Planet Eeepppooouuu
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  • 1. planet Eeeppooou
  • 2. Planet Eeeppooou The planet Eeeppooou is in the Sausage Galaxy. This planet is make with vanilla, white chocolate biscuits and salad paper. In this planet there aren’t any satellites. In this planet there are a lot of letters .
  • 3. The aliens Juescu and Harunga are two inhabitants from the planet Eeeppooou. The aliens clothes are very funny. Juescu is wearing yellow bow and a pair of yellow converse, Harunga is wearing a black and grey cap. They are happy!
  • 4. The epou city In the city there are some shops, for example: FRIKI BREAD, in this shop you can find a lot of different breads, Mcdonalds but you can’t enter because it’s dangerous and the food is toxic, H&M is one of the more expensive clothes shop of the planet. On the road you can see a train.
  • 5. The aliens house The aliens house is a container of organic rubbish. The house is under a naff bridge. Their pets are some flies. When it is the time to eat they have two chairs and a table.
  • 6. The food lollypop Chicken leg A dinosaur egg pink sausages rotten cheese catalan chicken green lemon
  • 7. Transport The transport in the planet is very important, because the city is very big and the aliens are tired very quickly when they walk.
  • 8. Their job Juescu and Harunga work in a pool. They are the best lifeguards in the planet. They love play with children in the pool.
  • 9. The aliens hobby Their hobby is paint graffitis in the streets, in the floors, on the walls..., their favourite graffiti colours are yellow and black.
  • 10. HaaRuuN & JuudiiTh