Social Media & Healthcare Marketing: A Perspective


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An updated 2010 perspective on Social Media & Healthcare.

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Social Media & Healthcare Marketing: A Perspective

  1. 1. Social Media & Healthcare<br />A Perspective<br />
  2. 2. Advantages for Health Care Organizations using Social Media<br /><ul><li>A recent survey said health care organizations have a variety of reasons for using social media:
  3. 3. Fundraising (24%)
  4. 4. Build connections (29%)
  5. 5. Get new patients (29%)
  6. 6. Educate the public (47%)
  7. 7. Advantages in achieving these goals:
  8. 8. Social media provide electronic enhancement of the essential communications between a hospital and:
  9. 9. Its patient and patient families
  10. 10. Its wider community
  11. 11. The media
  12. 12. Clinical and other staff
  13. 13. Using social media can boost a health care organization’s Search Engine Optimization (the degree to which it can be found via internet searching)
  14. 14. Social media allow a hospital, as one administrator put it, to “go where the people are.”</li></li></ul><li>Important to ‘Be There’ - Managing a Crisis in a New Media World<br />Being visible, honest and timely are the most important<br /><ul><li>In a crisis, the last thing you should do is assume it will all blow over, or that word will not get out. Definitely not true, particularly in the age of Twitter, Facebook and other forms of social media. Playing possum will not make the situation go away. To use an old advertising tagline, "inquiring minds want to know."
  15. 15. If you're not visible and discussing the matter publicly, you're leaving the facts open to interpretation
  16. 16. Being Honest
  17. 17. A crisis can damage a reputation quickly, but not recognizing the crisis or not responding can be even more damaging. An appropriate response can go a long way to maintaining or rebuilding trust
  18. 18. Being Timely
  19. 19. If you provide a statement to the media, post it on your web site. If you have a recorded message from your president, post that on your web site and link to it through Twitter. If you have a Facebook account, post your video there and post your official statement on your Facebook fan page. </li></li></ul><li>Social Media in Healthcare Marketing<br /><ul><li>Reach Mainstream Media
  20. 20. 70% of journalist use social networks to assist in reporting, according to PRWeek
  21. 21. Need to leverage social media channels in order to achieve coverage in mainstream media & industry publications
  22. 22. Organizations use social media channels, including blogs, forums and microblogs to share success stories from out-of-the-ordinary operations or treatments, medical research or other significant achievements
  23. 23. Aurora Healthcare tweeted a knee operation in April, it received significant media attention from mainstream media and industry publications, including Good Morning America, Local public radio networks and Hospital Management Magazine
  24. 24. Provide Accurate Information to Patients
  25. 25. 73% of patients research for medical information online before or after doctor’s visits, according to the Healthcare New Media Conference
  26. 26. Share accurate and timely information regarding symptoms, diseases, medications, treatments and more
  27. 27. Providing patient care to gain media coverage to attract new patients and staff</li></li></ul><li>Social Media in Healthcare Marketing<br />
  28. 28. Contact For More Information<br />Nicholas Cifuentes<br />email:<br />cell: 843 817 3435<br />website:<br />