Bb9 Quickstart Student Guide


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Bb9 Qickstart Guide for Students

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Bb9 Quickstart Student Guide

  1. 1. Blackboard 9 Quick-start Guide for StudentsSee detailed: Online Learning Blackboard 9 Guide See more: Blackboard Help for Students Use your SpartanNet e-mail account for allBrowser Requirements correspondence related to your course.Use current version of Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safariwith Blackboard. Access Your CourseBlackboard requires a minimum connection speed of 1. Your courses are listed on the right side of the56K. Higher speeds are recommended for best results. Welcome Page (NCC tab) or you may click on Courses next to NCC tab.Login to Blackboard 2. Click on your course under My Courses (courses inGo to Blackboard: which you are enrolled). Follow all instructions on this page to succeed in this course.1. Click on the User Login button. 3. Click on the Assignments button. This displays folders for each class and due dates for that2. Enter your User Name and Password. (Your user sessions assignments. name and password is your NCC Student ID Number, NOT your default Spartan Net password). 4. Click on any folder link to see the activities and3. Click on the Login button. assignments for that session.Note: Do not share your NCC student ID with anyone. Verify your Personal InformationChange Your Password 1. From the Welcome Page (NCC tab), click on the Personal Information link (at left)We strongly recommended that you change yourpassword immediately. 2. Click on Edit Personal Information.1. From the Welcome Page (NCC tab), click on the 3. Change any information as necessary. Personal Information link (at left) 4. Click on the Submit button.2. Click on Change Password. Note: Change your personal information when3. Type your NEW password in the Password box. necessary. Notify your instructor and the NCC Records4. Type your new password again in the Verify office of any changes in your personal information. Password box. Changes made in Blackboard do not automatically transfer to other NCC systems and vice versa.5. Click on the Submit button. Check Your GradeHelp There are two ways to get your grade:• For technical assistance, contact the NCC Support Center (Help Desk) at (610) 861-5413 or • From the Welcome Page (NCC tab), click on My Grades on the left side of the screen, then on the name of the course.• If you have questions about the content of the course, contact your instructor. See the Your • From within a course, click on the Tools button, then Instructor page of your course to see the contact on My Grades. information for your instructor. This page shows your scores; the class average for each graded assignment may also be shown.SpartanNet EmailWhen your account is first created in Blackboard, yourSpartan e-mail address is entered into the Blackboard Problems with the Visual Text Editordatabase. This is the e-mail address that instructors and If you are having problems posting a message in theother college staff will use to contact you. Discussion Board or entering text in any other part of Rev. 4/18/2011
  2. 2. Blackboard Quick-Start Guide for Students (contd.) pBlackboard, it may be helpful to disable the visual text • Make sure that your browser is not set to disconnecteditor. Take the following steps: after several minutes of inactivity. How to set this1. On the Blackboard Welcome page, under Tools on option depends on your browser. For example, in the left side of the screen. Internet Explorer, it is under Tools > Internet Options > Connections > Settings > Advanced.2. Click on Personal Information & Change Personal Settings • Close all other applications before taking the test.3. Under Text Editor On or Off • Most tests can only be opened once. Don’t open the4. Click On or Off next to Set Availability and Submit. test until you are ready to take it. • Complete the test within one hour or other limit set by your instructor and by the due date. • Click on the Submit button when you are done.Replying to a Discussion Forum Message Viewing and Downloading Files1. Click on the Discussion Board button (at left). Some courses contain links to files. Click on the link to2. Click on the applicable Discussion Forum. view the file. You will need the appropriate application to view the file. For example, PDF files require Adobe3. Click on a message title to read the message. Acrobat Reader (Web links for downloading the required4. Click on the Reply button (at bottom of message). application are available in the External Links page of5. Type the text of your message. most courses.)6. Click on the Submit button. If you have the correct application to view a file but are having problems viewing it, or if you need to open and edit the file, you may need to save/download the file toPost a New Discussion Forum Message your hard drive for best results. To save/download theIf your instructor set up the Discussion Forum to allow file:new threads, you can post new messages (rather than Right-click on the file.just replying to existing ones) as follows: Choose Save Target As.1. Go to the applicable Discussion Forum in steps 1-2 above. Select the desired folder location, enter a file name, and click on Save. (Be sure to remember where you are2. Click on the Create Thread button ( top of page). saving the file.)3. Enter the subject and text of your message. Locate the saved file and double-click on the file to open4. Click on the Submit button. it. Or if necessary, start up the appropriate application and open the file using the File, Open command in thatIf you do not see a Create Thread button, you can only application.reply to existing messages.Print a Blackboard PageTo print a page in your Blackboard course:1. Right-click on any text on the page.2. Choose Print.Take an Online TestYour course may have one or more online tests that areadministered through Blackboard. If so, a link to the testwill appear at the appropriate time. Follow theseguidelines for best results: