Teaching Digital Citizenship - Using Creative Commons


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An explanation of creative commons for presentation to teachers or students.

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  • “CC” stands for “Creative Commons” a system that allows people to legally download images from the internet and use and possibly change them for creative purposes.
  • This image is an example of a “legal” image taken from the internet to use in my presentation. The picture explains itself!
  • Students need to look for this symbol to find images that are safe to use in their projects as long as attribution is given to the creator of the image.
  • The website www.creativecommons.org explains the specific details about creative commons and the various types of licenses there are and what people can use the material for. Students can upload their own photos to sites and give other people permission to use their images as well using this system.
  • Students can download images from Discovery Education or Flickr to find creative commons approved images to use.
  • In Flickr, a student or teacher would type in the name of a picture they are looking for and select advanced search. At the bottom of the advanced search screen there is a check box to identify creative commons images. Only the approved images show up on the webpage.
  • This is an example of an image I found for a project from Discovery Education. The citations from Discovery Education are already there. It is easy to copy and paste citation into the reference page of the project. Images within the search engine of Google Documents can also be used in student projects as well.
  • I used the online web program Pixlr to edit the image with a quote and add the image attributions from Discovery Education. This is the process that we want our students to be knowledgeable about – how to find legal images to use in creative presentations and properly attribute the images they use.
  • Teaching Digital Citizenship - Using Creative Commons

    1. 1. Teaching Digital Citizenship – Using Creative Commons Nicole Bondarchuk EDIM 510
    2. 2. What is “CC?”…
    3. 3. An explanation of Creative Commons …
    4. 4. Students need to find this symbol when looking for images …
    5. 5. What is “Creative Commons?” For specific details, see www.creativecommons.org
    6. 6. A great bank of creative commons images.
    7. 7. A Discovery Education Image
    8. 8. The creation of something new using creative commons.
    9. 9. Resources Used • Caicedo, Carlos. This is the first shirt Creative Commons Colombia. 2010. Flickr.com. Web. 5 Oct. 2013. • Close up of Brick Wall Discovery Education, . Image. Discovery Education. Web. 5 October 2013. http://www.discoveryeducation.ca/ (Slide 8 & 9) • George. The past tends to disappear. Tampa Bay. 2013. Flickr.com. Web. 5 Oct. 2013. • Enokson. Why Use Creative Commons Items? Alberta. 2012. Flickr.com. Web. 5 Oct. 2013. (Slide 3 & 4) • Zannol, Giulio. Street Creative Commons. 2009. Flickr.com. Web. 5 Oct. 2013.