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    Levis Levis Presentation Transcript

    • Levi’s 501Integrated Marketing Strategy Team 6 January 14, 2011
    • Agenda• Current Landscape• Brand Concept• Advertising Campaign• Media Plan• Key Performance Indicators 2
    • Levi’s IMC Brief• Re-introduce the Levi’s 501 brand to potential customers and switchers• Fill identified segment gap in jean market• Increase penetration to drive sales to $216M• 5x-7x ROI• Levi’s brand image overshadowed by proliferation of jean choices among target market• Levi’s is the brand for professionals (25-55 years old) to fit their style so they can be who they are1. Be who you are2. Support your other life, outside of work3. Re-engage with consumers 3
    • Current Competitive Landscape High Fashion 2. Levi ‘s moves upward into this gap. Budget Premium 1. Levi‘s currently is perceived here. Low Fashion 4
    • Organizing ConceptPositioning Statement• “For the professional (25 to 55) who is more comfortable in his/her own skin, Levi’s is the brand of denim that fits your style because it suits the authentic you.”Campaign Themes• The freedom of 5:01pm• “It’s who you are” 5
    • Customer Inspiration Board 6
    • Integrated Marketing Approach Digital Radio Television 1.73 Billion Impressions Outdoor Print Non- Traditional 7
    • 5:01 TV Campaign Copy: It’s 5:01pm 8
    • 5:01 TV Campaign 9
    • 5:01 TV Campaign Copy: You Can be You Again 10
    • 5:01 TV Campaign Copy: Levi’s. It’s Who You Are Copy: 501 Original Jeans 11
    • 5:01 TV Campaign: Seasonal Variations Objective: Associate the Levi’s 501 line with a social and active lifestyle so customers can be who they are 12
    • 5:01 Print Campaign This is 5:00 This is 5:01 13
    • 5:01 Non-traditional Campaign• Happy Hours – Check-in at 5:01 on FourSquare in your city to find the Levi’s sponsored Happy Hour.• Outdoor Displays – Airplane – Times Square – Local Landmarks 14
    • Radio and Building Campaigns 15
    • 5:01 Social Media Campaign5:01pm check-in 5:01pm flash mob 5:01pm photo/video activities Objective: Increase engagement and drive conversation with and among the 501 community 16
    • 5:01 Digital PlanObjective: Motivate user generated content to validate the brand through word of mouth advertising 17
    • 5:01 Media Plan Vehicle Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 % of Spend Total SpendTelevision 48.7% $14,292,160Digital 32.6% $5,256,077Non - 1.2% $1,010,000TraditionalPrint 7.4% $8,070,600Outdoor 6.7% $662,676Radio 3.5% $657,997 Total Budget $29,949,511 Advertising Intensity Light Moderate Heavy 18
    • 5:01 Success IndicatorsBusiness Metrics• Penetration in 25-55 year old market: 3% share increase• 501 Sales: 5x-7x ROI• Media Impressions: 1.5BSocial Media• Facebook Friends: 100K new “likes”• Video Uploads: 1,000 YouTube submissions• FourSquare Check-ins: avg. 100/daily• Tweet Mentions: avg. 100/daily 19
    • 5:01 Next Steps• Agency Contract – Agreed upon performance-laden incentive• Producing Ad Copies – Create multiple production ads with the 5:01 theme 20
    • The End 21
    • Appendix 22
    • Levi’s 501 Task & Tool Grid Goal Levi’s is the brand for professionals (25-55 years old) to fit their style so they can be who they are CP / Event Programs Advertising Marketing POS Digital PR Sponsorship Partnerships TV 5.01K race POS Levis.com Happy Displays Hours Print Facebook 1. Be who you are Twitter TV 5.01K race POS Facebook National & Happy JetBlue2. Support your Displays local media Hours Print 5.01 Activity Twitter The Officeother life outside outreach Events of work Billboard Levis.com HBO Twitter National Radio YouTube Flash Mob TV POS Paid Search Displays Print 3. Re-engage Billboardswith consumers National Radio Product Placement 23
    • Media Vehicles 24
    • Media Plan Specifics 25
    • Media Metrics 26