Engaging Minds Handout #4 - Seek and Find


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Have you ever avoided games, movement, or group work for fear that your classroom would become complete pandemonium? This session provides research-based strategies for intensely engaging students in activities that will keep them focused on the content. You will leave with ideas that can be immediately used in your classroom.

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Engaging Minds Handout #4 - Seek and Find

  1. 1. Seek and FindContent Objective: This activity can be used in any content area.Language Objective: Students will determine the research station wherethe answer to a question can be found and thoroughly answer the questionswhile working with a partner.Materials: • Questions based on your content, typed and cut apart • Research stations needed to answer the questions and signs for the station • Answer sheets (see example)Procedures: 1. Before class, prepare questions, answer sheets, and research stations (5-8 depending on the topic). Each station should have at least 3 sets of the same information. For example, if a station is a website, three laptops should be set up at that station. 2. Place students in mixed-ability pairs and give each student an answer sheet. 3. Each pair is given a different question. They must choose the correct research station to visit and answer the question. 4. They bring their answers to the teacher to be checked before they are given a new question. Example Research Station #1 –Rivers– laptops and a website pulled up about the Nile River Research Station #2 – Deserts - laptops and a website pulled up about the Sahara Desert Research Station #3 – Plateau – textbooks open to the page about the Plateau of Tibet Research Station #4 – Valleys – aerial photographs of The Great Rift Valley Research Station #5 Gulf– atlases open to the page about The Persian Gulf Research Station # 6 Sea – photographs of the Dead Sea (with captions) Research Station #7 Plains – laptops and a website pulled up about the Serengeti Plains
  2. 2. Questions: 1 6What is the name of the largest Name six countries that the Niledesert in the world? Where is it River touches or runs through.located? 7 What is one unique quality of the 2 Dead Sea?What are two rivers that runthrough the Sahara Desert? 8 What can be seen along the Great 3 Rift Valley?Name at least three animals thatmigrate across Africa’s SerengetiPlain. 9 Describe the photograph of Blyde River Canyon in South Africa. 4What is another name for plateau? 10 Describe the satellite photograph of the Persian Gulf. 5Describe the picture of the plateau. 11 Where is the Persian Gulf located?
  3. 3. Station: ______________________1.Station: ______________________2.Station: _Plains_____________________3.The African Jackal, the spotted hyena, and gazelle are three animalsthat migrate across the Serengeti Plain.Station: ______________________4.Station: ______________________5.Station: ______________________6.Station: ______________________7.Station: ______________________8.Station: ______________________9.Station: ______________________10.Station: ______________________11.