Best differentiated assessments in language arts and math (2)

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  • 1. Angel Minton Melissa WesdykGamewell Middle School Lenoir, NC
  • 2.  Found in Lenoir N.C Located at the base of the Appalachian Mountains Area served—rural The school has a 78% free/reduced lunch rate The classes that we teach range from AIG – inclusion 618 students
  • 3.  Angel Melissa ◦ Language Arts ◦Math ◦ Inclusion and ◦Inclusion/AIG/ General Ed. General Ed. ◦ 20 years in the ◦14 years in the classroom classroom
  • 4.  Give ideas of alternative assessments that can easily be implemented ◦ Major Projects ◦ Group Projects ◦ 21st Century Projects Provide ways to evaluate students at all levels while meeting the principles of the common core Share strategies that can be taken back and easily utilized in your classroom
  • 5.  Projects that are done at home on a variety of different topics Projects that the students are given 3 to 8 weeks to complete depending on the project Collaboration between Math and LA ◦ To make expectations more uniform ◦ Easier for parents and students ◦ Parent awareness form ◦ Similar rubrics ◦ Calendars ◦ Firm deadlines
  • 6. ~Newbery Book Project~ NEWSPAPER C reate a newspaper for your book. You could summarize the events in one article, cover Due the weather in another, or do a feature story on one of the more important characters inDuring the next six weeks you will read and present a project based on one of the Newbery another. You might include an editorial, at least four ads that would be pertinent to theAward winning novels. This will be part of your reading grade. story, and one illustration about the story. All information in the newspaper should be about your book.Step OneC hoose a book that is either a Newbery winner or an honor winner on your reading level. MOBILEThese books can be found in our school library or you may check one out from the public Create a mobile about the story. The mobile must include the title of the story, the name oflibrary. Please select a book that you will enjoy reading and that you have not read before. the author, setting, characters, events, and theme of the story. The mobile must have at leastMost of the books on the list are of an appropriate challenge for you. 5 moving parts and each must have a written explanation of each part in correct form.Step Two SONGBegin reading your book now. Read carefully and completely. Don’t wait until the last week to Write and perform an original song that tells the story of this book. The song must includebegin reading. These books have vivid characters, interesting plots, and thought-provoking the title of the story, the name of the author, setting, characters, and theme of the story.themes. As a result, these books take time for readers to absorb and enjoy. The song must be performed.Step Three Step FiveAfter reading your book, write a short biography on the author of your book. You can find Write one paragraph that describes what project you have chosen to complete and what youthis information in the library or on-line. You will be telling information about your authorduring your presentation. Make sure you include if the book is a winner or honor and the intend to focus on in your project. This should be turned in to me no later than This is foryear. All of this information is part of your grade. Do not copy word for word. a portion of your grade.Step Four Step SixSelect one of the following projects to complete. Finish your project and present it to the class on Have Fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SCULPTURE (Please read, sign below, cut, and return bottom portion only by This is for a portion of your grade.) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C reate a sculpture of a character in the story. Use any combination of soap, wood, clay, stick, wire, stones, old toy pieces, or any other object you choose. An oral explanation of My child and I understand that this project is not optional, but is for 3 reading grades. We how this sculpture relates to the book should be given with your presentation. understand that the project is due no later than Parent Signature __________________________________ Date _________________ CHARACTER SCRAPBOOK Create a scrapbook for the main character in your book. Your scrapbook should include Student Signature _________________________________ Date _________________ diary entries, photographs, artifacts, and other “scrap-worthy” items. Captions should explain how objects relate to the book. Please return to me by….. This portion of the project is worth 5 points.
  • 7. Form signed and returned on time 5Project paragraph returned on time 5 Author Biography 10 Reading Checks 5 Correct year for winning award 5 Winner or honor winner 5 Presentation 10 Summary 5 Follow project directions 10 Effort 15 Neatness 15 Creativity 10 Total:
  • 8. ~Newbery Book Project Presentation Guidelines~Your book project presentation should contain the followingcomponents. Have your presentation ready and practice it before you Newbery Presentationspresent. Name of book Author Short precise summary of book (not word for word from another source) The year your book was a Newbery winner or honor winner Was your book the winner or honor winner? Why do you think your book received the Newbery award? (Not: ―Because it was good.‖) Author information: pick 2-3 interesting facts to tell about the author Project process—why you chose this project and how you completed it Would you recommend this book? Why or why not?
  • 9. ◦L. 1◦ RL. 1◦ RL. 2 ◦L. 2 ◦L. 3◦ RL. 3 ◦W. 2◦ RL. 6 ◦W. 3◦ SL. 1◦ SL. 2 ◦W. 4 ◦W. 5◦ SL. 3 ◦W. 6◦ SL. 4◦ SL. 6 ◦W. 7 ◦W. 8
  • 10.  RL. 1  L. 1 RL. 2  L. 2 RL. 3  L. 3  W. 3 RL. 6  W. 4 SL. 1  W. 5 SL. 3 SL. 4 SL. 6
  • 11.  RL. 1 L. 1 RL. 2 L. 2 RL. 3 L. 3 W. 3 RL. 6 W. 4 SL. 1 W. 5 SL. 3 SL. 4 SL. 6
  • 12.  RL. 1  L. 1 RL. 2  L. 2 RL. 3  L. 3  W. 3 RL. 6  W. 4 SL. 1  W. 5 SL. 3 SL. 4 SL. 6
  • 13.  R. 1  L. 1  R. 2  L. 2  L. 3  R. 3  L. 4  R. 4  L. 5  R. 6  W. 3  W. 4 SL. 1  W. 5 SL. 3  W. 6 SL. 4  W. 7 SL. 6  W. 8
  • 14.  RL. 1  L. 1 RL. 2  L. 2 RL. 3  L. 3 RL. 4  L. 4 RL. 5  L. 5 RL. 6  L. 6 SL. 1  W. 2 SL. 2  W. 3 W. 4 SL. 3   W. 5 SL. 4  W. 6 SL. 5  W. 7 SL. 6  W. 8
  • 15. Your Goal: to create a math board game that involves equationsYou must: Create a board game that is colorful and creative Write out the objective of the game, the rules to the game, what you have to do to play and how the player wins. Include equations in the game so that every turn the player has to do something with an equation. Create all pieces that are required to play the game. For example, if you need equation cards to play, then you must make the equation cards. This is your project! It is okay for your parents to help but they are not to DO the project for you!!! Points will be taken off if your parents do the project for you!!!Think of a board game that you have played before. Then think about how you can change thatgame to include equations. Then be creative!!!!! THE DUE DATE IS: WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 14, 2011 LATE PROJECTS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED!!!!See the rubric on the other side of this paper to see what is expected and what you will begraded on. This project will count as three test grades!!! Do NOT wait until the last minute tostart this project!-- - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - --- - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - -- -- - - Math Game ProjectMy child and I understand that there is a math project that is due on Wednesday, December 14,2011. This project will not be accepted if turned in late. This project is not optional. It countsas THREE test grades.Student Signature: ___________________________ Date: _____________Parent Signature: _______________ ___________ Date: _____________Please return the bottom portion to Ms. Wesdyk by Friday, November 4, 2011
  • 16. Math Board Game Project Possible Points Followed Directions /10 Creativity and Color /20 Neatness /10 Included Equations /10 Created all parts of the game /15Included a written explanation of the rules, objective of the game, how to /10 play and how to win the gameIncluded all the parts of the project /5 Is able to explain the project /5Student did the project with minimal /10 help from parent Project was turned in on time /5
  • 17.  6.EE.3 6.EE.7 6.EE.9 7.EE.3 7.EE.4 8.EE.7.a 8.EE.7.b
  • 18.  7.NS.1.d7 NS.2.a 7.NS.2.c
  • 19. 7.G.37.G.6
  • 20. 7.G.17.RP.26.RP.3
  • 21. 7.G.17.RP.26.RP.3
  • 22. 7.SP.37.SP.46.SP.26.SP.3
  • 23.  Projects in which students use some form of technology ◦ Computer—glogster, powerpoint, prezi, microsoft publisher, etc. ◦ Flip cameras Basic guidelines/requirements are given Freedom given to use creativity and own style while still showcasing the knowledge of the topic
  • 24.  Glogster ◦ 1st time—directions on how to maneuver in the program ◦ Examples ◦ Directions ◦ 2-3 days
  • 25.  er-powerpoint ANLk
  • 26. Directions for getting started: Using an image from the internet:1. Go to Find the image you want2. Click on “I’m a student” Choose “save image as…”, save in PICTURES, name your picture, and save3. Educator code—64DD42 In glogster—choose “image”, click on “upload”, select the picture you4. Your nickname and password will both be the same—your first and last want, and “open” name—all lowercase and no spaces Type the picture name in the search bar and click search5. Type your first name and last name Your picture should then appear for your to use6. Type the code that is shown in the box7. Click both boxes at the bottom Using a video from YouTube:8. Click “sign up” Find the video you wantYour glog must include: Click the “share” button under the video Right click on the blue address that pops up and select “copy” Name/Block you are in Go back to your glog Title of your story (you will choose—“Seventh Grade” or Click “video” on your tool bar “In the Middle of a Pitch” Click “link” from the choices A picture that represents your story Right click in the box that appears and select “paste” An acrostic of your main character (words and/or phrases) Click “Add to File” A summary Your video should then appear for you to use A star rating of 1-5 (1 being worst and 5 being best) One reason you liked the story. This must be in complete sentences and Saving your glog: specific. It cannot be “Because it was good”. One reason you disliked the story. This must be in complete sentences Click “Save or publish” at the top of your glog and specific. It cannot be “Because I didn’t like it”. You will rename your glog either “Seventh Grade” or “In the Middle of a Author’s name and picture (if applicable) Pitch” 3 things about your author Click “save” Extra Credit: A video that pertains to your story Click “back to dashboard” Extra Credit: A link that pertains to your story To logout—go to the picture of the bear at the top and use the drop down menuSuggestions: Do your wall first Get information down first, then you can go back and play with the options Anything you put on your glog should relate to your story Be creative and have fun!!!!! Do required elements first, then extra credit. Extra credit does not count if you do not have all of the required items Use your time wisely You will be graded according to the rubric on the back
  • 27. Create a Power Point Presentation…Choos four diffe nt s e re olids from: Triangula pris r m Triangula pyra r mid R cta e ngula pris r m R cta e ngula pyra r mid Cube Squa pyra re mid Cre te a powe point pre e tion on how to find the s a r s nta urfa a a a volume of e ch. ce re nd aE ch s pe mus include four s a ha t lide : s 1 . As lide tha ta a t lks bout the s pe ha a The numbe of fa s it ha , the numbe of ba e it ha , the e . r ce s r ss s dge , a ve s nd rtice . s b. All ite ms mus be pointe out a la le t d nd be d 2. A s lide tha te how to find the s t lls urfa a a of the s pe ce re ha . a G . ive s cific e mple – s p by s p pe xa s te te b. Ma s ke ure you include picture a s s of the s s nd ide olid tha a la le t re be d c. S how s p by s p how the s te te urfa a a is found a ca ce re nd lcula d te 3. A s lide tha te how to find the volume of the s pe t lls ha . a G . ive s cific e mple – s p by s p pe xa s te te b. Ma s ke ure you include picture a s s of the s s nd ide olid tha a la le t re be d c. S how s p by s p how the volume is found a ca te te nd lcula dte 4. A s lide tha give picture e mple of whe it is ne s a to find the volume a s t s xa s n ce s ry nd urfa a a ce re a G . ive s cific e mple pe xa s b. Ma s ke ure you include picture sYour gra : de E ch s a lide will be worth 1 points 5 . o We writte e ll n xpla tions a ins na nd tructions to comple the ta k 5 points te s  S lling pe  Corre gra ct mma r  Comple s nte s te e nce o P icture tha ma the e s t ke xpla tion e s r to unde ta 5 points na a ie rs nd o Cre tivity of the s a lide 5 points  S ound e cts ffe  Move ntme  Colors Y mus include a introduction s ou t n lide tha ha your na t s me a the s pe tha you will be ta nd ha s t lking about 1 0 points This proje will be worth 250 points (which is two te t gra s Y mus comple it in the thre da tha I ct s de ). ou t te e ys t ha re e d the la for. ve s rve b
  • 28.  Students strategically placed in group of three ◦ Kinesthetic, spatial, and linguistic Work time is anywhere between 1 – 3 days depending on the complexity of the project Guidelines and expectations of final product are explained/shown before work time begins Rubrics are given so students can work towards their desired outcome
  • 29.  Use often Expectations given Point strip Example shown if available 1-2 days to complete Types of group projects ◦ Story map poster ◦ Vocabulary advertisement ◦ Stations ◦ Games creation
  • 30. Lottery Rose Station to Station 1-8 1Names:________________________ ________________________ 2____________Station 1 Characteristic Chart 3____________Station 2 4 Word Maps____________Station 3 5 Wanted Poster____________Station 4 6 Conflicts 7____________Station 5 Diamante Poem 8____________Station 6 Word Maps 9____________Station 7 HOTS Questions 10
  • 31.  Use weekly Expectations given Although students are working together they must turn in their own work on most Used to review or to show mastery on most topics 1-3 days to complete Types of group projects ◦ Word Problem Chains ◦ Posters ◦ Chain of Numbers