M&M's® - M-BALL Activation


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To support a worldwide M&M’s® activation ENGAGE BBDO was asked to Pre Hype the unpredictable M&M’s® M-BALL online.

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M&M's® - M-BALL Activation

  1. 1. M&M’s® M-BALL Social Media Activation
  2. 2. Agenda 1. Briefing & objectives 2. Conversation strategy 3. Activation summary 4. Community plan 5. Impact analysis
  3. 3. Briefing & objectives
  4. 4. Briefing & objectives Activate, broaden & engage the existing online M&M’s® communities by introducing a Belgian limited edition during the World Cup soccer 2010 1. Pre-Hype the unpredictable M-BALL 2. Generate support for M&M’s® The Match 3. Start conversations with our fans
  5. 5. Conversation strategy
  6. 6. How are we going to engage 9.000 Facebook fans,13.000 Netlog fans and Pre-Hype the M-BALL?
  7. 7. We will identify & involve M&M’s® High-Influencers
  8. 8. Famous people Bloggers Social community Social community friends
  9. 9. After an extensive exercise, we managed to involve the following high-influencers
  10. 10. After an extensive exercise, we managed to involve the following high-influencers RSC Anderlecht Marijke Pinoy Lucas van den Eynde Joke van de Velde Romelu Lukaku Ronny Mosuse Kim Gevaert Véronique De Kock Gabriël Rios Bent Van Looy Sean Dhondt Vincent Kompany Jacques Mercier Standard de Liège
  11. 11. In order to truly and effectively engage with our M&M’s® audience, we had to understand the behavior and categorization of our fan base. By doing so, we could better define our conversation strategy
  12. 12. Curating Producing Commenting Sharing Watching Source: Global Web Index Wave 2 (January 2010) – numbers of The Netherlands 35% 53% 72% 18% 1% These High-Influencers will engage the passive base, who forms the largest part of your community population What kind of audience are our M&M’s® fans? Tailor-made content will be created to engage the lower base
  13. 13. Watchers: make out 72% of our audience Who are they? Content consumers who are seeking information in order to make decisions or learn from peers, or purely seeking entertainment How can we activate them? By creating relevant content that matches their needs and which is based on their existing habits (what worked in past campaigns, what not, … ?)
  14. 14. Sharing (53%) & Commenters (35%) Who are they? Individuals who actively update their status on social sites and upload/forward photos, videos, articles, etc. This behavior earns relevance and also demonstrates knowledge and awareness They respond to content created by Producers. Even though they do not actively create and distribute original social objects, their activity is still influential to those around them How can we activate them? By creating intriguing, fun content upon which they can react. Content which is easy shareable and exclusive
  15. 15. By using the learnings out of the above exercise, we were able to define our activation approach
  16. 16. Activation approach
  17. 17. Activation Approach 1.Tease the community Create buzz around the unpredictable M-BALL by pre-hyping 2. Involve Belgian Personalities Belgian Personalities will sign the M-BALL & create exclusive content 3. Sell the M-BALLS on eBay for SOS Kinderdorpen Signed M-BALLS will be sold on eBay for SOS Kinderdorpen 4. Get your own exclusive M-BALL M-BALL will be available in stores with purchase of 3 M&M’s pouches & community will be pushed to collect them all
  18. 18. Community plan
  19. 19. Our activation was focused on two key central Social Platforms, each with its specific audience
  20. 20. Reaching out to the community Before launching the actual M&M’s® Activation Campaign, we launched a big Pre-Hyping phase around the M-BALL Goal Making the M-BALL the most desired item out there during the World Cup period
  21. 21. M-BALL teasing phase Exclusive tips were given about the new mysterious M&M’s® object
  22. 22. M-BALL teasing phase Micro fragments of the M-BALL were posted as a teaser
  23. 23. M-BALL teasing phase In the meantime fans could cast their vote on a poll and discuss
  24. 24. M-BALL revealment phase After 1 week of Pre-Hyping, the M-BALL was revealed on the Social Networks. The community started to react intensively !
  25. 25. M-BALL Community Engagement Each week a different mini story was made up to trigger the community and help Yellow & Red retreive their lost M-BALL Vote on the correct answer
  26. 26. M-BALL Community Engagement At the end of each week, Red & Yellow revealed who found their M- BALLS and posted the results (photos and videos) on the Social Networks
  27. 27. Involve Belgian Personalities Each Belgian Personality made a movie with the M-BALL. These videos quickly became very popular on the different Social Networks http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UhK3Y1pwnC0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBcJutoxKlA
  28. 28. Keep nurturing your community In between different key activation moments, the community could participate at a fun photo game, in which they had to guess where the M-BALL was
  29. 29. Exclusive content: pre-air TV Spot During the campaign we decided to give our different communities an exclusive avant-premiere of the new M&M’s® TV Spot • Phase 1: posting pictures of the making of • Phase 2: the actual video was uploaded online
  30. 30. M-BALL TV Spot We received a lot of positive feedback on the new M&M’s® TV Spot and the community felt honored they were shown the video in avant première http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_xQCB4OO45A
  31. 31. M-BALL in store As soon as the M-BALL was available in store, we activated the community to collect them all
  32. 32. M-BALL & the Good Cause SOS Kinderdorpen All exclusive signed M-BALLS were put on eBay. All the profits were for SOS Kinderdorpen
  33. 33. Available M-BALLS
  34. 34. Available M-BALLS
  35. 35. Available M-BALLS
  36. 36. Available M-BALLS
  37. 37. In total € 1.060 was collected !
  38. 38. Belgian Personalities made promotion for the eBay auction on their own personal online networks
  39. 39. Reach out to the Belgian Blogosphere Our Belgian Personalities challenged some of the biggest bloggers in Belgium to help them sell their M-BALL on eBay for the good cause These bloggers were surprised and instantly started writing about it on Twitter, Facebook, their blog. Other bloggers picked up the story and started to spread it to their own network (twitter, facebook, …) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgPKEESUUrc
  40. 40. Reach out to the Belgian Blogosphere
  41. 41. Reach out to the Belgian Blogosphere
  42. 42. Reach out to the Belgian Blogosphere A lot of blogs covered the M&M’s eBay auction story & the action generated a lot of free PR because of this Banners were also made to put on eBay & on the blogs to ensure enough traffic towards the auction eBay banner
  43. 43. M&M’s® The Match Finally when the game really kicked off, we activated the community to take part via triggering blog posts & shouts
  44. 44. Listen to your community Engage in to a dialogue with them & let them experience you are there for them
  45. 45. Echo’s in the community
  46. 46. Impact analysis
  47. 47. Social media summary Facebook 3.979 new friends 409 Unique visitors 972 % Conversion 3.560 Total visitors Netlog 528 new friends 3.460 Unique visitors 15 % Conversion 8.522 Total visitors 9.081 friends upon start 13.310 friends upon start
  48. 48. Netlog stats - general 13.838 friends (+528) vs 12.381 now (!) 52.172 unique visitors (+ 3.460) 76.211 visitors (+ 8.522) 1.178 skin takeovers (viral!) 750.590 user skin views 29 video takeovers 128 photo takeovers 1473 poll votes 283 guestbook comments 426 Blog, video & photo comments 3.432 total video views (16 videos)
  49. 49. Netlog stats – friends details NL statistics FR statistics
  50. 50. Facebook stats - general 13.060 fans (+ 3.979) 15.908 page views (+ 3.560 ) 7.516 unique page views (+ 409) 2.253 pictures watched 1.528 videos watched 915 interactions in total (viral!) 554 Likes 298 Reactions 63 Wall messages
  51. 51. Facebook stats - interaction details Continuous (inter)activity during our activation period Pre Hyping & Teasing prooved to be successful & generated the most page visits
  52. 52. Facebook stats - interaction details Most popular activity periods could be identified Pre Hyping pics, eBay push & in between the photo animations were successfull Famous Belgian videos, TV spot premiere, eBay videos & M&M’s The Game push were the most successfull videos eBay&instore eBay TVspot TheMatch VDC RSCA PG PG Revealment Tips&teasing Makingof PG eBay (BVs) & M&M’s The Match Teasing & Pre Hype In-store & The Match
  53. 53. Facebook stats - fan details 55 Significant increase in number of fans during the activation period Important campaign elements brought forth a huge increase in new fans Teasing & Pre Hype eBay (BVs) & M&M’s The Match (blogs !) TheMatch
  54. 54. Impact exercise M&M’s M-BALL M&M’s ‘M-BALL’ Impact exercise (contacts) Medium Impressions/Pgviews Contacts Netlog Page views 8.522 3.460 Netlog Skin Views 750.590 1.178 Facebook Page Views 3.560 409 Seeding / Blogs / Video 97.877 50.609 Influencers 535.519 125.235 TOTAL 1.396.068 180.891
  55. 55. Impact exercise M&M’s M-BALL M&M’s ‘M-BALL’ Impact exercise (interactions) Medium Impressions Unique interactions Netlog Interactions 65.460 2.182 Facebook Interactions 27.450 915 TOTAL 92.910 3.097
  56. 56. Thank you!