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Ulvenday210 presentasjon mlc2006nshc2012[1] Ulvenday210 presentasjon mlc2006nshc2012[1] Presentation Transcript

  • MLC 2006 The relevance of Maritime Occupational Health ServicesDr. Arne J. Ulven, Specialist in occupational medicine, Research Director NCMM
  • HSE
  • Reality or….?
  • H SE
  • ?
  • Why this big S?
  • No interwal between exposure and effectImportant in the process of prequalificationHigh attention from mediaGreat impact on reputation/imageHigh economical costs
  • Why this medium E?
  • Small/medium interval betweenexposure and effectsHigh focus globallyStrong NGOs
  • High level of care for sea-birds,fishes, beaches, plancton,microorganisms ++Great impact on reputation/imageThe «pollutor» must pay (hugesums)
  • Why this small H ?
  • Often 20-30 years between exposureand diseaseOften not discovered beforeretirementOften not discovered at all
  • Might not yet be discovered by theoccupational health professionalsSmall and weak NGOsSmall or no economicalconsequences for the responsiblecompany
  • “Out ofsight, out ofmind”ITF report dated 2006
  • : “Out of sight, out of mind” ITF report dated 2006
  • “..., it is clear that in spite of theinternational framework of human rightsdeclarations and associated conventions,fine words………. “Out of sight, out of mind” ITF report dated 2006
  • …….do not translate into real protectionsunless they are incorporated into nationallegislation and effectivelyimplemented.” “Out of sight, out of mind” ITF report dated 2006
  • “Seafarers and fishers are routinely madeto work in conditions that would beunacceptable in civilised society.” “Out of sight, out of mind” ITF report dated 2006
  • “These cases occur in spite of the existenceof an extensive body of internationalinstruments in the form of conventions,treaties, codes and recommendations,……” “Out of sight, out of mind” ITF report dated 2006
  • “Both seafarers and internationallyoperating fishers are dependent on theratification and effective implementationof international conventionsto protect their fundamental rights.They rely on the responsible engagementof flag States, port States and laboursupply States.” “Out of sight, out of mind” ITF report dated 2006
  • “The new ILO Maritime Labour Convention(2006), when in force, will broaden thescope of inspections from the largelytechnical, to include minimum standards forseafarers’ employment and social rights.” “Out of sight, out of mind” ITF report dated 2006
  • “It is time to raise the profile of the humanelement of these global industries.Seafarers and fishers must not bedisregarded as out of sight, and out ofmind.” “Out of sight, out of mind” ITF report dated 2006
  • MLC 2006
  • All the following quotationsfrom MLC 2006 are from the compulsory A-code
  • Regulation 4.3 MLC 2006
  • Purpose: To ensure that seafarers’work environment on boardships promotes occupational safety and health MLC 2006
  • Each Member shall….. MLC 2006
  • ...ensure that seafarers on ships thatfly its flag are provided withoccupational health protection andlive, work and train on board ship in asafe and hygienic environment. MLC 2006
  • …develop and promulgate nationalguidelines……adopt laws and regulations……set standards for occupational safetyand health protection… MLC 2006
  • Standard A 4.3 …shall include…. MLC 2006
  • …occupational safety and healthpolicies and programmes… MLC 2006
  • ...reasonable precautions toprevent occupational accidents,injuries and diseases on boardship… MLC 2006
  • …including measures to reduce andprevent the risk of exposure toharmful levels of ambient factorsand chemicals… MLC 2006
  • …as well as the risk of injury ordisease that may arise from the useof equipment and machinery onboard ships… MLC 2006
  • …continous improvement… MLC 2006
  • …involving……engineering and design control……substitution of processes andprocedures……inspecting, reporting and correctingunsafe conditions… MLC 2006
  • …relevant international instruments …protection in general…specific risks….…clearly specify the obligation ofshipowners…to comply with theapplicable standards……specify the duties of the master…totake specific responsibility for…implementation and compliance… MLC 2006
  • Occupational Health Services ?
  • The ” Vetting ”is satisfactory
  • Does that mean asufficient level of HSE ?
  • What is the evidence-base for the«Vetting-process» ?
  • Our Key-persons have 5 daysHSE- and MLC- training
  • Does that assurea sufficient level of Competence ?
  • Health Certifictionevery second year..
  • Does that assure a sufficient Occupational Health Surveillance ?
  • Certification = Status vs. Criteria
  • Surveillance = Status vs.Historical Status
  • Blood is analysed…
  • Can blood analysis predict work-related diseases ?
  • Can blood analysis be used as a monitoring of exposure ?
  • Data on differentphysical parameters established for «As built»
  • «As built» is not «As is»
  • «As is»on my ship is… ?
  • Seafarers are likethis : (my words)“….are afraid to complain or seekassistance from trade unions orwelfare organisations for fear ofblacklisting.” “Out of sight, out of mind” ITF report dated 2006
  • Could there be a change ?
  • Could a case of possibleoccupational disease be taken to court ?
  • Would you be prepared if … ?
  • Do you think MaritimeOccupational Health Serviceswould be of any help ?
  • To preventoccupational diseases ?
  • To make you aware of health risks ?
  • To establish anddocument hard facts ?
  • To performrisk assessments ?
  • To propose adequate measures ?
  • To facilitatehuman-friendly engineering ?
  • To make you apreferred employer ?
  • To createa happy ship ?
  • To meet therequirements of MLC 2006 ?
  • ????????????????????????????????????????
  • Depending on all relevantdedicated and responsiblestakeholders……..
  • MLC 2006can make the change…
  • From:«Out of sight, out of mind»To:«Out of sight, still in mind»
  • «ad salutem nautarum»
  • «ad salutem nautarum»