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Malcolm x

  1. 1. A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything. Malcolm XNicolay LascarovMarcos Luis Perez
  2. 2. Who is Malcolm X? Malcolm X is a Activist for the rights of the afroamericans, His belief is the islam And it was one of the most influential people for AfroamericansThe future belongs tothose who prepare for ittoday.
  3. 3. Early YearsMalcolm Little was born may 19, 1925 inOmaha, NebraskeHe was the fourth of seven childrensHis father was a activist for the UNIA whoinculcated black pride to his childrenBecause of KKK threats, the family relocatedmany times in his childhoodIn 1929 a White Supremacy group, the BlackLegion burn down the famliy home
  4. 4. Early years Cont.His father was killed by a street car when hewas 6In 1937 when he was 12, his mother have anervous breakdown and was commited to aPsychiatric hospital, Malcolm and his brotherswere send to various foster homesHe was a excellent Student but dropped outwhen teacher told him that being a lawyer"wasnt a goal for a nigger"He was arrested for robbery, drug dealing andgambling
  5. 5. Nation of IslamNation of Islam is a religious movementpreaching for black self-reliance and unificationMalcolm learned about nation of islam throughhis siblings while he was in prisionThe groups belief that white people are devilsand the black people are the the aboriginalpeople
  6. 6. Malcolm and the Nation of IslamWhen he was released in1952 of prisionMalcolm Visited Elijah Muhammas the LeaderOf NoIHe was named assistant minister of the TempleNumber One in Detroit in 1953Later that year he established more temple indiferents cities of the west coastThe FBI Opened a File of him because hedeclared himself Communist
  7. 7. Malcolm and the Nation of islam Cont.became known when he protested against thepolice for beating 2 members of NoIthis made the police began spying on malcolmBy the late 1950s Malcolm comments on issuesand event were reported on print, on radio andtelevisionIn 1960, he meet with Fidel Castroand presidents of african countries in the UN general Assembly Elijah Muhammad
  8. 8. Leaving the Nation of IslamMalcolm leave the NoI, He left because he stopliking the way the NoI was going, and a growingtension with the leader of NoI Elijah MuhhamadHe creat the Muslim Mosque Inc. a religiusorganization and the OoAAU a Pan-AfricanismgroupIn 1964 he met with Martin L.K. in thesentate to hear the debate on thecivil right billHe converted to Sunni Islam
  9. 9. Internationals TravelsMecca: In april,1964 he travel to Mecca to dothe Pilgrimage, he meet with the Prince ofArabia SauditaAfrica: He travel To the United Arab republic(Now egypt and Siria), Sudan, Nigeria andGhana during this visits he met officials, gaveinterviews and spoke on television, he attend tothe meeting of the Organization of African Unity
  10. 10. Internationals Travels Cont.France and UK:In paris he spoke on the Sallede la Mutualite, in Oxford he participated in adebate, later that year in london he spoke in hteCouncil of African OrganizationsStumbling is notfalling.
  11. 11. Return to United StatesWhen he return to United States he spoke inmany places but the majority were universitiesbecause he "Welcomed every opportunity tospeak to college students"He was threatened many times by the Nation ofIslam I believe in human beings, and that all human beings should be respected as such, regardless of their color.
  12. 12. AssassinationOn february 21 of 1965 while Malcolm wasgiving a speech, a man seated in the front rowshot him in the chest, then two other men startshooting to malcolmAll the gun mans were from the NoIIn his funeral an estimated between 14.000 and30.000 people attented and was broadcast intelevision
  13. 13. If youre notready to diefor it, putthe wordfreedomout of yourvocabulary.