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Springling Pitch Deck - RH

  1. 1. A NIKE FOR KIDS +SPRINGLING with a healthy dose of summer camp Incomparable Things Inc.
  2. 2. The Problem: a generation indoorsSPRINGLING
  3. 3. Children today spend an average of 6 hours each day in front of the computer and TV, but less than 4 minutes a day in unstructured outdoor play. 1 in 4 children do not participate in ANY free time physical activity. Over the past 20 years, time spent playing outdoors has been cut in half. Children age 8 to 18 spend more than 75 hours each week consuming entertainment media. Without unstructured and active play, kids miss out on wider psychological and social developmental benefits. 1 in 3 children are obese or overweight and 50% of overweight children remain obese as adults. In 2010 $160 billion was spent on obesitySPRINGLING related medical expenses.
  4. 4. ... And Parents Are Fighting a Losing Battle "You can watch the TV if you go outside for an hour first." Fighting to Enforce Screen Time Rules Bribery Kids Fitness Equipment and Gym Memberships Screen Timers and Parental Control SettingsSPRINGLING Highly Structured & Scheduled Activities
  5. 5. But A Solution Exists. Play! ‘All children and young people need to play. The impulse to play is innate. Play is a biological, psychological and social necessity, and is fundamental to the healthy development and well-being of individuals and communities.’ (Playwork Principles Scrutiny Group 2005) It just needs a boost in the modern world.SPRINGLING
  6. 6. Solution: Persuasive Tech Cloaked in FunSPRINGLING
  7. 7. Weve personally seen the positive power of summer camp to inspire and foster play, friendship, and personal growth in kids. We are building a persuasive technology for children age 7 to 12 that embodies the positive power of summer camp to inspire offline play and build habits for healthier lifestyles. A wristband pedometertracks kids activity level throughout the day. *Each element plays off of the theme of summer camp.* The game includes offline Activity data on the wristband challenges that encourage kids to converts into points in an adventure / puzzle get out and be active. video game.SPRINGLING
  8. 8. Product: The LED Wristband Pedometer Dynamic Durable Customizable CollectibleSPRINGLING
  9. 9. Features Tracks activity + Wireless Syncing + Dynamic Display + Reacts to other Springlings + Self Powered + Fitness data Fuels GameSPRINGLING
  10. 10. Product: Summer Camp the Video GameSPRINGLING
  11. 11. + + + + + Activity gives Points let kids explore a virtual Then introduces games and kids points in summer camp and solve its puzzles. activities the game world. that lead to more activity. Key Features Designed to be played for 15 - 20 minutes at a time Introduces kids to off-screen games inspired by summer camp activities. Rewards kids with encouragement and empowerment for their active behavior. Characters will have challenges for kids to complete off-screen. These might be outdoor games to play with friends, arts and crafts projects, or recipes to cook with their parents.SPRINGLING
  12. 12. Key Competitor: Extrinsic rewards Generic pedometer Lifetime Value of Customer ends on Day 01 Limited social features $1 Million funding - Omidyar Possible Entrants / Exits: Nike +Jawbone Fitbit Nintendo Wii XBox Kinect Graveyard: Quantified Self for KidsSPRINGLING
  13. 13. Fun/Data Data/fun ThemSPRINGLING Us
  14. 14. SPRINGLING
  15. 15. Differentiators: Why now, why us?SPRINGLING
  16. 16. Why hasnt Quantified Self succeeded with Why SPRINGLING will succeed children yet? 1. Selling kids on fitness = "the health-cart 1. Kid-centric focus: fitness is a secondary before the fun-horse" outcome to FUN 2. Disparate experiences: Unimaginative 2. Fully integrated: device, game, fun, devices and shallow game mechanics fitness, life, friends: seamless 3. The Carrot: meaningless, chintzy and 3. Empower: Tools and encouragement for kids short-term rewards to feel success 4. Obtrusive tech: requires kids to shape 4. Invisible tech: No charging, docking or routine to device manual data entry 5. Parent Paranoia: No one tracks Bobby! 5. No more data than necessarySPRINGLING
  17. 17. The Zeitgeist: The World Is ReadySPRINGLING
  18. 18. Market Lil Gamers ‘Rents 41,000,000 Kids 5 - 14 yrs old 91% monitor video game content 99% 84% place time limits on game play Play video games 52% believe games have positive impact$500 Billion Total Kid influence on household purchases $7.6 Billion$35.8 / $2.3 Billion Kid apparel / Kid accessories game + accessory$7.9 / $5.3 Billion Kid video game / Adventure & puzzles marketSPRINGLING $200 Mil $500 Mil $3 Bil
  19. 19. The Science: Why This Madness Will Work The Stanford Persuasive Tech Labs Fogg Behavior Model outlines three factors for successfully creating habits: Increase Motivation Provide Triggers Increase Ability - The light up wristband - All play and activity counts. - The wristband acts as aand earning points for the game Kids have the ability to be constant reminder for adds motivation to play. successful on day one. kids to be active. - Kids are rewarded by the - Off-screen challenges are - The game introduces new game for tackling off-screen designed to help kids off-screen challenges each challenges. experience success. time its played. “There is an obesity epidemic in young children and the main solution should be to reduce television viewing and promote playing... Opportunities for spontaneous play may be the only requirement that young children need to increase their physical activity.”SPRINGLING The British Medical Journal (Vol. 322)
  20. 20. Team Time: We Fun, Get it Done. Nick Sally Alex 0111001001101000 From Vision to Reality Hustle, Sweat & Tears Summer camp native Maker of 3D Vision Driven Startup explorer Destroyer of "Blobjects" H8er Impervious "Bridging the digital divide" "The work worth doing" "Lets walk these dogs, together!" Midwestern Chap Australian Sister "NYC".....Tri-staterSPRINGLING
  21. 21. Support: Advisors and Collaborators Syuzi Pakhchyan Eileen McCullough - Wearable Technology - Emerging medical technologies and Experience Design marketing expertise from time at Consultant Medtronic, Avantis, - Author of Fashioning Technology and Baxano , the first DIY book and blog on - MBA from Harvard Business School interactive fashion Daniel Hatfield Mike Wieckowski - USDA Doctoral Fellow in Obesity - Ph.D. Electrical and Computer Engineering at Tufts University at the University of Rochester - Founder of "Lets Get Movin" afterschool - Experienced with the design and program construction of - Potential partner program electronic systems from silicon to software Sean Soria Jon Burkhardt - Senior engineer at social games - MFA student in illustration at startup Gamzee the School of Visual Arts in New York City - Ph.D. research with the UCLA - Illustrator and designer with experience Games Lab in print, comics, and web amongst othersSPRINGLING
  22. 22. Strategy: Lean and Clean Product Development Customer Acquisition Lifetime Value Ongoing customer development Partner Programs Revenue from continued engagement and validation with parents with the game through sales of: and kids. - Schools - Health Organizations Digital Accessories: Mobile apps Game development with - Insurance Companies for outdoor exploration existing Fitbit hardware to allow immediate playtesting. Quantified Parents Physical Accessories: Guides - Fitbit integration and tools for adventurers. Rapid device prototyping and - QS Marketing short feedback cycles. PR: Health, parenting, games Additional Sensors: Points for biking, skiing, or tennis. Simple Revenue Model Device Sales Sales of peripheral accessories + =SPRINGLING High-value transaction + Recurring revenue
  23. 23. Goals / Timeline: The Rock Health Bump Where We Are Today: Team, Design, and Early Prototyping After a process of customer development and market research, Nick and Alex shaped and focused on this idea about one month ago. From there, we have: - Filled the critical industrial design gap in our team by finding and partnering with Sally. - Received advisory role commitments across other key facets of our project. - Started the research and design processes for our hardware and game. - Begun early software prototyping on top of the Fitbit API. Where We Want to Go: You and Us and Five Months to a Pilot Today RH begins RH ends research and design rapid proto/looks-like device Development of a working prototype device Wristband device Pilot with school or health orgSPRINGLING Design and mechanic prototyping Game development, testing and iteration beta release +testing Video game
  24. 24. The Ask: Why We Need Rock Health To build our TEAM To craft ourthe maker culture of prototypeAn investment from Rock Health would give Funding and access tous resources to support the people we need Silicon Valley will let us quickly build and iterateto quickly move forward on the electrical on our hardware so we can start testing it withengineering, design and illustration, and game kids as soon as possible.design work this project requires. And to learn from the bestSPRINGLING
  25. 25. Thank YouSPRINGLING