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Planet Yomisma
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Planet Yomisma

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A planet created by Nicol Ramírez and Ana Santed

A planet created by Nicol Ramírez and Ana Santed

More in: Technology , Business
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  • 1. YoMiSmA In the planet YoMiSmA there are aliens, the blue parts there means that is where there is sea, in green that there is many nature (forests, ect .. ) , in the brown that there are many mountains .
  • 2. YoMiSmA
  • 3. Food The food of the aliens is very similar to the one that we eat but it if, with different forms, they are very tasty and the majority are sweet.
  • 4. Landscape The landscape is of mountain, it has a house in the middle of the mountain that is small, it has a nice blue lake and there are many trees .
  • 5. the houses The houses are big , they have many windows, we can see that they all are not equal, some are more big and other small and that they are placed in a very small people(village).
  • 6. Transport The transport of the planet YoMiSmA since we can see they all are not the equal ones, there are some steering wheels like that we can see in the image, and the normal ones, in this image there are two, the normal one that we take always and other one that is with form of house.
  • 7. Alien The alien who exists in the image is very similar to a robot of the future, it is of green color, around it I fill this one with stars.