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  • 1. ADFC Pvt. Ltd.An Associate Company of HDFC Bank Limited Private and Confidential
  • 2. TRADITIONAL PRACTICE• In house - local processing• High number of employees• No specialization• High Cost• No set “Bench Marking” or “TAT” Private and Confidential
  • 3. NEED FOR CHANGE•Economical changes forced to thinkdifferently•High cost per transaction – Large Countries•“Out Sourcing” conceptualized Private and Confidential
  • 4. GENESIS• HDFC Bank was set up in mid-90s• One of the first Banks to set up a core banking solution – Customer belonged to the Bank• All ATMs were linked on-line• All transactions, across the branch network , reflected on-line• Centralization was in the DNA of the Bank Private and Confidential
  • 5. GROWTH OF THE BANK• Bank’s growth was a combination of organic and inorganic• Increase in the scale of Business – Multiple product lines – Multiple geographies – Movement into the interior regions of the country• Centralization was a “vision or strategy” Private and Confidential
  • 6. STRATEGY• An opportunity to streamline and consolidate • Business Processes • Workflows• An effective model for simplifying processes• Major impact on the cost savings• Enhance efficiencies Private and Confidential
  • 7. OBJECTIVES• Service Centre is a Business Partner • An enabler of business units • Reduce costs• Focus to achieve the revenue and business targets• Realize cost and process efficiencies• Zero level compromise while delivering the best possible service Private and Confidential
  • 8. ADFC• Set up the Company in 1998• Started with 20 people at Mumbai• Handled only liability account opening• Spread into multiple geographies and products, since then Private and Confidential
  • 9. THE JOURNEY…..• 1998 • 20 people • 2010 • Account Opening • 12000 people • Liability Operations• 2004 • Wholesale Banking • 1400 people • Retail Assets • Liability Operations • Credit Cards • Direct Banking • Phone Banking • Wholesale Banking • Collections • Credit Cards • Vendor Payments • Phone Banking Private and Confidential
  • 10. THE JOURNEY…… • March 2012 • 15000 Employees• Across 750 + locations Private and Confidential
  • 11. MAJOR AREAS OF OPERATIONS• Retail Liabilities • Depository• Retail Assets • Phone Banking• Wholesale Banking • Customer Service• Credit Cards • Vendor Payments• Direct Banking • Soft Collections Private and Confidential
  • 12. BEST PRACTICES IN OPERATIONS• Service Level Agreements• Detailed Process Mapping / Process Manuals• Desk Top Procedures for easy reference• Ongoing On the Job Training• Ongoing Tracking and Analysis of Performance • Corrective Actions to ensure continuous improvement• Productivity Benchmarking through Time and Motion studies• ISO certification for critical processes Private and Confidential
  • 13. CSR INITIATIVE• Pilot BPO established in Nellore (A.P.) in September 2007 with 80 seats• State of the art BPO set up in Tirupati in July 2008• 564 seater across 3 floors with capability to operate in three shifts• Inspired and catalyzed rural upliftment Private and Confidential
  • 14. CSR INITIATIVE• 800 people strong rural venture• 68% of the staff are females and 32% males• Predominantly first generation graduates• Employing rural graduates from economically lower strata of society including fishermen, cobblers, masons etc Private and Confidential
  • 15. VALUE CREATION• Demonstrated cost effective operations • Combination of • Cost to Income of businesses being serviced • Productivity Increase • Improved Customer Response Times • Improved Processing Accuracy levels Private and Confidential
  • 16. VALUE CREATION• Enhanced our customer response times by atleast 3 times• Continuously enhanced the scope and value of services• Employment creation in rural areas or small Districts, Villages Private and Confidential
  • 17. ROAD MAP• Take on additional Financial Services• Diversification• More clients• 3rd Rural set up Private and Confidential
  • 18. THANK YOU Private and Confidential