St. Mary's Montessori School Library


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Redesign of a catholic school library.

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St. Mary's Montessori School Library

  1. 1. St. Mary of the Purification Montessori School Library Revitalization by Nikki G. Xtraordinary by Design
  2. 2. Entering the Library – The Office Space Before The office space was tight and cluttered. The librarian did not really have space to actually work.
  3. 3. The Office Space - After I removed 2 unnecessary desks and positioned the 2 remaining (matching) desks beneath the large picture windows with 1 large work surface (not shown) separating the 2.
  4. 4. Entering the Main Library Space - Before It’s a functional space, just not very inviting. And even though the walls are white, it seems very dark.
  5. 5. The Main Library Space - After With colorful walls and chairs, and new lighter colored bookshelves, the space is more fun and inviting. It’s also brighter, even at night.
  6. 6. A Closer Look
  7. 7. There ARE Bathrooms Inside THESE THESE BATHROOMS are BATHROOMS are somewhere over somewhere over “there”… “there”…
  8. 8. The bathrooms are hidden behind those tall bookcases and the laminator.
  9. 9. The bookcases are gone, and the laminator was relocated.
  10. 10. The Bathrooms! Now you see them!
  11. 11. With Signage and All!
  12. 12. Entering the Library - Before Looking through to the preschoolers area in the back. You cannot see all the light streaming in (or any kids that may venture back there) because of the large wooden shelving.
  13. 13. Entering the Library - After Now when you look through to the back wall, you see the big picture windows AND the librarian and teachers can actually see any preschoolers that may be lurking back there.
  14. 14. The Preschoolers Area - Before Again, it’s functional but not FUNctional. There’s no seating but the there are rugs that are used for the kids to sit on.
  15. 15. The Preschoolers Area - After The shelves are deeper and house more books, enabling us to take down the large obstructive shelves separating the area. Added seating, comfy pillows and interlocking floor mats (not shown) make space for up to 24 preschoolers.
  16. 16. Inside the Preschoolers Area - Before
  17. 17. Inside the Preschoolers Area - After Just tidying up a bit, getting ready for visitors.
  18. 18. Inside the Preschoolers Area - After
  19. 19. The kids love it, but notice…. these are NOT preschoolers!
  20. 20. Another view of the preschoolers area There were still more imposing bookshelves flanking the window.
  21. 21. After selecting new steel shelves with more capacity, the old ones were no longer needed. To fit with the animal kingdom/jungle theme, palms were brought in to flank the windows instead.
  22. 22. Yes, that IS a stage!
  23. 23. The New Platform Stage Getting a stage was a special request from the PTO president. This one was custom made to fit the space, and hand drawn and painted.
  24. 24. The View from the Preschool Area
  25. 25. Inside Looking Out - Before
  26. 26. Inside Looking Out - After
  27. 27. Who Doesn’t Love Dr. Suess?!
  28. 28. This project was made possible by… There were countless volunteers who helped with the labor in the library. THESE are the ladies who made it all happen(L-R): Mazie McCoy (Principal, St. Mary’s Montessori School), Kim Broughton (PTO President), Nikki Green (Owner/Designer, Xtraordinary by Design), Dionne Cooper (PTO Vice-President).