The greatest teacher


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The greatest teacher

  1. 1. presentsThe Greatest Teacher By Nilesh Gore `
  2. 2. One thing is sure,Man is Incomplete without a Teacher or Guru. `
  3. 3. For Flawless Success and Flourishing Future,We must have a Great Teacher. `
  4. 4. But .. `
  5. 5. Do you knowwho is the greatest Teacher? `
  6. 6. First lets take a look at ROLE of teacherAnd then DECIDE who is GREAT `
  7. 7. The Greatest Teacher By Nilesh GoreTeacher / Guru is just like a mould, and if the mould has a very clear base and design inside, whatever you put in, the output comes in balanced and beautiful manner. If the mould doesn’t have any design inside, then output is just like a shape only, and you can’t see the beauty of the design.
  8. 8. The Greatest Teacher By Nilesh Gore Guru, Teacher, Master or Swami is actually a master of self.As a guru he has mastered his real n lower self(i.e. emotions and thoughts), and therefore can show you the way. As quoted in the Bhagavad-Gita, "The Self that is selfs friend can become Selfs foe if self hates Self as not itself."
  9. 9. The Greatest Teacher By Nilesh GoreSwami / Guru / Master / Teacher is One who teaches you some part of life as he himself is not complete in every aspect so you learn many different things from different people and they all are your gurus.
  10. 10. The Greatest Teacher By Nilesh GoreThe supreme guru according to me isthe time and the nature.
  11. 11. The Greatest Teacher By Nilesh Gore When I think about the strictness, disciplines andconstraints I found and realize that neither teacher,elders and friends nor the parents are strict & harsh as compared with the NATURE AND TIME as a TEACHER because life is very strict than teacher, it takes & keeps the EXAMS very first and then teaches us the Lessons and we have to face it and cope with it.
  12. 12. The Greatest Teacher By Nilesh GoreLife acts completely opposite to the teachers inschool, parents at home and elders in society. We are enrolled in the fulltime course called LIFE and we must not be afraid of strict teachers,parents and elders when we take the toughest exams DAILY to learn lessons provided by LIFE.
  13. 13. The Greatest Teacher By Nilesh Gore "Guru"is based on a inexplicable connection between darkness and light, in which the Guru is seen as the dispeller of darkness.
  14. 14. The Greatest Teacher By Nilesh GoreHe is one who is able to show you the kind of the nature of the mind and from there one can start to attain Liberation That is the liberation from feelings to facts, from fiction to the real and from blur to clear.
  15. 15. The Greatest Teacher By Nilesh GoreDisciple (student, follower) has to link up with the Guru, and the Guru’s knowledge has to be transferred to the disciple. The disciple must also be the perfect container to receive, store, share n practice the teachings.
  16. 16. The Greatest Teacher By Nilesh Gore Guru is one who fills your answers, your doubts and voids, balances your emotions, and so on. At this stage it can easily seem that the teacher is you. Nilesh Gore considers this - a healthy feeling, but if you are honest with yourself, once you walk away from the teacher, those voids and uncertainties and imbalances return.They are yours to work on, you and your inner teacher.
  17. 17. The Greatest Teacher By Nilesh Gore Spending time with the guru or the one who taughtyou something is like being with one’s higher self. Guru, God and one’s own self are synonymous. Often one recognizes wisdom but sees a gap between wisdom and one’s own life.The purpose of becoming a disciple is to bridge that gap.
  18. 18. The Greatest Teacher By Nilesh Gore Being with a guru meansNatural n genuine integration of life andwisdom and Respecting the guru simplymeans honoring your innermost nature.
  19. 19. The Greatest Teacher By Nilesh Gore We all follow someone. Those who openly pick a teacher - or a religion for that matter--have fewer qualms about being followers or disciples.The rest of us may not be so honest, because without an external teacher we think we are independent of authority. In fact our authority is living inside,in the form of all that weve learned and internalized.
  20. 20. The Greatest Teacher By Nilesh GoreWhen I know something is right to do and no one is supporting me, then I become My own guru and I limit it to myself only.
  21. 21. The Greatest Teacher By Nilesh Gore I believe........Cows & Coconut trees are my guru,they teach me the ways n meanings of giving and I cannot be greater than them ever.
  22. 22. The Greatest Teacher By Nilesh Gore I believe........ Nature n mother is also my guru. They teaches the ways of caringbut nobody cares n loves like them and no one can caremore better than them.
  23. 23. The Greatest Teacher By Nilesh Gore I believe........ Clock and the chalk is also my guru. They teach the value n importance of smallest part. A loss of single minute can create troubles andmisplacing of single letter can change meanings of word n the situation.
  24. 24. The Greatest Teacher By Nilesh Gore I believe........I believe that life, Time and Nature is very strict than the teacher because a teacher teaches lesson & takes the exam but life, time and nature keeps the exam first and then teaches the lesson.
  25. 25. The Greatest Teacher By Nilesh Gore I believe........ If there is no one ThenBe your own GURU
  26. 26. The Greatest Teacher By Nilesh Gore I believe Everyone must have ONE GURU. But Don’t be the Guru, instead be thestudent and keep learning continuously.
  27. 27. The Greatest Teacher The end Enrich your Mind, Unleash Your potentials 9922 851 678