Hymn of the Republic Letters from slaves Gettysburg address US Constitution
  • 9.  www.graphwords.com www.visualthesaurus.com www.achieve3000.com www.lexile.com www.gilderlehrman.com www.ebsco.com www.discoverypuzzlemaker.com www.spellingcity.com www.wordle.net