Seven Steps to a Higher Achieving School


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The ten steps showcased within this presentation have proven to be effective at multiple schools. This clear outline of ways that you can make your site a higher achieving school includes straightforward, realistic methods that yield greater results. Students, teachers, and administrators will benefits from the steps outlined in this creative presentation. Presenters include a Director of Middle Grades Education and a school principal.

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Seven Steps to a Higher Achieving School

  1. 1. Seven Steps to aHigher-Achieving School Dr. James Davis, Principal / China Grove Middle School Tina Mashburn, Director of Middle Grades Education
  2. 2. Love Kids, Support Teachers, Pass It On…
  3. 3. Begin with the END in MIND… AYP Status / Growth Status Performance Composite Teacher’s Working Conditions SurveySeven Steps to a Higher-Achieving School
  4. 4. Begin with the END in MIND… AYP Status / Growth Status 2004- 2005- 2006- 2007- 2008- 2009- 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 AYP Not Not Not Not Met MetStatus Met Met Met Met
  5. 5. Begin with the END in MIND… Performance CompositeQuick Hits… In two years: 61.4→75.4 (overall) In two years: 54.4→77.1 (science) In one year: 38.0→62.9 (reading) In one year: 60.2→75.9 (math)
  6. 6. Begin with the END in MIND…  Teacher’s Working Conditions Survey (sample) CGMS NCShared vision… 95.9 83.0Atmosphere of trust / respect… 93.9 72.7Effective leadership… 98.0 82.7Recognized for accomplishments… 100.0 84.7Teachers have appropriate influence… 95.8 67.7Managing students… 98.0 79.4Professional development (effective)… 91.8 76.0Time to work with colleagues… 92.0 79.1Training with technology… 92.0 74.5
  7. 7. Step One:Data to Drive Discussions Formative Assessments Discipline EOG Scores TWC Survey Attendance Parent SurveysSeven Steps to a Higher-Achieving School
  8. 8. Step One:Data to Drive Discussions What information would you like to be able to access at home, via our website (schedules, assignments, etc.)? Explain several updates (instructionally or physically) that you would like to see happen on the CGMS campus? Identify several ways that you would like to be involved at CGMS (examples: online book talks, tutoring, etc.).
  9. 9. Step Two:Utilize Student Surveys Survey Monkey Survey Content…Explain 2 things that make class fun and engaging for you as a student.…Identify 1-2 things that you would like changed at CGMS.…Outline 1-2 service projects that you would be interested in completing. Student Leadership Group What did the student surveys lead to?Seven Steps to a Higher-Achieving School
  10. 10. Step Three:Expect the Effective use ofInstructional Technology Technology in Classrooms 21st Century Classrooms Professional Learning Communities Blogs Online Staff DevelopmentSeven Steps to a Higher-Achieving School
  11. 11. Step Four:Incorporate the Voice of Teachers Staff Development  Time  Topic  Format  Presenters Professional Learning Communities TWC Survey (100% participation)Seven Steps to a Higher-Achieving School
  12. 12. Step Five:Focus on Human ResourcesHuman Resources: The Department…Partnership…Courageous ConversationsHuman Resources: The Instruction…Curriculum Specialists…1:1 Staff development…Individual PlansSeven Steps to a Higher-Achieving School
  13. 13. Step Five:Focus on Human Resources Individual Plans: “More Than Math”I. Guiding Principles II. Necessary ComponentsWe will support you… Creation of goals…We will do what is best for kids… Lesson plans…We will provide you with Increased observations…resources… Increased student assessments…We will be involved… One video reflection…III. Optional Components IV. Expected OutcomesPartner / Mentor… Strengthen instruction…Book study… Improve daily quality of instruction…Journal… Student Growth…Curriculum Specialist…. Additional support…
  14. 14. Step Six:Think Outside of the Box Invest in a Child Fundraiser Online Open House Facebook Texting Summer Administrative RetreatsSeven Steps to a Higher-Achieving School
  15. 15. Step Seven:Focus on RelationshipsRED Time…Relationships, Education, DiversityStaff Notes…Acknowledgements & Information…Instructional Tips & Master Calendar AP Support Encouraging the HeartSeven Steps to a Higher-Achieving School
  16. 16. The Bottom Line…Seven Steps to a Higher-Achieving School
  17. 17. Closure Questions Comments ClarificationSeven Steps to a Higher-Achieving School