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The benefits of structured markup for SEO have long been lauded, though often without much concrete details. After conducting a test we're able to pinpoint some correlations of markup and organic search ranking improvements. Stay tuned for future developments!

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Structured Markup with

  1. 1. Structured Markup, Rich Snippets and Lady Gaga July, 2014
  2. 2. Where Would You See It? Knowledge Graphs, Carousels, Review Stars, Authors, Medical Info, and more
  3. 3. What is Schema? ● Schema is code that is added to a website ● Google reads this code like people read nametags
  4. 4. Who? markup for “Person”
  5. 5. Where? markup for “event”
  6. 6. Why Do Search Engines Support It?
  7. 7. Google Wins • Search Engines support it so they can give better results that are semantically appropriate • Get people to stay on Google longer, more chance to show ads and other Google things, more money for Google
  8. 8. WHY IS IT GOOD FOR SEO? Structured Markup
  9. 9. Enhance Click Through Rate Traditional CTR CTR with Structured Markup Clicks to the site dramatically increased by +150% and this improvement resulted in an increase of visits and page views.
  10. 10. Rankings Correlation • Event markup for on “All Events” • 15 keywords with “Event Type 1” improved in rank. Average gain of 3.7 rankings positions • event keyword 1 9 4 (880 monthly searches) • event keyword 2 5 2 (320 monthly searches) but, be wary of spurious correlations Sorry, confidential stuff here.
  11. 11. Correlate ≠ Cause • Correlation shows us that two things are happening in a similar pattern (either direct or inverse) and start the investigative journey • Correlation does not mean that one of those things caused the other to happen
  12. 12. So What Does It Do Again? • Correlates with first page rankings • Look Good: Get more visual real estate in the SERPs for a better CTR –Video –Event sitelinks –Review stars –Local (SERP w/ phone #) –Local Carousel
  13. 13. HOW DO WE DO THIS? Implementing Structured Markup
  14. 14. SEO Scope Project • SEO reviews the site for potential structured markup that can be implemented on the site • SEO scope will require development team estimate to update code (more on the next slide) • SEO will then be able to provide proposed structured data to implement and the time the project will take
  15. 15. Account Managers Work • Inform the Client: –Who will do the implementation? –What will the results look like? –Where will the best ROI be? –When will results be seen? –Why are we doing this (revisit)?
  16. 16. SEO Work • Reviews and proposes structured data that is relevant for the site and notes if additional content is needed for desired markup • Outlines the structured data to add to the site – This can require additional content to be added to page (which should be noted in project scope) • Reviews implementation and notes changes in rankings or rich snippet appearance • Keeps up-to-date on industry developments for new opportunities
  17. 17. Development Team Work Developers are typically the ones who implement schema because it’s adding code to a site. • Scenarios when development team should be included: – Implementing on dynamically created content – Implementing on dynamically called content blocks (such as headers and footers) – Implementing using JSON-LD Basically always, unless otherwise noted.
  18. 18. LET’S GET THIS DONE The nuts and bolts of it
  19. 19. Options for Structured Markup Type of Markup Markup RDF A JSON-LD Teach Google! More info @ All markup provided on Markup provided on Markup through GWMT Skills needed Novice coder can implement Need Drupal skills Need some skills Novice What kind of sites use it Most websites use this form of markup Drupal puts on some elements Adventurous Google says you do it, and do it now. Preferences? Applicable to any HTML code Preferred by Drupal PHP delight? Desired by Google
  20. 20. AND WE’RE DONE. Bask in the glory of your completed structured markup and beautiful SERP results.
  21. 21. Thank you by Nicole Hess @nicolecherieh