New Media Track - Part 3

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Part 3 of the New Media Track at the Immigrant National Convention in Montgomery, Alabama. …

Part 3 of the New Media Track at the Immigrant National Convention in Montgomery, Alabama.

December 16, 2011

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  • 1. New Media Track December 16 & 17, 2011 Nicole Cairns & Allie CarterReform Immigration FOR America online team
  • 2. What We’ve Learned So Far…- Best practices and tools for successful online organizing- How we can use online tools to lift up narratives of racial injustice and issues that impact our communities- How to plan a short-term issue-based online campaign calendar
  • 3. What We’ll Cover In This Session- Best practices for online organizing for the three main phases of electoral work: 1. Registration 2. GOTV 3. Day of/post-election analysis- Case study of online organizing efforts behind Wisconsin recalls- Breakout: planning an electoral communications calendar
  • 4. Why do we organize aroundelections?Getting out the vote and electing pro-immigrantcandidates supports our broader campaigngoals: advancing CIR and DREAM.How can online organizing supportthis mission?
  • 5. Phase 1: Voter Registration andDefining Your Electoral Narrative
  • 6. Registration / Narrative BuildingKey tactics during this phase:• Recruit volunteers to help build momentum and power, push existing members up the engagement ladder• Build a narrative and share stories to help set the stage for what’s to come, define what victory/success will look like• Register voters and educate them on the issues that impact our communities
  • 7. Recruit Volunteers• Convert online community on Facebook/Twitter to your email list• Target regular action takers, push them and ask for more• Use email and SMS to solicit more information from people, sign up to help volunteer 2011 Immigrant National Convention
  • 8. Narrative BuildingMessaging ContentExample: • Branding / recurring phrasesIn 2012, we want to show the and mission statementsstories and the power of our • Facebook and Twitterimmigrant voters will turn out updatesfor those candidates that show • Photos and Videous they care about our families • Include social mediaand our issues. icons, hashtags, URL on every piece of printed material 2011 Immigrant National Convention
  • 9. Register Voters• Remind people across all channels about important election dates (early voting, registration deadlines) and where they can register• Drive to online voter registration forms• Use email and SMS to drive turnout to voter registration events
  • 10. Phase 2: Get Out the Vote
  • 11. Get Out The VoteKey Tactics for this phase:• Ensure data is as complete as possible – help people find polling place, their state and federal representatives, and ballot initiatives in their counties – Data collection campaign• Show distinction between candidates through candidate forums* – Livestream events, document on Facebook and Twitter• Continue to recruit volunteers – Push community up engagement ladder• Raise the ante in promoting the narrative
  • 12. Why Data Completion is Important• To target state and federal representatives• To help people get to their polling places, coordinate rides to polling locations• To analyze demographic and geographic strengths and weaknesses and asses where power is
  • 13. Phase 3: Election Day and Post-Election Analysis
  • 14. Election DayKey Tactics for this phase:• Turnout, turnout, turnout – Reminder emails and SMSs with polling places and hours, carpooling to polls• Prime the pump for a victory, show confidence, and “spin” story to make it about our narrative – Document online, share info about early returns• Continue recruitment and build momentum for new legislative session
  • 15. Post-ElectionDay Analysis… elections may be over, but the work certainly isn’t …
  • 16. Analysis• Complete your narrative arc across all channels• Celebrate victories and acknowledge defeats, we’ll move forward even stronger• What’s next? Elections are part of our broader goals, examine how we move online community forward for legislative session
  • 17. Connecting Online/OfflineTelling the story of our voters, our Develop content that reinforcescommunities narrative, photos and video, continually promote on blog/socialRecruiting volunteers Target frequent action takers, responders and move them up the engagement ladder Educate community about importance of showing our strength at the pollsVoter registration campaignsCandidates’ forums and electoral-themed Document through photos and video; drawevents comparisons* in emails, blogs; livestreamEarly voting, finding polling places, and Data completion/collection, targeted emailsturning out the vote and SMSs to help find polling places, reminders to vote 2011 Immigrant National Convention
  • 18. CASE STUDY: PCCC, ONLINE ORGANIZING, AND THE WI RECALLSAll images in this section from PCCC Wisconsin television ads, or
  • 19. BREAKOUT!
  • 21. NEXT STEPS
  • 22. What’s Next? (just some suggestions)• One-on-ones tomorrow • One-on-one trainings during breakfast on new media tools or RI4A tools• Nerd Herd at the action • Webinars• Online working group • Collaborate, collaborate• Monthly calls , collaborate. 2011 Immigrant National Convention
  • 23. Thanks for coming to the session!Have questions? Contact us!Nicole Cairns, Online Director, RI4A – ncairns@communitychange.orgAllie Carter, New Media Associate, RI4A – acarter@communitychange.orgGarlin Gilchrist, II, National Campaign Director, – garlin@garlin.orgNathan Ryan, Online Advocacy Manager, ICIRR – 2011 Immigrant National Convention