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The can do kids i am 2012
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The can do kids i am 2012


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  • 1. The Can Do KidsClass of 2022
  • 2. JacksonI am a skateboarder and a baseball player,I wonder if I will be an awesome baseball player,I hear an OM.I see a bird,I want to go to the moon,I am a skateboarder and a baseball player,I pretend to fly,I feel hot,I touch my baseball,I worry if my brother will touch my Legos,I cry tears,I am a skateboarder and a baseball player,I understand that most people don’t live forever,I say the tooth fairy is real,I dream that I play hockey,I tried to hit a jump on my scooter,I hope for all the Ninjago sets,I am a skateboarder and a baseball player,
  • 3. BrynI am funny and kind,I wonder if humans will ever fly,I hear centaur clomping,I see monsters,I want to be a gymnast in the SummerOlympics,I am funny and kind,I pretend to be a movie star,I feel a pegasus feather,I touch a sea monsters scales,I worry about my daddy when he works allnight,I cry when somebody dies,I am funny and kind,I understand that my daddy has to work a lot,I say that there should be no bullying,I dream that there will be peace on earth,I try to work very hard on my schoolwork,I hope my teacher next year is nice,I am funny and kind,
  • 4. RileyI am pretty and kind,I wonder if I am going to be famous,I hear Pegasus’ neigh,I see dogs talking,I want to be a famous horseback rider,I am pretty and kind,I pretend I’m a famous horseback rider,I feel like I’m a movie star with mysunglasses,I touch a unicorn’s horn,I worry about my puppy because she issick,I cry when an animal gets sick,I am pretty and kind,I understand when I’m sad,I say that I love horses,I dream about the future,I try to train my puppy Pixie,I hope I get a yorkie when I grow up,I am pretty and kind,
  • 5. ChristinaI am pretty and friendly,I wonder if mermaids are real,I hear a dragon’s roar,I see aliens,I want to be a singer,I am pretty and friendly,I pretend my stuffed animals are babies,I feel like a superstar,I touch a pegasus’ wing,I worry that someone will bully someone,I cry when loved ones are hurt,I am pretty and friendly,I understand why I’m happy,I say I can do anything,I dream of the past,I try to get better at singing,I hope I make new friends,I am pretty and friendly,
  • 6. JesseI am epic and a reader,I wonder about my future,I hear a T-Rex,I see a teddy bear walking all around,I want a house,I am epic and a reader,I pretend I am a hotdog,I feel like a hotdog,I touch a flying pig,I worry about nothing,I cry when my sister breaks my Legos,I am epic and a reader,I understand that I like hotdogs,I dream about my future,I try to read a lot,I hope to read over my grade level,I am epic and a reader.
  • 7. BrendanI am funny and kind,I wonder if aliens are real,I hear elephants,I want more Legos,I am funny and kind,I pretend I’m a Jedi,I feel sad about my grandfather,I touch some trees bark,I worry about murderers,I cry when I get hurt,I am funny and kind,I understand Legos,I say believe in math,I dream about being a hero,I try to be nice,I hope I can be a police officer,I am funny and kind.
  • 8. KeelinI am joyful and weird,I wonder if someone will ever go to the sun,I hear bells,I see a desert,I want to be in the Olympics,I am joyful and weird,I pretend to swim,I feel water,I touch my pencil,I worry about MCAS,I cry when I fall,I am joyful and weird,I understand math,I say trust,I dream about ice cream,I try to believe people,I hope to be a vet,I am joyful and weird.
  • 9. JoshuaI am funny and kind,I wonder if I will make it to the MLB when I grow up,I hear a bird squawking,I see me catching a foul ball from Ortiz,I want a multi-colored stuffed bird toy,I am funny and kind,I pretend I am laughing with my friend,I feel the future,I touch a book,I worry I will not finish,I cry tears,I am funny and kind,I understand that my team and I won thechampionship,I say we can win,I dream about school,I try to do my best,I hope I can ice skate,I am funny and kind.
  • 10. MarioI am a gamer and funny,I wonder who I have for a teacher everysummer,I hear a ringing,I see dinosaurs,I want a snowmobile,I am a gamer and funny,I pretend I am in the Army,I feel great things,I worry about nothing,I cry when my sister uses my Legos,I am a gamer and funny,I understand that I won my baseballleague,I say I believe in Santa,I dream of flying in a jet,I try to ride my bike 10 miles,I hope I can ride my bike everyday,I am a gamer and funny.
  • 11. HugoI am hungry and weird,I wonder about China,I hear the phoenix,I see a giant,I want a donut,I am hungry and weird,I pretend I won the lottery,I feel like I can fly,I touch a cloud,I worry about war,I am hungry and weird,I understand platypuses,I say I believe in God,I dream when I am asleep,I hope I get a donut,I am hungry and weird.
  • 12. EricI am sporty and playful,I wonder about what it would be like to stand onsaturn,I hear the planet calling to me,I see the planets calling me,I want to go up in space to see the beautiful space,I am sporty and playful,I pretend I am a Pokemon,I feel Eelektross,I touch Reshiram,I worry about Reshiram,I cry when I am defeated in Pokemon,I am sporty and playful,I understand Pokemon,I say ghost,I dream about Pokemon,I try to beat Alder,I hope I go in space,I am sporty and playful.
  • 13. MarionI am pretty and funny,I wonder how I am going to die,I hear birds sing,I see the town made out of books,I want to meet JB,I am pretty and funny,I pretend to be a pop star,I feel sad when I sing sad songs,I touch the moon,I worry that when I move out I won’tsee my sister ever again,I am pretty and funny,I understand my mom has to work allthe time,I say I will be good all the time,I dream about when I grow up,I try to do good in math,I hope that people will make adifference,I am pretty and funny.
  • 14. JaredI am funny,I wonder about my future,I hear flys talking,I see unicorns,I want more Leo Ninjagos,I am funny,I pretend that I can fly,I feel sad when I think about the army,I touch the moon,I worry about bullies,I cry about nightmares,I am funny,I understand about talking,I say Atlantis is true,I dream about being rich,I try to save up my money,I hope I never die,I am funny.
  • 15. AlyssaI am funny and a drawer,I wonder about what I am going to be when Igrow up,I hear my little sisters,I see me playing baseball,I want to learn how to pitch a softball,I am funny and a drawer,I pretend I am in the world record book,I feel a puffy cloud,I touch a shark,I worry about my future job,I cry when I get hurt sometimes,I am funny and a drawer,I understand not to bully,I say I can read Harry Potter,I can go underwater for ten minutes,I try to pitch a softball,I hope I can see a squid,I am funny and a drawer.
  • 16. StirlingI am pretty and polite,I wonder if wolves are real,I hear a baby unicorn cry out for its mother,I see the Celestial Valley,I want millions of books,I am pretty and polite,I pretend my dog can talk,I feel a unicorn horn,I touch Cerberus,I worry about dying,I cry for Fudge,I am pretty and polite,I understand this book,I say reading is my future,I dream about the Underworld,I try gymnastics,I hope to be a mother,I am pretty and polite.
  • 17. AinsleyI am a dancer and a singer,I wonder if I will be a famous dancer someday,I hear Mrs. Canducci saying extra recess,I see a castle,I want to be a figure skater,I am a dancer and a singer,I pretend to live in a mansion,I feel like a princess because my parents say I am,I touch the clouds and go up to the sky,I worry about MCAS,I cry because I did not get to say goodbye to my nana,I am a dancer and a singer,I understand when my friend can’t play,I say I love you to my family,I dream that my dog can do gymnastics,I try to do my best,I hope that my brother likes middle school,I am an dancer and a singer.
  • 18. AshleyI am nice and endearing,I wonder if I will be successful,I hear joyful music,I see the end of the rainbow,I want to have fun with my life,I am nice and endearing,I pretend the world is under my control,I feel like everything is going perfectly,I touch my heart beat,I worry that someone is hurt,I cry for help if I need it,I am nice and endearing,I understand some people don’t live forever,I say be nice to other people besides you,I dream that all people are safe,I try my best at all times,I hope my life is easy,I am nice and endearing.
  • 19. JakeI am funny and nice,I wonder if I’ll make a band,I hear a creeper,I see me in Minecraft,I want my own desktop,I am funny and nice,I pretend I am in Minecraft,I feel a creeper blowing up,I touch a Minecraft sheep,I worry about my future,I cry to sad songs,I am funny and kind,I understand I won’t live forever,I say I am a creeper,I dream I am a million, trillion bazillionaire,I hope I will be good,I am funny and nice.
  • 20. I am funny and unique, MaeveI wonder if I’ll ever become an Olympic gymnast,I hear a ladybug singing,I see a unicorn dancing,I want to be a chef,I am funny and unique,I pretend to be a superstar,I feel some leprechaun’s gold,I touch a fairy’s twinkling wings,I worry abut endangered animals,I cry for my grampie,I am funny and unique,I understand my friends,I say SMILE!I dream of becoming a chef,I try my best in school,I hope to do good in school,I am funny and unique.
  • 21. AbigailI am sweet and kind,I wonder if I’ll aver get first place,I hear horses’ hooves cantering,I see horses trotting to greet me,I want my own painted horse,I am sweet and kind,I pretend to be a cross country camper,I feel horses swimming across the Atlantic,I touch the barrels of a barrel racer,I worry about getting trampled,I cry for my mother,I am sweet and kind,I understand jumping on a horse,I say I believe in riding outdoors in an arena,I dream about being in a big show,I try to impress Dausha,I hope I will get to ride Don,I am sweet and kind.
  • 22. WilliamI am fast and kind,I wonder if I can make a Lego mansion,I hear across grass made of words,I see I am in a video game!I am fast and kind,I pretend I am Gumball Watterson,I feel Sonic,I touch Geno,I cry when I get hurt,I am fast and kind,I understand kickball,I say Geno is here,I dream I was in Mario,I try cleaning,I hope I make a show,I am fast and kind.
  • 23. LeoI am an epic boy,I wonder about heaven,I hear a Polemon’s voice,I see monsters,I want to be a baby again,I am an epic boy,I pretend to be a superman,I feel devil horns,I touch my imaginary friend,I worry about nothing,I cry at sad movies,I am an epic boy,I understand my awsomeness,I say I will live forever,I dream about Minecraft,I try to be good at everything,I hope to become a movie making lawyer,I am an epic boy.
  • 24. MorganI am weird and funny,I wonder why kids don’t like coffee,I hear a monster,I see flying monkeys,I want my baby cousin to stay a baby,I am weird and funny,I pretend my cat is a Ninja,I feel Cookie Monster’s fur,I touch candy,I worry about my baby cousin,I cry when someone dies,I am weird and funny,I understand words,I say princess,I dream about donuts,I try to do good in school,I hope I get into college,I am weird and funny.
  • 25. BrendanI am playful and kind,I wonder if I will get a job,I hear Volcarona talking,I see Legoland,I want Pokemon White 2 and Beyblade Galacxy Pegasus,I am playful and kind,I pretend to turn into a Pokemon,I feel a real life dream,I touch Zekrom,I worry if I will get a job,I cry when I get hurt,I am playful and kind,I understand math,I believe Pokemon are real,I dreamt I was a Pokemon,I try to beat the Pokemon League and Alder,I hope I raise my Reshiram,I am playful and kind.