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SPCA2013 - Taking Office Beyond the Client with Office Web Apps 2013
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SPCA2013 - Taking Office Beyond the Client with Office Web Apps 2013


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Taking Office Beyond the Client with Office Web Apps 2013

Taking Office Beyond the Client with Office Web Apps 2013

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Taking Office Beyond the Client with Office Web Apps 2013
  • 2. Introductions Spencer Harbar Mirjam van Olst @harbars @mirjamvanolst
  • 3. Download your free copies online, or pick up a printed version in the Ask the Experts area
  • 4. Agenda Introduction to Office Web Apps Architecture Overview Functional Improvements Deploying Office Web Apps Demonstration Extending Office Web Apps
  • 5. Office Web Apps 2013 Office Web Apps 2013 provides online, browser based versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote
  • 6. Office Web Apps Deployments Consumer Cloud (SkyDrive, Public Cloud (Office 365) On Premises & Private Cloud Same core capabilities available in Consumer cloud, Public cloud, and On Premises or Private Cloud (almost!!!!)
  • 7. OWA or WAC? • Confusing Acronym Madness! • OWA: Outlook Web Access • WAC: Web Application Companion • • Original name for Office Web Applications! WAC is frequently used internally in the product and with updates
  • 8. Architecture Overview
  • 9. Office Web Apps 2010
  • 10. Problems with Office Web Apps 2010 As a SharePoint Service Application Tightly coupled with SharePoint Farm(s) Patched with SharePoint Cumulative Updates and Service Packs Albeit different update schedules Not all documents are in SharePoint! Large customers had numerous farms to manage Complex Upgrade and maintenance SharePoint service application not in-sync with Office Web Applications on Public Cloud, SkyDrive, Facebook
  • 11. Office Web Apps 2013 Office Web App
  • 12. Office Web Apps Architecture Overview WAC is now an independent server product No longer a service application Totally redesigned and implemented as a “stateless” appliance Simple Farm creation, high availability and disaster recovery One WAC farm can support multiple SharePoint farms Integrate with WAC from a number of different systems: » SharePoint 2013 – NOT SharePoint 2010 » Exchange 2013 » Lync 2013 » File servers 3rd parties can integrate with WAC to provide access to documents in their data stores e.g. EMC Documentum, IBM FileNet, OpenText, etc.
  • 13. Office Web Apps Architecture Overview Advantages of WAC being a separate server product: Vastly simplified installation and configuration WAC can be scaled and managed separately from other Microsoft server products One WAC farm can be used by multiple different other Microsoft server product farms WAC farm version does not need to be in sync with SharePoint farm There is no Administration UI for WAC 100% Windows PowerShell cmdlets
  • 14. Functional Improvements
  • 15. Feature Investments Superior browser and mobile device support External data in Excel supported Open Document Forum 1.2 support PDF viewer included (March 2013 Public Update) Human readable (and understandable) URLs Much easier to share Possible to open files from file shares Requires Office Web Apps account to have permissions on the file share
  • 16. Office Web App URLs URLs are now human readable (and understandable) Allows for simple and easy sharing of documents Office Web Apps 2010: Office Web Apps 2013:
  • 17. New, Edit, View capabilities Office Web Apps 2013 can now be used as source for creation of documents Creation and editing of documents require licenses for end users Read Only use does not require licenses! Updated licensing policy for better usage scenarios without Office client installation requirements
  • 18. ”Full Screen” Options for embedded document views
  • 19. Office Web Apps Collaboration Document Review Multi-user Authoring Meetings Editing OneNote Web App Presentation Broadcast Change tracking Excel Web App Lync Integration Commenting PowerPoint Web App Async Navigation Word Web App Media Playback With anyone with a browser
  • 20. Co-Authoring on Office 365 Edit documents simultaneously Word Web App PowerPoint Web App Excel Web App Real-time presence shows where co-authors are working in the document Prevents save conflicts Auto-save changes See changes as they happen Introduced in Office Web Apps version 16.x November 7 2013
  • 21. Deploying Office Web Apps
  • 22. Performance and scale Requires dedicated servers – Can be also virtualized Can run on a single server depending on requirements Add servers to meet demand No reason to have separate farms – Except security
  • 23. Installing Office Web Apps • Very simple and easy! • • • • Operating System Pre-requisites Office Web Apps Office Web Apps Language Packs
  • 24. Farm creation and configuration New-OfficeWebAppsMachine New-OfficeWebAppsFarm
  • 25. Connecting to SharePoint 2013 Discovery Request Discovery Response >>New-SPWopiBinding –Server <serverUrl> >>Set-SPWOPIZone –Zone <zone> • • • • • Set once for the whole SharePoint farm Windows PowerShell only You can customize which Office Web Apps are registered Nothing is installed on SharePoint Removing is just as easy
  • 26. Demonstration Office Web Apps 2013
  • 27. Deployment Notes You cannot run any other server products on the Office Web Apps server(s) Exchange, SharePoint., Lync, SQL, etc Installation is blocked, also will periodically remove IIS applications Connecting your SharePoint farm to the Office Web Apps farm includes many options Control over viewing/editing File Types, Extensions etc Licensing can be controlled (from within SharePoint)
  • 28. Secure Sockets Layer Use HTTPS for Office Web Apps! – Security • Office Web Apps uses a proprietary authorization protocol • Passes access tokens across the wire – Functionality • • • • Irritating Web Browser warnings about unsecure content! If SharePoint Web App is HTTP and HTTPS, HTTPS is required If SharePoint Web App is HTTP and WAC is HTTPS, no warnings If SharePoint Web App is HTTPS and WAC is HTTP, user warnings
  • 29. Say WOPI? Say what? Web Application Open Platform Interface “Open” (documented) protocol – Possible to – create your own WOPI Hosts/Servers (e.g. SharePoint) – connect to your own WOPI Apps/Clients (e.g. source code viewer) –
  • 30. Demonstration Office Web Apps 2013
  • 31. Summary Rich browser based Office functionality Architecture Changes in Office Web Apps 2013 Deployment and Core Capabilities Extending Office Web Apps
  • 32. THANK YOU