Our common task
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Our common task



creative writing

creative writing



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Our common task Document Transcript

  • 1. OUR COMMON TASK Due to industrialization and technization the way of working changed in many professions. The scientific-technicalprogress shows its traces also in all areas of daily life. Develope an idea of your future everyday life. It’s just another day... Every morning I wake up at half past 6 due to my massage bed start program. I named it my „boot-program”, because without it I won’t be in a good mood. After a wonderful quarter of an hour, my place becomes alive: an enticing smell of coffee invites my in the kitchen. You will see, I’m an old fashion person who likes to begin each day drinking a cup of hot coffee. My all-in-one mobile starts to project on the 100 inches screen all messages received overnight, leaving a pause for recording my answer to the question ”Is it important or not?”. Last week I received on Internet the last updates of my mobile Operating System. It has a new tool, based on „voice-recognition” which helps the user to select, save or delete information by remote voice control. Due to the new recognition algorithms, now I can select information even when I’m very ill and I can’t speak loud and clear. After finishing that task, and of course, drinking a small cup of coffee with a slice of bread with seeds, I get dressed for work. Usually I’m ready in 15 minutes. Then I go into the underground parking to get my car. I never forget the remote control key, because without it, I’m a dead person. Don’t think I’m a bad driver, on the contrary I took my exam with „best”, but I need daily to select the shortest and less crowded road to get to my office. My car has a new GPS-4D help program, made especially for megacities. Wiht the help of the fastest real time communication module, the program can memorize
  • 2. the starting point, the finishing point, all filters you may select (such as: short way, detours, scheduled stops to pick up buddies on the road etc.), and can modify (after asking permission) the selection you made by receiving non-stop real traffic information. I’m very proud to tell that I designed, implemented and tested all routines for that part of the program. And I also forgot to tell you that I’m a junior computer programmer. Now I’am at the office in front of my desk. We usually stat our working schedule with a small video conference. Our boss wherever he is, wants to discuss with us our tasks. So, at half past 8, every day, the large holographic monitor which occupies the northern wall of our office, became alive, and we discuss together our future projects. The office acoustics is amazing, so you can hear his voice wherever you are. But all our desks have microcips built-in that allow us to move during our conversation. This new technology permits us to constantly change the body position, so that old problems regarding the improper position of human body are only history. Now I make a small digression: some years ago, my parents who were also programmers were part of an interdisciplinary working team who designed, implemented and tested the first version of a mobile dedicated to programmers. In that project were involved family doctors, medical gyms teachers, physiotherapists, furniture designers and obviously programmers. The project was not new, but only the recent developments in science and technology have allowed its completion. Always do what you love and time passes imperceptibly. This is my motto. But the passing of time depends on the development of science and technology. I read a few years ago about the development of communication between people in time. It could be an
  • 3. amazing discussion topic on my blogg. Imagine for example: you have to communicate with your boss that you are going to take some holidays. You wrote him a letter and sent it with a carrier pigeon. And bad luck , there came a hawk that kills the pigeon and leaves your request unsent. No, no, no , I can’t live in such times...I prefer my mobile, and my ways of communication, and my computer and ... the list is open! Really, I wouldn’t have liked to be born in another time... After 4 hours of hard work, I have my lunch break. With the help of the „bio online services”, I usually order a fresh salad, an ocean fish meal and an unhealthy hot chocolate. Even programmers are not perfect. Ordinarily the lunch comes very quickly, because of the good communication between clients and services. Nowadays, even great storms or earthquakes can’t disturb the traffic communication between people. Internet Service Providers are fast, efficient and they have the very best equipped devices. All devices have independent power sources that enable a good function in case of emergency. Due to the development of reliability projects, all data transmission and process centers have built-in safety systems for functioning in case of damage. There have been also implemented some aurorepair systems for common errors. The last 4 hours are usually dedicated for informing about the newest technological issues in the world, and for searching information regarding new projects. I always spend that part of day near my „Touchbook” (a notebook having a touch screen display). I end my day editind a short video prezentation containing an abstract which may include short reviews or new ideas, and allways, the current status of my project, the tasks for the next day, and my hardware and software
  • 4. requirements for the future. Boss needs always those conclusions. The rest of the day is allocated to my family, and friends. My very best friend works now in Vancouvert. He found on Internet an interesting project for two years. The job was for a junior programmer knowing C++ and Object Oriented Languages, and compulsory, english and french. He left our town a week ago. For the moment, he feels very lonely, but with Internet’s help, we have each day a real-time video rendezvous. We exchange ideas and sometimes, we help each other. Before entering in the bathroom, I contact my family. In my childhood I got the habit to kiss them goodnight, and to assure them of my love. Sometimes, we eat together leaving the video conference program running: virtual family meeting. After that last video meeting, I schedule my everyday bath: I call my remote bath control (yes, as you guessed it is a voice recognition tool), I set the water temperature and the water flow rate. Then, I enter in the bath. I reset all the thoughts, and I close my eyes. And that’s it!