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Internet marketing slide
Internet marketing slide
Internet marketing slide
Internet marketing slide
Internet marketing slide
Internet marketing slide
Internet marketing slide
Internet marketing slide
Internet marketing slide
Internet marketing slide
Internet marketing slide
Internet marketing slide
Internet marketing slide
Internet marketing slide
Internet marketing slide
Internet marketing slide
Internet marketing slide
Internet marketing slide
Internet marketing slide
Internet marketing slide
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Internet marketing slide


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  • 1. Internet Marketing By National Christians In Action Cheryl A. Robinson
  • 2. What Is Internet Marketing
    • As defined- Is the marketing of products or services over the Internet.
  • 3. Why Use The Internet?
    • In order to grow your business beyond your current customer base, you need to market your products or services online.
    • You will hear over and over again how the traditional ways of advertising have been replaced by the incredible power that the Internet provides.
  • 4. Internet Statistics
    • 45,000,000 Internet users in 1995
    • 420,000,000 Internet users in 2000
    • 1.73 billion in Internet users in 2010
    • 78% of consumers trust peer recommendations over advertisers
    • 24-25% of the largest newspapers are experiencing record declines in circulation
    • 247 billion average number of emails per day
    • 27.3 million tweets per day from Twitter
  • 5. Internet Marketing is associated with several B u siness Models :
    • E-commerce – this is where goods are sold directly to consumers (B2C) or businesses (B2B)
    • Lead-based websites – an organization that generates value by acquiring sales leads from its website
    • Affiliate marketing – the process in which a product or service developed by one entity (e-commerce business, single person, or a combination) is sold by other active sellers for a share of profits. The entity of the product may provide some marketing material (sales letter, affiliate link, tracking facility) However, the vast majority of affiliate marketing relationships come from e-commerce businesses that offer affiliate programs.
    • Local internet marketing – through which a small company utilizes the Internet to find and nurture relationships, which are to be used for real-world advantage. Local internet marketing uses tools such as social media marketing, local directory listing, and targeted online sales promotions.
    • Websites
    • Social Networks
    • Blogs
    • Webinars
    • Tele-seminars
    • Video
  • 7. Websites
    • Every business/organization should have a website.
    • Websites are a vehicle to display your products/services to current and potential customers
    • Also, used to keep audience informed on current events your organization/business is holding.
  • 8. Social Networks
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • MySpace
    • LinkedIn
    • Americans now spend more time using social networks than they do on email.
  • 9. Facebook
    • If Facebook were a country, it would be the fourth largest in the world!
    • Over 500 million (active) users
    • There are more than 150 million active users currently accessing Facebook through their mobile devices.
  • 10. Blogs
    • A blog is a type of website or part of a website. Blogs are usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary about a particular subject matter.
    • Most blogs are interactive, allowing visitors to leave comments.
  • 11. Webinars
    • Are used to conduct live meetings, training, or presentations via the Internet.
    • Each participant sits at his or her own computer and is connected to other participants via the internet.
    • Webinars can be recorded and viewed at a later time.
  • 12. Tele-seminars
    • Used to conduct live meetings, training, or presentations via the telephone.
    • Hundreds of people can be on the same call communicating with one another.
  • 13. Videos
    • Create videos to display products, services, etc.
    • Can be embedded in your website, blog, etc.
    • Video can also be placed on slideshare, You Tube and other video hosting sites.
  • 14. Other Internet Options
    • Send thank you cards to clients
    • Send out invitations to events
    • Send out mass emails
    • Send out e-newsletter
    • Several ways to advertise your business in other social networking sites, groupsites, etc.
  • 15. The Internet Impact On Your Business
    • Allows you to reach a broader audience.
    • Easy to track through Autoresponders.
    • Increase sales while you sleep.
    • Communicate with customers and develop a relationship.
    • Develop an effective referral system.
  • 16. Training Program
    • N.C.I.A. has a unique program aimed at training established, new or developing businesses or organization how to effectively use the internet to promote what they are doing.
  • 17. Online Classes
    • Classes can be viewed in the comfort of your home.
    • All Classes are recorded in case you can’t attend.
    • No special equipment or software-just need internet access
    • Weekly live classes
  • 18. Sample of Classes
    • Basic Internet Tools
    • Set-up Facebook Fan Page
    • Free Internet Advertising
    • Creating An Audience
    • Set-up Events (Facebook)
    • Add video’s, links, etc to your pages
    • Set Up Twitter Account
    • Set Up Skype
    • Set Up Pay-Pal Account
    • How To Create Blogs
    • Using Auto-Responders
    • Networking
    • Using You Tube
    • Producing Free Webinars
    • Free Teleseminars
    • Internet Radio Show
    • Attracting People To Your Site
    • Keywords/Meta Tags
    • Creating PowerPoint Presentation
    • Creating A Newsletter
    • How To Blast All Social Sites
    • How To Set-Up an Email Blast
  • 19. Low, Low Price For Members
    • National Christians In Action (N.C.I.A.) is a non-profit (501c3) organization designed to assist the community elevate to success.
    • Our membership is only $10.00 per year! Enjoy the benefits of being a part of our outreach ministry.
  • 20. N.C.I.A. Computer Lab
    • $50.00 consultation fee-waived for N.C.I.A. members.
    • $30.00 per month, $20.00 per month for N.C.I.A. members.
    • No additional charges.
    • Limited time offer for the first 50 people.
    • PACKAGE VALUE $75.00 per month