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S asokan -bharti airtel

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S asokan -bharti airtel

  1. 1. Shared Servicesa bharti airtel journey…..S Asokan21st Sept’12
  2. 2. Shared Services @ Bharti Airtel Non Standardized Processes & Data Manual Systems • No single trusted source of dataPast State • Heavily customised systems • Lack of standardized processes across Finance, SCM, HR • Many systems at end-of-life and IT. • No Uniformity, weak integration, and heavy reliance on • Focus on reactive, manual and transactional activities manual workarounds • Poor process and system documentation • Functionality duplicated across multiple systems within • Untimely management information each Lines of Business • Unmanaged due to increase in the scale of business • Multiple layers and touch points • Non-existent strategy for management information Single Customer version focus of truth Standard & 3rd Party Automated PartneringEnd Game processes Shared Business Standardized Partnering Services Systems Business Up-to date - Interface technology Centers of Excellence Shared Services Advantage  Process efficiencies  Robust Controls
  3. 3. Shared Service Journey – waves of transition Process – Localized Functions Technology – Multiple People – Multiple Systems Personnel Common Policies Multiple Centralized Platforms Services Simplified & Standard Process Enterprise Reduction in Database Units – Activity Leverage Country Separate Universe Global Consolidation Operating Practices Integrated Optimal Regional Unit Manpower Solutions Consolidation Single Operating Unit Global Shared Location StrategyDecentralized Business Services MultipleOrganization Unit Locations Pre Shared Services 1st Wave 2nd Wave 3rd Wave
  4. 4. Functions & processes coveredPurchase to Pay Recruit to Retire Sourcing  Talent sourcing Accounts Payable  On boarding Purchasing  Payroll Expense Processing  Expense Processing Master data management  Benefit administration Strategic partner accounting  HR Compliance  Exit managementOrder To Cash Revenue Assurance Order Management  Post paid & Pre paid Customer Service  Interconnect Accounts Receivable & Cash Application  Roaming Master data management  Data  VAS  Fraud managementRecord to Report Taxation Reporting & Month-end Close  Service tax General Ledger accounting  Employee tax Fixed Assets accounting  Commercials tax Revenue reporting  TDS Statutory reporting Audits
  5. 5. Supply Chain Shared ServiceRev 1.4
  6. 6. Supply Chain Shared Services (CSS) T Y E F V I F I I C T S I V U C O N E N I E P E D S S O E Sourcing Grp N R ID Mgmt. S C R RFI / RFQ / RF P Master Data & Support, Y Doc. Mgt. Grievance PO Mgmt Item, Partner PO creation A TI L Finance RS IT PO release Related E Y PO Ackn. V Helpdesk Invoicing Employee Partner e-PR 2 Approval Grp Strategic C Partner Team T G N Payment Indus, Infratel, R N O Nokia, Ericsson, A I N I Release & E Reconciliation N IBM other ToCo Z Analytics T A MIS/Dashboards I I S A N N CSS SLA E A monitoring R K U L U O YT A S - U I C ME S S & T I M N P R O E V E M
  7. 7. Preparation of PR Approved PRup PR Consolidation PO Creation Submit for PO Approval PO Approval PO Ack. CSS – PR to PR Process Need by Date versus ASN PO Management Group mapping, alert as acreations & Approvals, Cancelation &Closing of Pos, PO Ack & ASN Follow•GBPA creation, PR Consolidation, PO dashboard MRN (Material)/ Invoice Acceptance (Service) Invoice Receipt Invoice verification, •Follow up with User/Technical/ Scanning Imaging & warehouse/ SME Scanning & Submit for Invoice Approval as Invoice Approval approval per DOA Invoice validation Payments Release of Payment Quarterly Reconciliation •Release and reconciliation of the7 Payment Release & Receipt Release of Retention Amount
  8. 8. CSS – Masters Item Masters Supplier Masters Other Masters Approval by Approval by Supplier creation from User Requests SME SME Request Updating System submission for Item Creation Clarifications Clarifications Bank Details Attributes & Checking & Checking & Tax Master Approval Updation updation Payment approval Creation Supplier Request Masters Masters Budget Terms Opex Item Master Data Management Group • Item Creation & Change, Catalog • Supplier Masters (SRF), Activation for • Tax & Payment masters, Site Management, Cannibalization, Define Purchase, EFT related Masters Masters, OPEX Masters, Capitalization Plan, Category / SME Budget Head creation, AOP Mapping Upload
  9. 9. Requirement RFI Attribute by SME RFI Template Creation RFI Creation of Invitation list Vendor short listing CSS – Sourcing for RFI Approval of Vendors for RFQ Creation of invitation list for RFQ• Approved Partner List Management (Invitation Lists) RFQ Create RFQ RFQ floating Sourcing Group• RFI Templates, RFP / RFQ Masters Management, Reverse Auction Follow up for RFQ Response Request for Reverse Auction• Partner User ID Login Management - Create, Multiple ID creation, Re-issue password RA Event publishing Auction RA Event Conducting RA offers Analysis NFA Contract Release of Contract
  10. 10. CSS – Document ManagementKey Features Restricted Access No Print , Copy Disaster Recovery Controlled Distribution Flexible Retrieval No Physical Movement
  11. 11. CSS – Case ManagementKey Features Eliminates person dependent e-Mails TAT is monitored Online Tracking Immediate replication of best practices for known issues Audit Trail/ History of case is preserved
  12. 12. Achievements so far….. More than 75 key supply chain process migrated >90% suppliers connected online >90% on-time Vendor Payment >95% queries handled & resolved by Case Management Tool SOX & TL 9000 compliant Building Talent pool with effective functional trainings Customer Engagement Model keeping 360 degree view for all services
  13. 13. the road ahead… Global Shared Services across 21 countries Hands free” approach (source to source integration) ‘Global Best Practice’ assimilation Multi currency handling
  14. 14. our journey continues….Rev 1.4